Anna is a 15 year old girl. One day she was walking home from school. she took the path that she usually takes but doesn't expect to have a bit of a delay. She got that feeling that she was being watched. She had been having that feeling for the last month but just thought that she was being paranoid like usual. A black van was following her and out of nowhere five people come out and grab her from behind. What happens to Anna? Who took her? Where is she? Will she ever get to go home? Read on and find out what happens to poor Anna!!!


12. Chapter twelve: first date

Sorry I haven't updated for a while guys but I decided to make a special chapter today and write it in Liam's POV.

Liam's POV.

"Wake up Anna!"

I shook her trying to wake her up. Her eyes started to flutter open and she furrowed her eyebrows at me in confusion.

"We fell asleep here last night remember?"

She hesitantly nodded her head yes. She looked so gorgeous just waking up. She looked gorgeous all the time. They way she slept on my chest last night gave me goosebumps to the core. Every time she turned slightly to get comfortable she gave me butterflies in the stomach. I never had that type of feeling before. She's just so hot. Steaming hot. In fact I'm pretty sure I can see steam coming of off here now! She let out a moan, and it was so seductive. I just wanted to crash my lips against her.

"Come on, let's get some brekky love"

We headed to the kitchen and I got her some cereal in a bowl, along with myself. She went to sit down on the opposite side of the table to me. I quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward me. I was going to pull him into the seat next to me but decided to take advantage of the situation I had her in, and I pulled her onto my lap. She looked at me surprised at first and then annoyed. I told her to eat and she obeyed almost instantly. After breakfast I told her to go have a shower. She went up to the bathroom and I heard the water start running. I quickly grabbed her clothes that I had especially got the boys to buy her, and ran up to the shower. I started stripping down and then she poked her head around the corner. When she saw me naked she blushed so hard and looked away.

"What are you doing"

"Rule 4"

As soon as I mentioned rule 4 she turned quiet and pale. She poked her head back into the shower and I followed her.

"I've seen it all before, remember, I washed it all"

I just had the urge to remind her of that night as she was hesitant on turning my way. At least I had a good view of that ass. I have to admit that I did feel a bit smug. I enjoyed that shower a lot and I took full advantage of it. We got dressed and headed downstairs. I didn't allow her to wear makeup as I preferred her natural look. When we got down stairs I started talking.

"We're going out today so you have to promise me you'll be a good girl and won't try to get away or signal anybody for help, ok love?"

She nodded her head but that wasn't making a promise, not in my books.

"Say you promise!"

"I promise"

I think I may of raised my voice a bit because she had jumped and she was weary of me.


Anna's POV

"Say you promise!"

His tone of voice made me jump and sent shivers down my spine. I managed to get a little squeak out of my trembling lips.

"I promise"

He grabbed my hand and led me to his car. He put me in the passenger's side and put my seat belt on. As he finished buckling me in he quickly pecked my lips and shocked the living daylights out of me. He hopped into the driver's side and started the car. We had been driving for at least an hour before he carefully parked the car. There was Nando's in front of us and behind us there was a mall. I had never actually been to Nando's before, so I was secretly hoping that we were going there. Liam came around and unbuckled my seat belt before grabbing my hand and leading me across the road.

"We're going to Nando's for our first date."

When the words first date come out of his mouth almost puked. We got into Nando's and I was actually shocked, I didn't know what it would look like but I didn't expect that it would look like this. It had that hint of Mexico in it, I kid of expected that.

"Is this your first time at Nando's?"

"How did you know?"

I said quietly trying not to make a big deal out of it.

"The way you eyes twinkle. I love the way your eyes twinkle.

I felt myself blush hesitantly. I looked at the floor as Liam took me to a table with two chairs. A lady came and got our order. Liam told her what we wanted and then she left to go get the order. He smiled at me and winked his eye. For some weird reason I actually blushed. Liam seemed to be being nice to me today. The waitress came back with our order and we ate. I have to admit that it was really amazing. It was time to head back 'home'. I was a Little disappointed but I didn't hesitate when Liam started pulling me towards the car because I didn't want to wreck his good mood. We got back 'home' and Liam got out and undid my seat belt. We went inside and I headed towards the lounge room. Liam yanked my wrist tightly I gasped.

"Were do you think your going love!"

His eyes were scaringly dark and his had a smug grin on his face. I didn't say anything 'cause I was in shock with his sudden change of attitude. Liam dragged me up the stairs and chucked me onto his bed. 'Oh no' I thought to myself. I knew exactly what we were doing up in his bedroom and I was scared.

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