Im new ( a magcon fanfic)

Alex just moved to North Carolina with hopes of a new start in life. Little did she know her life was abou to change... A lot.
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First fanfic too btw:) love you


2. neighbors

My mom had parked the moving truck and I began to grab some boxes. I noticed my new neighbors accorded the street. Two boys. Yay... But they looked really familiar. Weird, when I was walking to the front door I feel strong hands grab my shoulder. It was one of the guys. " hey your new here right?" He said with a really cute smile. " ya hey, I'm Alex." I said. I think I was blushing. Haha oh well he was cute. " pretty name for a pretty gir- I mean cool haha I'm hays." Hays said as he blushed a little shade of pink. " haha nice to meet you. And do I know you you look really familiar?." I asked cause he did. " um no I don't think so. I would've remembered you." When he said that I felt like there was a whole zoo in my stomach. " are you sure?" I said probably blushing. " well you might know me on vine I'm a part of magcon and so is my brother nash." " oh ya! Now I remember haha sorry..." I said embarrassed I'm surprised I didn't know who he was.

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