Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


8. Siblings.

Addison's POV: 

I woke the next morning surprised I wasn't dreaming that I'm staying at Ashton's. 

I sat up. I looked at the empty guest room and thought about Ashton. What if....He really does like me? What if....I could have my first boy friend? Wow, that would be the best thing ever. Then I snapped myself back into reality. No, he doesn't like me. I mean why would he? My family sucks. I'm not pretty. I'm not smart. I have nothing to offer him.

"Morning" Ashton said walking into my room.

"Hey" I said smiling

"So what do you wanna do today?" He asked leaning against the door frame. 

"I don't know, we can't really go anywhere because I don't want my parents to see me." I said 

"That's okay! We can do something fun here!" He said perking up 

"Okay, wait I forgot! When I ran away I didn't really bring cloths" I said face palming 

"Oh it's fine. You can wear my mom's old jeans that don't fit her anymore and one of my shirts" He said and handed me the cloths. Oh I guess he was expecting me to not be prepared. 

"Thanks" I said nodding.

"Okay well I'll meet you down stairs" He said then slowly walked out, and shut the door. 

I was about to get up but then someone knocked on my door "Sorry, but I have a phone call for you!" Ashton said 

"Okay come in" 

He quickly walked in "It's Marley" He handed me the phone then walked out and shut the door. 

"Helllo?" I asked 

"Hey it's Marley and I can't take it anymore. I need someone to talk too, but not a guy, a girl. I need to talk to my best friend" She said in a panicky voice. At school it would be 2nd period right now. 

"Marley, what's going on!?" I asked 

"ok, so Last night, at first it was a perfect night because Luke asked me out and everything, but then my so called 'sister' tells me that's I'm adopted! I always loved my parents growing up, why would they not tell me? At first I thought it was no big deal because now I'm staying with Luke, and so far that's been fun. But, once I got at school EVERYTHING went wrong! Reyli and Gracie wants to make my life a living hell! I just can't do this anymore Addie! And now I'm sitting here in the bathroom stall crying like the baby I am. I just, I just, I can't, I need-" She was getting more flustered every word. Her sister clearly did something. Bad. 

"Marley! I know everything is gonna work out! Trust me! I'm sure Ashton wouldn't mind you coming over. Do you wanna come over and chill until your ready to go back?" I asked 

"I can't get out of here! Reyli made it so I couldn't get out pf this bathroom stall! Oh and that's not all she's done. She also made me get a F in Math class, Told the whole school lies about me, Made out with Luke, and I'v been sent to the principles office twice for things I didn't even do! and it's all my sister's fault! Oh Addie today is just not my day" She said. I could picture her crouched up in the bathroom stall talking on the phone in tears.

"Know what? I'll Tell Ashton he'll get you out of there! And once he does you can come straight here and we can hang out until your ever ready to go back hows that?" I asked trying to help.

"I can't run from my enemies. It sounds great, but I have to stand up for myself. I need someone to help me get out of here though, Can you and Ashton come and help me get out of this stall, but not take me back to Ashton's?" She asked hopeful 

"Of course" I said 

"Thanks, I'm in the girl's bathroom stall #3" She said then hung up.   

Louis's POV: 

"Mr. Ling? Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked 

"Sure Mr. Tomlinson" He said smiling 

I walked out of the class room. Did I really have too pee? No. I just wanted a excuse to leave. 

I walked down the hall and toward the bathrooms. I stopped at the girl's bathroom when I herd crying inside. I think it's Marley.

This whole day has sucked for her and everyone knows it. Her sister made her day horrible. Everyone hates her almost just as much as they did last time. I don't hate her though. I actually feel sorry for her. I know she had everything going fine, and then BOOM everything went wrong in just 2 periods.  

I knocked on the door. 

"Addie! Come in! I need your help!" She yelled in a choked up voice. 

I looked around to see if anyone was watching then I walked into the girl's bathroom. 

I stopped at stall 3 where there was a lock on the door, and under there were huge rocks so she couldn't climb under the stall. I herd balling from that stall. I knew that was where Marley was. 

"Wow she really got you good huh?" I said forgetting she thought I was Addison. 

"Louis? is that you?" She asked confused 

I nodded but then remembered she can't see me "Yeah" I said 

"What are YOU doing here? Did Heather send you to torture me some more?" she asked  

"Um no Actually I wanna help" I said nodded 

"Oh yeah sure" She said sarcastic not believing me 

"No really, I do. I'll find a way to get you out of here I promise" I said trying to guess the combination of the lock on the stall.

