Im new ( a magcon fanfic)

Alex just moved to North Carolina with hopes of a new start in life. Little did she know her life was abou to change... A lot.
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First fanfic too btw:) love you


9. magcon

Nash was driving us to the airport. Hays and him in the front and me in the back. Fancy came on and we all started singing along. I knew all the words of corse because it's my favorite song. When we got to the airport hays opened my door for me and held my hand. We got our luggage and walked in. We got all our tickets and walked to our gate. I was looking at my ticket and saw I was going to sit in first class. "Uh hays is this right?" I asked and showed him the ticket. He laughed and said. "Yeah we always fly first class." "Oh ok!" I said excitingly. We got on the plane and I sat in the middle with hays by the window and nash by the isle. I leaned my head on hays' shoulder and fell asleep. I woke up to hays shaking me. "Hey babe we are about to land." He said and smiled down at me. Babe. I like that. I smiled in response and put my seatbelt back on. We landed and walked out. We were walking to luggage claim and then I heard someone yell at me saying "zayummm bæ!" Hays' grip on my hand got tighter when he heard that.

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