Im new ( a magcon fanfic)

Alex just moved to North Carolina with hopes of a new start in life. Little did she know her life was abou to change... A lot.
��tell me what you think��
��not done so keep reading��
First fanfic too btw:) love you


4. the question


Here I was with this beautiful a and super funny girl. I don't know why but she made me feel different she made want to hold her and kiss her. It was so weird because I just met her yesterday. Could that even be possible for me to ask her to be my girlfriend? Well I swing care any more I'm going for it.! " can I ask you something?" I said nervous as heck. " uh ya sure what is it?" She said with a really cute smile. " I know I haven't known you that long but I'm starting to really like you. A lot. Please don't think I'm a creep, but will you be my girlfriend?" I asked I was so nervous she probably thinks I'm a pervert! " yeah..." She said shyly "dang I knew you would say no! Wait did you just say yes!?!?" I asked confused. " yeah I really like you too." She said with her beautiful smile.

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