Im new ( a magcon fanfic)

Alex just moved to North Carolina with hopes of a new start in life. Little did she know her life was abou to change... A lot.
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First fanfic too btw:) love you


3. my first day in town

~~~~~~ next day ~~~~~~~~

I woke up at 10:30 and thought I should go explore my new town. So I got ready I wore my mint green crop top and ripped high waisted shorts and black on black vans. I straightened my hair and put on mascara and lip gloss.

Ok I'm ready:)

When I was walking outside I heard someone run up behind me. It was that hays kid. " hey" he said.... Gosh I think I already have a crush he was so cute! " hey" I said back probably automatically blushing. We talked and walked at the same time he was just asking me questions like where I came from, my old school, and why I moved. I just told him that my mom got a job here so we had too but I didn't want to tell him everything yet. I mean I barely knew the guy. ( the hot guy )

" hey I need to show you something" he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto this trail. It was a hot July day so it was perfect scenery. He took me to this lake and we kept talking and then that's when he asked me the question....

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