Anna is a 15 year old girl. One day she was walking home from school. she took the path that she usually takes but doesn't expect to have a bit of a delay. She got that feeling that she was being watched. She had been having that feeling for the last month but just thought that she was being paranoid like usual. A black van was following her and out of nowhere five people come out and grab her from behind. What happens to Anna? Who took her? Where is she? Will she ever get to go home? Read on and find out what happens to poor Anna!!!


9. Chapter nine: No more escaping

"Louis stop playing with the books!" Zayn snapped. "I-I was just checking that there wasn't a secret room, you know, like Scooby-Doo!?" Louis was quite happy with his comeback. "Actually that's a good idea, I mean how else could they have gotten out?" Liam seemed extremely serious. I could feel my stomach churn again, twice as bad as usual! Liam started whispering to Harry and they left the room.

After a while, the boys came back with a huge device. They were moving it around the room looking carefully at it. "Ah, what do we have here, love." The boys started to head towards the bookcase. "Oh no!!! That must be a heat detector! They know where we are!" Jade was certain which made Ariana and I even more certain. "Ok love, you and your two friends in there come out and we won’t hurt you. But, if we have to go in, then you and your friend will be punished twice as bad as you were punished last time. Make the right choice love." "We have to go out! They WILL find a way in, one way or another!" Jade and Ariana hesitantly agreed with me and we slowly got up and headed towards the exit. Jade very slowly started to pull the leaver that opened the bookcase from the inside. The bookcase opened up and they boys stood there smiling. “Good choice, love” "yeah, whatever, love" (note the sarcasm) Jade had a bad ass mouth, and I liked it. Although I don't think that the boys liked it. "You watch that mouth, love, or you'll find yourself in deep trouble" Liam was pretty furious at her remark.

The boys grabbed us by the arms and started dragging us off. When we got there, the boys split us up and put us I separate rooms.

Ok guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry its so short. BTW HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY, ENJOY YOUR HOLDIDAY!!! Love always Dharma <3

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