Addison's POV:

I really hope Marley is okay as soon as She hung up I told Ashton what was going on. I know I'm not really so post to leave his house but I have to help out Marley. Me and Ashton were just about to leave his house but just then a car pulled in front of his house. 

"Oh no. Go inside NOW" Ashton said pushing me back in the house. 

"um.....What was that all about?" I asked confused 

"It's my dad" He said frantic while looking out the window

"Well what's wrong with your dad? I'v never even met him" I said confused 

"You have never met him because I don't want anyone to meet him. I hate my dad. He moved out a long time ago" He said shrugging 

"Okay" I said. I really wanted to know why he hated his dad so much, and the details but I could tell he didn't wanna talk about it. He'll tell me when he's ready. 

I watched him look out of the window. "Looks like he's walking to the front door! You ready to meet the man who ruined my life?" He asked 

Before I could answer there was a knock on his door. 

"Come on" He said wanting me to sand next to him when he opens the door. 

I walked over next to him. He held my hand and I didn't object. With the other hand he slowly opened the door to a tall dark haired scruffy looking man. 

"Hello Dad" Ashton said 

"Hi Ashton I have to talk to you about something First I-" He stopped when he noticed I was there "Um, is this your girlfriend or something?" He asked  
"No, but um...She's cool you can trust her" He said nodding 

Well I feel special. "Alright can I come in?" He asked Then started walking threw but Ashton pushed him back. 

"Um I'd rather you not. You can say it here"

"Okay, Well there's no easy way to say this but um.... you have a sister." He said looking straight at him.

"I know. Lauren lives with you." He said nodding 

"No a sister your age" He said 

"Wait...what do you mean my age?" 

"Okay so....a long time ago one of the nights I was drunk, I went out without you mom, and I had sex with another women. Well we forgot to use protection, and she got pregnant. We put the baby up for adoption and she got adopted. I thought I should tell you" He said 

Ashton's POV:

My body filled with anger. "SO YOU HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER WOMEN WELL YOU WERE STILL WITH MY MOM?!" I Yelled without really thinking 

He nodded
"How could you?! Wait, I don't even know why I'm surprised, that probably isn't the first time you cheated on her huh?" I said crossing my arms 

"To be honest. It's not" He said

All my life I had to live with him abusing my mom, and drinking. He practically ruined my childhood. I decided to just let it go. I guess the up side is I have a sister my age. 

"Ok what ever..who is she?" I asked 

"Her name is Marley" He said

I looked straight up at him when he said that. "Did you just say Marley?" I asked 

"Yeah..why do you know her?" He asked confused 

"I think..what does she look like?" I asked

"Oh I have a picture of her. don't worry I'm not a creeper. Her sister sent this to me wanting me to take her back. Here." He handed me the picture. I looked down at a cute picture of Marley. 

 "Oh yeah I Know her" I said nodding 

"Well she's your sister tell her I said hi if you see her" He and walked back to his car. 

I was about to stop him but what's the use? He won't care what I have to say anyways. I don't think I'm gonna tell Marley yet. I think I need to find the right time. I can't just blurt out that she's my sister. 

"Wow" Addie said not really knowing what to say about everything. 

"I know right" I said and walked back into my house and closed the door. Addison followed. 

"Are you gonna tell her?" Addie asked 

"No not soon anyways..I have to find the perfect time." I said nodding 

Just then I got a call. It was Marley 

"Hello?" I asked 

"Hey I thought you and Addie were coming to help me?" she asked worried 

"Oh I completely forgot! Are you okay? Do you still need us?" I asked worried 

"Yeah I'm okay. Louis saved me" she said 

Wait what? "I'm sorry I just thought you said Louis 'Saved' you" I said Laughing "But seriously do you still need us?" 

"Ashton, trust me I never thought I would be saying those words, but it's true. He helped me out a lot. He helped me out of this stall, and even stood up for me. Crazy right?" She said surprised

"Wow that's awesome so you'll be okay for the rest of the day?" I asked

"Yeah I'll be fine bye Ash" She said 

"See ya" I said before hanging up

"How is she?" Addie asked worried 

"She's fine." I said calming her down. 

I looked at Addie. She's so dang Gorgeous. I really wanna tell her how I feel about her but I don't know if this is the right time. I mean both of us just figured out some crazy news. Maybe I should wait to tell her. Plus, after everything she's been threw I don't know if she even wants to be in relationship right now.  

I'll wait to tell her. 


Author's POV: 

Soo I don't know if this chapter is as good as all my other ones but what everrrr! 

If you wanna know what Louis did to help Marley then the read movella that my story is connected to! It's called 'Rejects' and it's bye this amazing girl! Her user name is Pelicanluke ;)  


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