*Not a YJ/DC fanfic, Cayden can also speak Spanish and some Russian, Also what if SHIELD knew about the Jason Bourne mess; Treadstone, Blackbriar, Outcome, LARX and they were trying to help Jason stop them * What if you could be anybody in the world? Anyone? Who would you be? These questions swim around in Cayden "Artemis" Locke's mind, everynight that she's out; fighting bad guys. All she wants is to be a hero like her idol; Hawkeye. But one more question swims around in her head as well; Who's my dad? ~Bourne Legacy/Avengers Crossover~


3. Two

*Hawkeye's POV*

I've been watching this group for a while now.  The girl always joins the group last, showing off to impress one of the boys. Through the com device I hear, "Hawkeye, are you  ready for pick up? Cap says to bring you in for debriefing.".  

*Two hours later*

I set there in the conference room,waiting for Fury and Captain America. Another ten minutes later they walk in. All Fury says is, "What the hell were you thinking, Barton?". I quickly stand up and say, "I was doing a recon mission like you asked.". Steve (Captain America) says, "That group wasn't your recon mission. Loki's hideout was.". 

I don't say anything and just walk towards Banner's lab with Steve shouting, "Hawkeye, wait!". I reach Banner's lab to find him and Tony working on something. I shout over the AC/DC music that Tony is playing, "Aye, Tony!". The music pauses and Tony says, "Yeah, Barton.". I quickly walk over to him, avoiding all of the cords. In a whisper that both Tony and Banner can hear I say, "I need either you as IronMan or Bruce as himself to go and spy on someone for me.".

I hear, "Then why don't you have an actual spy, work for you, Clint?". I turn around and find Natasha standing in the door. I shake my head and say, "The person I want either Tony or Banner to go after is more skilled than you.". Nat shakes her head and says, "No one is as skilled or even a higher skill than me.". I lean against one of the desks and say, "Well SHE is and no it's not a new girl, Nat. I believe she is a family member of mine.".

Steve walks in and says, "I'll do it, Natasha, Tony, Banner, Thor and the other agents have other stuff to do.". I face Steve and say, "Fine, but when she beats you in a fight, DON'T come crawling back to me, so I can say 'I told you so'.". Steve nods his head and then leaves.

*Captain America's POV*

I quickly walked back to the helicarrier's bridge, looking for Fury. What the hell has gotten Clint so ticked off, now? I see Fury standing where he usually stands with Agent Hill. I shout, "Director Fury.". Agent Hill turns towards me then back to Fury. Fury nods his head and then walks over to me.

"Yes, Captain Rogers?". I think for a minute and say, "Sir, I have a request for a mission.". Fury says, "By all means, Captain, what is the request.".  I don't even have time to say anything because Clint comes in and says, "To continue watching that group, and Steve wants me to come along.". I'm about to tell him, 'No, I don't want  you to come along, I was going to go solo and why do you want to come anyway'.

Fury looks at us for about three minutes and says, "Alright, I'll let both of you go, but Barton..." Clint says, "Yes?", Fury continues, "Your going to have to obey Captain Rogers orders.". Clint nods and says, "I will.". I look at him, seriously what has gotten into him?

*Hawkeye's POV*

I'm happy that I can continue watching that group, but so not happy about having to obey Steve's orders.  As soon as we're out on the deck with the jets, Steve asks, "Why were you so pissed earlier?". I stop in my tracks and say, "I do not want to talk about it, okay, Steve? Let's just finish this mission and get back.".

*Skipping jet/plane ride*

The group has moved from where I saw them at earlier. Where could they be? I look over to Steve who looks lost in thought, then he says, "Let's go look for them.". We're both in street clothes, so no one would recognize us. Two minutes later we're standing on the sidewalk chatting, trying to keep a low profile. Steve looks at me and asks, "You sure she was here, Clint?".

"Yeah, she and three guys were standing here earlier. Now I don't know where they went.". That's when Cap and I heard, "Give us all of your money.".  I look at Cap and he says, "My brother and I don't have any money on us, now I suggest you back off before I or my brother hurt you.".

I slowly turn around and now I'm staring down the barrel of a gun. I watch as Steve is trying to convince of of the others to put their weapon down. More guys walk out of the alley, making a circle around Steve and myself. We're outnumbered and out weaponed, we've got no where to go, nothing to fight with.

"Gamma, what the hell are you doing?".

