True Love's Song - A Harry Styles Love Story -

I never thought I would win; much less get past the auditions.
Honestly, Auditioning for the X-Factor changed my life more than I thought it would.Not only has my dream come true, but I've also found my true love.

-Disclaimer and Characters pictures on first page/chapter-


1. Disclaimers and Character Pictures

Welcome to True Love's Song!

Now, on Movellas, I have never really seen a story that has a first page/chapter thing that has the names of the characters and pictures for them. So, I'm gonna go ahead and try it out. Now, for the record, I am pretty new to publishing on this website, so bear with me. I have a few stories on including this one. I will be publishing on both. And honestly, quotev is a little bit easier to use, but that's just me. PRETTY PLEASE don't be mad at me for that last sentence. It is just my opinion. I enjoy using both websites! I do.



- I do not own any of these pictures unless said so otherwise.

- Any of the songs mentioned/used in this story are not mine unless said so otherwise.

- I do not own Harry Styles (I wish...) or any of the guys (again, I wish...). I only own the plot and any characters you have not heard of until this story.






Aunt Laura


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