Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


6. Pain.

Addison's POV: 

"Marley, I don't have a choice" I said straight forward. 

"Yes you do. Come on I'll call family services. We can go to the police!" She said nodding with a small hopeful smile.

She can't do that. There's no way I'm letting her do that. If my father found out then she would get hurt and I can't have that. It's already a risk with her even knowing. 

"Marley you can't do that! My father will come after you if he knows! I can't do that to you!" I said with fear in my eyes. 

Just then Calum came out. His mood changed at once when he saw me and Marley's red watery eyes. It didn't take him long to find my bruises. He starred just like Marley did the first time she saw them. I don't blame them. I mean these are huge bruises. I know I would be worried if Marley had them as well.

"Addie! Did Louis do that?" He said grabbing my arm gently. 

"No." I said right away.

"Then who did?" He asked confused. 

Oh gosh, should I tell him? I already brought Marley into this, do I really have to bring him into it too? No. I looked at Marley as if I was asking permission. She lightly nodded. Well I mean, if she trusts him I guess he can keep a secret. I just really hope he doesn't get hurt.

"My father did. You can't tell anyone! I'm serious. Not even Ashton, or Luke, Micheal! They can't know!" I said shaking my head with fear. 

"Okay but Addie you can't go back." 

"Calum you don't understand I have to. I'm sorry" I said shrugging. He nodded with sad eyes.

I regret telling both of them. I really hope they don't get hurt because of me. I really don't want to see my best friends get beat up. I'm still super nerves for them. I don't think they understand that my dad won't care if you'er not his kid, he will get you and hurt you. I don't know if they think I'm over reacting or something, but I hope they don't because this is serious. 

"Well we are just about to leave, how about me and Marley take you home" Calum said not really making it a question. 

"Alright" I said weary. The walk was pretty quiet. All silence except Calum's light humming to some songs that I didn't know, which didn't surprise me since my parents took away music from me a while ago. Apparently Marley knew the song though. She lightly sang the song a little bit. I couldn't help but smile.

"Marley you know, you have a great voice." I said truthfully. I really did like her voice. Even though I couldn't hear that much of it it still sounded so good. 

"Oh I don't think so." She said shaking her head 

"No. she is right you have a great voice. You should definitely show the boys your talent." Calum said agreeing with me 

Marley chuckled. "The only way I would do that is if I was just randomly singing and they happen to hear" Marley said laughing after she said it. Me and Calum soon laughed with her. 

I really do like her voice though. 

I stopped in front of my house. It's kinda embarrassing pointing out my house. I hate the look of my house. I mean maybe if it didn't have all those beer cans and broken wine bottles in the front yard, and the grass wasn't dead it won't look so bad. 

"Alright this is it. Home sweet home" I said sadly 

"I'll walk you too the door." Marley said . 

To be honest I really wanted to just say 'no it's fine I'm fine' Because I know just having her do that will but her in danger. Especially if my dad answers the door. Instead of saying what I wanted to I just let her walk me up. I didn't wanna be rude. 

Lets just hope my dad doesn't answer the door. 

I slowly knocked on the door. I watched the door nob turn. I got more scarred and worried every moment. 

Then just when I thought I might be safe I saw who opened the door. Oh crap. Dad. 

I got worried right away, but not for me, for Marley. 

I was happy when he noticed me and not Marley. Maybe he won't hurt Marley. 

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOUNG LADY!?" He yelled close too my face. His breath smelled bitter and gross. Then he slapped me, which made me step back a little. It wasn't as bad as he does normally though. 

Oh I forgot Marley is new to this. Please don't say anything Marley, come on Marley I'm perfectly fine. Don't do anything. Don't react. Just turn away and walk away. Don't even pay attention to me. I'm fine. 

I watched her open her mouth to say something. I shook me head, but I guess she didn't see me because she yelled "HEY DON'T TOUGH HER LIKE THAT!" 

I looked behind us and saw Calum slowly start to walk over. Good. Now if she gets punched or something at least Calum is here. I saw him turn to Marley.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" My dad yelled in her face. 

"I'm her friend and you have no right to hit you daughter sir. I should report you to the police for abuse. You would be sent away and she would be safe. That's all I care about." She said but I could tell she regretted it after she said it. 

I mentally face palmed. Well now she's done it. 

My body trembled when I saw his hand raise. I wanted to stop him but I know I'm not as strong as him. 

He smacked her. Hard. He did it WAY harder then he did to me. I let out a small yelp after he did as if he also did it too me. I watched her fall to the ground. 

"NO MARLEY!" I yelled starring at her with sadness. Good thing by then Calum was over here.

My Father yelled something at me. Something about me being a Disgrace to the family. I was trying to tune him out because of how mad at him I was. 

