True Love's Song - A Harry Styles Love Story -

I never thought I would win; much less get past the auditions.
Honestly, Auditioning for the X-Factor changed my life more than I thought it would.Not only has my dream come true, but I've also found my true love.

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2. Getting In

Chapter 1: Getting In

 - Nashton's POV - 




'Beep Beep'

'Beep Beep'

I open up my eyes, and slam my hand down on the alarm clock. I look at the time, and see that it's 8 in the morning. Why? Why am I awake, and not sleeping? I roll over, and close my eyes. Then I remember today's date. June 18, 2012.

I bolt upright in bed, a grin spreading across my face. I jump out, my legs getting tangled in the blankets as if to keep me from getting ready, making me trip. I fumble around, eventually untangling my body from the trap of the blankets. I quickly rush into my bathroom, and get the shower ready. I wash everything, then climb out, drying my body with the towel. I blow dry my hair, then wrap the towel around my body. I step back into my bedroom, shivering slightly at the brief moment of cold air. 

I head over to my closet just as the door to my bedroom opens. I spin around, only to see my Aunt Laura walking in, already dressed.

"Girl, what have you been doing? Aren't you supposed to be dressed already? We gotta leave in ten minutes!" She exclaims.

"I just got out of the shower. I can't decide what to wear yet. Can you help?" I ask her, stress evident in my voice. She nods, and walks over to my closet.

"Now, you want to go casual, yet slightly fancy. Understand? Dress to impress, I always say. A dress could be a bit much, so maybe... how's this?" She asks, holding out a pair of denim shorts and a purple cat crop-top. I nod, grab the clothes, and change into them in the bathroom. "We should leave your hair down, but we'll straighten it slightly." My aunt walks into the bathroom after I changed, and she straightens my hair. Then she does my makeup, and I gotta say, she did a good job with the purple eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. We walk out, and she hands me a pair of gray converse. I slip them on, and we leave the house at exactly 9 o'clock a.m. 

We are driving a one and-a-half hour drive to Providence, Rhode Island from our town of Lowell, Massachusetts. And you probably wanna know why. Well, they are having X-Factor auditions there. And my friends and family all say that I have a really good voice, so that leads to my Aunt and I on our way to possibly make or break my dreams. I have always wanted to be a singer. Singing makes me happy, and knowing that people enjoy what I do is an incredible feeling. I still don't think my voice is that good though. I'm probably just going to make a fool of myself in front of probably millions of people.

On the way there, we had stopped by a McDonald's to get some breakfast, since we didn't get any before we left. The auditions didn't start until 10 this morning, and they don't end until about 4 this afternoon. I already know that I won't be too early, yet no too late.

The whole hour and a half there, my Aunt and I talked and laughed, and also sung along to the radio for most of the ride. But when we were half an hour away, she made me start doing my singing exercises. She claims that they're supposed to warm up your voice, but I don't see the difference. After all, I'm not that good. At least, not nearly as good as Demi Lovato, or Rhianna. I don't remember who the judges are this year, but I know that Simon will be one for sure. He is every year. I am nervous for his opinion though. In my eyes, his opinion counts the most, because he is a tough critic with a good ear.

We finally pull up to the building, and let me tell you, the line was long. The parking lot was packed! We finally found a parking spot all the way in the back, which is a good five minute walk from the building. I sigh, and we climb out. 

"C'Mon. Let's start walking." Aunt Laura mutters. 

After the agonizing walk, we finally make it to the building. Now I don't mean agonizing as in, tiring and painful. I mean it more-so as slow, and suspenseful. I am so nervous for this audition, that my hands are literally shaking. 

There is a door where your supposed to go in, but a line is coming out of the door. I look down the line, and it curves around the building. That's going to be like a two hour wait! I look closer at some of the people in line. Up and down the line, there are several people dancing, some belting out notes - some good, but a majority of them sounded like a penguin choking - and some were even sitting in chairs. Where on earth did they get chairs?

"Give me a second. I'll bump us up in line." My Aunt smirks. 

"Uh Oh." I mutter. Her plans may be fun to do, but they always seem to get in trouble.

"Whatever. Now you see that group of girls that are huddled together and talking?" I nod. "Well, I can tell you right now that they're not paying attention to who's in front of them." 

"Yeah, but what about the people behind them? They will definitely see us." I point out. "And besides, I'm not so sure this is a good idea..." She humphs, and I chuckle. I can practically see the gears turning in her head. She's trying to think of a distraction, I'm telling you right now. Then something happens. A little ways away from us, towards the middle of a line, a fight breaks out. All of the people turn their attention to them, and before I could process anything, my Aunt is grabbing my arm and dragging me over to where the group of oblivious girls are. They are around my age, maybe 18. They definitely look to be the preppy, bitchy types. 

We casually slip in front of them, while everyone's busy watching the fight, and a couple of security guards pull them apart. We pretend to be interestingly watching, as the people around us are, so we look like we've been here all along. When the fight is solved or whatever, everyone turns back to continue with what they were doing before the fight broke out. I high-five my Aunt.

"Brilliant! We should be actors!" I cheer. She grins.

"See? Now will you listen to me next time?" She brags. I roll my eyes with a chuckle. From the spot we managed to grab, we only have about ten people in front of us.

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