Anna is a 15 year old girl. One day she was walking home from school. she took the path that she usually takes but doesn't expect to have a bit of a delay. She got that feeling that she was being watched. She had been having that feeling for the last month but just thought that she was being paranoid like usual. A black van was following her and out of nowhere five people come out and grab her from behind. What happens to Anna? Who took her? Where is she? Will she ever get to go home? Read on and find out what happens to poor Anna!!!


13. Chapter thirteen: Please don't

Liam started taking his shirt off, and then his shorts. I was freaking out, what was I going to do? I’m not ready to lose my virginity yet! I started hyperventilating, of all the times it had to be now.

“Its ok love, I’ll be gentle”

He whispered it in my ear and sent shivers down my spine. Why me? Why was it me who got kidnapped? Why was it me who was in this room with this… MONSTER!?

He was standing there in his boxer’s with a huge smile on his face.

“Please don’t”

I said just over a whisper.

“Please don’t what?”

He said with a huge evil smirk on his face.

“Please don’t do this Liam, please. I’ll do anything else, just, please don’t”

“Anything else..?”

I nodded my head yes. I would do anything else.

“Love me”

“Love you?”

“Yes! Love me or get punished”



It turned into an awkward silence. He stood there in his boxers, and I laid on the bed slowly and quietly hyperventilating. All of a sudden he hopped onto the bed and put his arm around me.

“Goodnight love”

He whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. I was shocked by how his mood just changed but I was really tired and ended up dozing off while I was in his arms.

I woke up to a light kiss on my forehead. I look up and see Liam’s face. He looks really adorable of a morning. I just wish he didn’t kidnap me and then I might off actually loved him. I wonder what he meant by ‘love me’.

All of a sudden I was pulled out of my thoughts from Liam talking.

“So, love, do you love me?”

I was just about to say ‘why would I love a monster like you’ but then I realized that last night he said for me to love him or get punished. So I hesitantly went along with it.


I sighed with regret.

“Then kiss me”

He seemed to be enjoying this but I just went along with it. I slowly leaned up and kissed him. His lips were soft and powerful. I’ve never experienced a kiss like this. I was feeling 5% enjoyment and the other 95% hatred. I would never fall for my kidnapper’s, EVER!!!

Liam grabbed wrist and started dragging me towards the shower. He started to undress and motioned his hand for me to start undressing. I would usually off just stood there but I was used to being naked around them. I started undressing and stepped into the shower after Liam.

“Wash me”

I was shocked as Liam told me to wash him. Usually they washed me, I never washed them. I hesitantly took the soap and started washing his back. I moved around to his chest. I didn’t dare to look into those devious eyes of his. I took as much time as I could on his chest as I didn’t want to go any further down.

“You know what?”

I mumbled a little annoyed.

“You are really beautiful”

I was shocked and instantly blushed. Why did I just blush? I look up at him and for once his eyes weren’t evil, they were… beautiful. I didn’t realize that I was staring until he started to chuckle.

“I would never let you run away, that would be a waste of beauty.”

His evil ways soon came back and pulled me back into the sour reality. I sighed and was just about to start washing the bottom half of him when someone started banging on the door. SAVED!

Liam got out of the shower and started yelling. He was really mad when he opened the door and found that it was Louis banging on it.

“What do you want Louis!”

“There’s an emergency with you know what!”

‘You know what? What’s that?’ I thought to myself. Liam came back to me and grabbed my chin making me look at him.

“I’m going out for a while babe. I’ll be back soon so no doing anything stupid! Ok love?”

I nodded my head yes and he quickly got dressed. I didn’t realize that the curtain was still open and I was standing there naked, until I looked over at Louis who winked at me. I quickly sent him a death glare while Liam wasn’t looking and closed the curtain. I heard the door slam shut and I hopped out of the shower and got dressed. I slowly and quietly went downstairs. I heard all the boys talking, so I listened carefully.

“We can’t leave her alone Liam”

“Yeah what if she escapes?”

“She won’t escape”

“Let’s just go already”


“Fine, but I want ice cream on the way back!”


I saw as they all walked out the door, but they didn’t see me. This is the time to escape!

I looked around the house to make sure nobody was here. All clear!!!

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