*Not a YJ/DC fanfic, Cayden can also speak Spanish and some Russian, Also what if SHIELD knew about the Jason Bourne mess; Treadstone, Blackbriar, Outcome, LARX and they were trying to help Jason stop them * What if you could be anybody in the world? Anyone? Who would you be? These questions swim around in Cayden "Artemis" Locke's mind, everynight that she's out; fighting bad guys. All she wants is to be a hero like her idol; Hawkeye. But one more question swims around in her head as well; Who's my dad? ~Bourne Legacy/Avengers Crossover~


2. One

I'm running for my life in a forrest somewhere. What am I running from? Why am I scared? I don't care I just keep running, my life depends on it. My heart is pounding, what have I gotten myself into this time? I skitter to a stop beside a tree. I climb it, trying to rally out the night.

It's thirty minutes before I hear hounds. Damn, I gotta move quicker now. I scramble out of the tree and begin running again. I can feel my blood pounding in my ears. I focus on the mantra, 'I am strong, I will stay free.'. I hear, "The hounds got her now, Chief!". Who is this guy named Chief? I skitter to a stop once more, this time on a cliff over looking a river. The people chasing me corner me, only one way out. I jump over the cliff, splashing hard in the cold river. After my head went under a third time I...

I bolted into a sitting position, which is not very good if you're laying in a hammock. I shout, "Son of a bi-...TIMBER!". With a loud crash I fall to the floor. I hear Axe and Cole shout, "What the hell!?!". Caleb even jumps up, also wondering what had happened. They look at me, but they say nothing. I stand up and shake my head. Caleb orders, "Axe, Cole, out! I need to speak with Artemis.". Axe and Cole nod and walk down to the basement.

"It happened again, didn't it, Cayden?". I can feel the shuttering breaths in my chest as I try to find the words to say something, anything, and yet I come up with nothing. Caleb can see through my tough girl act, he says, "Cayden." and it totally melts the rest of whatever defenses I have. I say, "I had the same nightmare I've had for about four months now. I can't take it anymore, I don't sleep well at all anymore either. I think I'm going crazy, Caleb.".

I sit on the couch, pulling my knees to my chest, trying to surpress any fear I have. Caleb sits beside me and asks, "Is it the one about you running from something?". I nod. He looks at me, for he understands, he's been through some hell too. Caleb notices that I'm dozing off, so he asks, "Wanna lay down?". I respond with, "Mmh?" and a slight head nod. He lies back down and then I lay my head on his chest, drifting off to sleep. When sleep comes, the nightmare happens again, this time a different ending.

I hear, "Despertar, Artemis! Despertar!". I wake up to Caleb shaking me, half shouting, half calmly speaking. I blink a few times, trying to clear away tears.  I say through gritted teeth, "I'm fine.". He backs off. Axe comes running through the door and asks, "What the hell is going on!?!". He sees Caleb hugging me, massaging my back. He says, "Oh. Ne-ne-nev-nev-never mind.". I don't say anything, I just lay my head against Caleb's shoulder. 

"What happened? Who was screaming?" Cole asks as he walks in, rubbing his eyes. Axe immediately points at me, so I flip him the bird. Cole says, "Oooooh, you got served, Axe! You got served!". Caleb then flips the bird at Cole, causing Axe to make some sort of inaudible comment. Cole asks, "So, um, are ya'll..?". Caleb laughs and says, "Nah, Cole.". I lightly punch Caleb's arm and say, "Liar.".

He smiles at me and then asks, "Cayden Artemis Locke, will you be my girl?". Axe and Cole start making stupid noises, but I say to Caleb, "Hell yeah." then I tell him, "Watch this.". I grab a toy bow and arrow set from behind the couch. Axe's eyes become wide and Cole quits laughing. They beg, "Please, Artemis, please no.".

Caleb grabs the other one and asks, "On three, Artemis?". I nod to him and say, "On three, Caleb.". Without even counting Caleb and I shoot a toy arrow and they hit both Axe and Cole in the forehead.


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