The one that is called 'Gamma' keeps staring behind me. The others with this guy begin whispering amongst themselves, trying to figure out who said that. The people surrounding Steve and myself keep whispering to themselves.

"I said, Gamma, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING? We kicked your asses earlier, don't make us do it again.".

"Can it, Artemis. If I recall, my brother beat the living crap out of Caleb.".

I hear someone else shout, "DUCK!". I grab Steve's left forearm, dragging him down just as a paralyzer arrow flies over his head. 

The group I was watching earlier steps from the shadows, all wearing matching cloaks. They fight as one, a well oiled machine. The girl slings her bow over her left shoulder signaling the guys to do that as well. The girl's combat skills are a little sloppy, but efficent. One of the boys stands stock still.


The girl whirls around and takes the guy behind her down. The remaining people look at the other group with horror stricken faces. The Gamma person hollers retreat and they all run away. 

The girl and her group begins walking back to the shadows until Steve grabs one of the guys by the shoulders. The girl shrieks, notching an arrow at Steve.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! We're friendlies," I shout, making the girl look at me.

"If your friendlies then ask your friend to let Caleb go.".

"Steve, do it.".

Steve let's Caleb go, only for the girl to sucker punch him.

"Dejarlo en paz, " she says, in fluent Spanish. The two other guys stare at this girl, possibly wondering if she realizes she hit an innocent person.

The Caleb guy says, "Les go. Artemis, tomar el flanco izquierdo. Axe, Cole, tomar el flanco derecho.".

"Si, Caleb.". 

The group begins walking off, the ones, Caleb and Artemis walking hand in hand.

"So, who is she," Steve asks.

"I know for a fact she's a family member, now.".

Steve nods, pointing to a diner not even a few steps away.

"Ya, got me there, Steve. I'm buying.".

*Artemis's POV*

Those people are lucky that we showed up when we did, or Gamma and his group would've... I shudder at the thought. Caleb puts an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close to his side. He kisses my forehead and then makes some random joke. I shake my head, trying not to laugh. 

We reach the hideout to find that what we had on our rivals is gone.

"Damn," I mutter under my breath, kicking a broken bottle making it skitter across the floor and hit Axe in his left boot.

"We can get it back, Artemis," Caleb says, picking up a paper with a weird eagle symbol on it. 

"How," Cole asks picking up the pieces to a glass lucky charm thing that was once his.

"I know this symbol. I also know that those two guys that we rescued weren't regular guys at all. They we're Captain America and Hawkeye. And they we're looking for us.":

"Damn, how did you finger that out," Axe asks.

"Just now. DUCK.".

Before Axe or Cole move I watch two darts lodge in the backs of their right shoulders.

"Move, Caleb, MOVE," I shout, grabbing Axe's unconscious body by his right arm and dragging him away from the window. Caleb drags Cole over to where I put Axe and then we dive behind the couch.

My eyes scan the window and the area beyond, there!, on the roof top across from us! One minute later some S.W.A.T guys in weird uniforms come crashing through the already broken window, spraying glass everywhere.

I feel the cold .45 colt against my back, waiting in the waistband of my jeans to be used. I look to Caleb, who already has his out, checking the bullets. 

"We won't hurt you," A woman with a Russian accent says.

"How do my friend and I know that," Caleb shouts, his head poking around his side of the couch.

For his answer, a dart lodges itself in the wall, inches from his head. I stand up, the .45 in my left hand. Caleb stands up beside me, his .45 trained on the Russian woman. I can see his right hand fidgeting with his weird dog tag thing, making me look at my really quick. I mouth to him, 'They may have some.'. He mouths back, 'Don't trust 'em.'.

I say to her, surprisingly in Russian, "Who are you?".

The Russian woman smirks, nodding to two S.W.A.T agents to remove Axe and Cole. I can feel their eyes on me and I know Caleb can too.

"I am Natasha Romanoff, or as my teammates call me, The Black Widow.".

"Tasha, where are you," I hear someone shout from the downstairs floor.

Natasha heads over to the door, opens it and then shouts, "Up here, Clint!".

In the lowest voice I can muster I say to Caleb, "We have to chem, now.".

He nods and we sink back behind the couch. We both open the weird dog tag things and take at least two medicinal pills, or chems from it. I stand back up, Caleb in tow and our guns are retrained on Clint and Natasha.


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