*Not a YJ/DC fanfic, Cayden can also speak Spanish and some Russian, Also what if SHIELD knew about the Jason Bourne mess; Treadstone, Blackbriar, Outcome, LARX and they were trying to help Jason stop them * What if you could be anybody in the world? Anyone? Who would you be? These questions swim around in Cayden "Artemis" Locke's mind, everynight that she's out; fighting bad guys. All she wants is to be a hero like her idol; Hawkeye. But one more question swims around in her head as well; Who's my dad? ~Bourne Legacy/Avengers Crossover~


1. Prologue

My back is against the wall, nose to the wind. I let my lips creep into a smile, this is going to be fun. I take off running and jump off the roof of the building I'm standing on. I shout, "Hell Yeah!" as the wind rushes past me. I grab a freaky looking arrow and shoot it, making it lodge in the side of another building, two words; Zip Line. I hear over my earpiece as I land on the ground, "Keep your eyes on the prize, Artemis.". I run over to my friend Caleb and his friends, Axe and Cole. Caleb's face reddens as I finally join the group.

"Oy! I think Caleb has a thing for Artemis!" Axe says in his British accent. Cole says in his Irish accent, "I as well, my dear friend.". Caleb's  face reddens even more then he says in Spanish, "Suficientes hombres! Maldito!". I just shake my head and laugh. 

"Es lo que realmente me gusta, Caleb? Es cierto?" I ask him in Spanish. He nods and says, "Si, es verdad, Artemis.". I give him a quick kiss on the cheek, causing Axe and Cole to begin laughing like hyenas. Caleb and I shout in Spanish, "Cierra la puta boca, vosotros dos!". This earns me an "evil" stare from Axe. Caleb fills us in again on the plan, nothing more than a simple, stop the evil dudes.

We reach the bad guy hideout, so far so good. We get in with ease, but are ambushed by some guys as we leave. I shout in Spanish, "Rendirse ahora!". They laugh at us. Caleb strikes first, then Axe and Cole, finally I move in for the final blow. I say, "You're time has come, let this be a lesson to all who see you in jail.". After we run, I can see Caleb holding his side.

We make it back to our hideout and I immediately begin working on Caleb. Those assholes hurt him, they will pay if I see them again. Axe helps him over to the couch and he immediately passes out, fast asleep. Cole, Axe and I begin to make a report for our files. This is one helluva night. I think, Fool me once, Shame on you, Fool me twice, Shame on me, Fool me a third time, Pray your faster than me. I let out a sigh and slide the laptop over to Axe, gesturing that I have had enough of this technology. I curl up in the hammock, then I whisper, "Night guys.".

"Night, Artemis." Axe and Cole say in unison. Caleb just grunts in his sleep. I close my eyes and that's when the nightmare begins.


1. "Suficientes hombres! Maldito!".- "Enough Guys! Damn!".

2.) "Es lo que realmente me gusta, Caleb? Es cierto?".- "Do you really like me, Caleb? Is it true?".

3.) "Si, es verdad, Artemis.".- "Yes, it's true, Artemis.".

4.) "Cierra la puta boca, vosotros dos!".- "Shut the f**k up, both of you!".

5.) "Rendirse ahora!".- "Surrender now!".




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Highway To Hell

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Country Boy Can Survive

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