Anna is a 15 year old girl. One day she was walking home from school. she took the path that she usually takes but doesn't expect to have a bit of a delay. She got that feeling that she was being watched. She had been having that feeling for the last month but just thought that she was being paranoid like usual. A black van was following her and out of nowhere five people come out and grab her from behind. What happens to Anna? Who took her? Where is she? Will she ever get to go home? Read on and find out what happens to poor Anna!!!


6. Chapter six: The shower

I was balling my eyes out as I tried to hop up for the shower, but I fell back down in pain. Liam picked me up bridal style and carried me up to the shower and started taking my clothes of. I was freaking out as he made his way through all of my clothes. He ran the shower and sat me in there. He sat down beside me and said to Louis "You can shower with her tomorrow, she's pretty battered up" I felt like yelling at him that it was his fault that I was 'battered up', but I decided to keep my mouth shut. Louis left the bathroom and shut the door behind him. I was still crying as I sat against the shower. The warm water felt good against my sore, bruised and bloody skin. Liam looked at me with a plain face. Out of nowhere he says "I give you permission to ask one question" At first I just sat there shocked with tears still streaming down my cheek. I though for a while and decided on the question I would ask. "Will I ever get to go back home" "No" He said it so plain, like he didn't even care. I knew I should've asked a different question like 'where am I' I knew I wouldn't really like the answer to that question either but at least it wouldn't of been as bad. "You most well get use to it here cause this is your new home" I started crying even more. I couldn't help it, no matter how much I tried not to cry I would cry even more. He started washing me. I felt so uncomfortable and I think he could tell. He washed me everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere, but I was to weak and sore to fight back. After he was finished washing me, he grabbed a towel and started to dry me. He dressed me in a bra, undies and a very nice yellow summer dress. He picked me up bridal style and put me in his bed. I could tell that it was his room cause the door had Liam written in large letters, just like all the other rooms had the names on them.

After a while Harry came into the room with a bowl of soup and a cup of water. I was to weak to feed myself and harry knew it. He started trying to feed me but I refused. I was starving but the soup could've been poisoned and I didn't really want to eat from harry. "It wont kill you love, look" Harry took a slurp of the soup. I suppose that I was starving, and it wont hurt to have just a little. Harry put the spoon up to my mouth, I hesitantly took a little slurp. WOW it was amazing. Harry fed the whole thing to me. After the soup was completed, Harry continued to sit there and watch me with 'THOSE' eyes. I was freaking out, I was still a virgin and wasn't ready to lose it yet. Thankfully Harry smiled and stood up and said "Good night love, sleep tight." He kissed me on the forehead and left the room. I immediately fell asleep. I guess I was tired from all the crying.  

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