Anna is a 15 year old girl. One day she was walking home from school. she took the path that she usually takes but doesn't expect to have a bit of a delay. She got that feeling that she was being watched. She had been having that feeling for the last month but just thought that she was being paranoid like usual. A black van was following her and out of nowhere five people come out and grab her from behind. What happens to Anna? Who took her? Where is she? Will she ever get to go home? Read on and find out what happens to poor Anna!!!


7. Chapter seven: New day

The door swung open and all five of the boys came in. "Come on love, time to get up!" That was actually the first time that I heard Zayn speak since I've been here. I sat up in the bed still yarning and wiping the sleep from my eyes. "Come down and get some breakfast." Harry seemed happy and excited, which made me feel all the more scared. I hesitantly get up and walked down the stairs behind the boys. There was a rectangular table with six chairs around it. On the right side of the table, it went Niall, Zayn, and Harry. The left side of the table went Louis, Liam and then me. Out of all the boys, I was most scared of Liam, as he seems to be the leader around here. As I sat down I shrieked in pain, as I was still very sore from yesterdays punishments. On the table, there was food laid out, I guess that it was breakfast. There was bacon, eggs, toast and omelette. The boys started to fill there plates up with food, but I just sat there for some odd reason. I guess I was still I shock of what happened. I mean who can blame me? I was kidnapped by the famous one direction! It didn't make me feel any better who they were, actually it made me feel worse!!!! Liam started to fill my plate full of food, I didn't even realize until he said "Eat, you must be starving!" I decided to just do what I was told and ate.

After everyone was finished breakfast, Louis took my plate to the kitchen and started to wash up. Niall came over and grabbed my hand and took me to the lounge room. He turned the TV on and sat me down on a lounge. After a while, Louis came into the room. He started smiling at me, the same way that Harry did earlier. I felt my stomach churn. He grabbed my hand and started pulling me up the stairs. "Time for a shower, love!" I felt like vomiting all over him when he said this. "Please don't, Please stop it! Let me go!" I bellowed as he started undressing me. Once I was naked he put me in the shower and washed me. I felt very self conscious. After the shower Louis dressed me and took me down stairs.

I was crying when we got to the lounge room. He sat me down on a Lounge next to Liam, and then left. Liam put his arm around me and started pulling towards him. I immediately pulled away. He was not happy, not at all. Without even a thought I ran to the front door, which I had encountered a few times during yesterday. 'Thank god!' The door wasn't locked. I ran down the street. Amazingly we were in a town. There were houses everywhere. No one was out side at that moment. I ran down the street and there was a lady just about to hop in her car, she looked about in her early twenties. I could hear the guys behind me and I knew that I wouldn't be able to out run them for much longer.

I ran to the lady begging her for help and I told her that the guys had kidnapped me. "Quickly come inside, before they get you again!" She said. We just made it into the house and she locked the doors and all the windows. The boys were yelling to open the door. All of a sudden Liam starts to talk in a calm voice. "Anna, love, let us in and we will forget that this even happened..." I was freaking out and my heart was just about to pop out of my heart. Liam tone of voice soon changed cold. "Anna love, Let me in and I might think about letting you go on your punishment. If you don't let me in I'll just break in and you don't want that!!!" The lady said her name was Jade. Jade grabbed my hand and started to pull upstairs to a bedroom. There was another girl sleeping up there. Jade started shaking her and she woke up hesitantly. Jade said her name was Ariana. Ariana grabbed the house phone that was sitting next to her and dialled 911. The phone started beeping and Ariana said that the boys must of cut the phone cord cause it didn't work. Jade dialled 911 into her mobile but instead of emergency services answering, Liam answered! Jade didn't realise because she was to busy rambling on about the guys trying to break in. "I know love!" Liam said into the phone with his cold voice. All of a sudden we heard glass smash every where down stairs! 

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