Covers Galore//Open

Welcome to Covers Galore! This used to be called Pineapple House Cover Store but yeah.....

All info is in the first chapter :)


1. Welcome to PineappleHouse Cover Store!

Hey! Welcome to Cover's Galore! I'm not a pro at making covers, so don't expect the best though I do try my hardest!




Characters- (description,personality, etc..If it is a celebrity, please state which one)


Anything else - 

Due Date - 

Link to Movella - 

Quote  - 

If you didn't enjoy it, please tell me! I will improve it again, and if you still dont like it, I will give you a shout out for more fans! (or a lifetime supply of cookies....)

If you enjoyed your cover, please tell your friends! 

So get those forms rollin' in!



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