I shouldn't be that surprised he did this because he does it too me all the time. I'm just so mad that he just HAD to hit my first friend in high school. Well Marley is never gonna wanna be friends with me. Ever. She's probably gonna go and tell the guys what happened and Ashton will hate me. He probably already did because of the whole Louis thingy. 

I watched Marley's lifeless face and Calum trying to wake her up. 

Then my dad pulled me into the house and shut the door so I could no longer see them. 


I shook my head. oops. I didn't mean to actually do it.

"EXCUSE ME?!" He yelled. He took me by my hair and dragged me to my room, and slammed me on the floor. 

I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm gonna get it. Great job Addison. 


I shook my head 


"I guess I'm just playing pretend for one day dad. I guess I just wanted for once to not be different. I thought I could be normal." I said shrugging. 

He's kinda right. Who am I kidding to think that I could have friends. 

He chuckled "you are never gonna be normal" he said laughing. 

"HEY HONEY, COME HERE" he yelled for me

Mom quickly walked drunkenly to me. I was now sitting up ageist my bed looking up at them.

"She thinks she's normal!" My dad said still laughing. She busted up laughing. 

"Honey, you are never gonna be normal, for one your not pretty, for two your not smart, and for three nothing about you is-sss" she stuttered "enjoyable" she said to me and laughed some more and walked out of my room. I wiped a tear out of my eye.

"Well maybe I can be normal, I mean I do have friends now!" I said

I regretted saying it after I said it though.

My dad looked angered after I said that. "ARE YOU TALKING BACK YOUNG LADY?!" he yelled. I saw his bar feet step closer to me. 

He kicked my stomach. I grounded with pain. 

I clossed my eyes tight. "NOW DO YOU THINK YOUR SOOO COOL?!" he yelled 

I didn't answer. Last time I did that he kicked me. I just looked down and slouched holding my stomach on the floor leaning up against the bottom of my bed frame. 


I didn't look up at him

"ADDISON ROSE! IF YOU DON'T LOOK UP YOU'LL BE SORRY!" he yelled more angered every word. 

I didn't look up. I mean what do I have to live for? Nothing. Other then Marley, but she probably hates me so. 

He kicked me five times in a row, making me not agents the bed frame anymore. Each time in a different spot. One on my legs. The other my stomach again. Then my arm. Then my other arm. Then my Face. Each time he got harder, and harder. 

"I SAID LOOK UP AND ANSWER YOU FATHER!" he yelled some more 

I just stayed quiet and stayed looking down. I give up. 

"1,2,3,4.." he counted. I'm guessing when he gets to ten he's gonna do something horrible. "7,8.." I was about to look up but I was too late "10!" 
He began  kicking me over and over and over again. Each time I could feel my body crying for help. Each time of course got harder. I yelped with pain. "STOP" I said in a scratchy helpless voice. 

He stopped. I laid on the floor next too my bed. Starring up at the ceiling. He went into my vision and looked down at me. "so are you done? do you want me too stop?" he said I nodded. It even hurt to nod. "Are you sorry?" he asked I nodded then shivered with pain. 


Then he picked me up with my hair and slammed me ageist the wall over and over again. My body burned with pain each time.  He then threw me back onto the floor and went back to kicking me over and over again yelling "YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME". Each time he kicked me I would turn over. 

I soon lost feel and it wasn't pain anymore, it was just really really numb. 

He kept kicking me like he just didn't care that I was probably about to die. 

My fission slowly turned blurrier and blurrier. It turned blacker and blacker. It was like I was just watching myself die. Like my body was ready to be dead any moment. 

Pretty soon his screaming turned into ringing in my ears. 

Then I remember one last huge kick, in my stomach.

And I was out.



I slowly opened my eyes. It was bleary at first but then it slowly turned normal. 

"Oh good you awake." My mom said nodding 

I was still on the floor of my bed room. I wonder how long I was out. Minutes? Hours? Days?

I pulled myself to sit up. "Owww" I whispered well doing it. 

"You'er not going to school" She said 

"Today?" I asked in a Scratchy, Horrid voice. My lungs hurt when I talk.

"Never" she said chuckling

"WHAT?!" I yelled. but then rubbed my neck after because of the pain. 

"yeah, if anyone asks you home schooled, and no more friends for you" she said and walked out of my room.

I used my bed frame to get onto my bed. I grabbed my flip phone that was still in my pocket. I looked at the date. It was the next day at night. Looks like I was out for a whole day. 

I looked at my scratched up arms. This might be the worst my dad has ever done. Marley is probably worried sick. 
I already missed a full day of school. I really wanna see my friends, but who knows if they wanna see me, or even still wanna be friends. I thought about what Marley and Calum said about how I have too leave, and get out. 

Maybe they are right. I sat up. Maybe I can wait till my parents go to sleep, then sneak down stairs open the door and make a run for it and see how far I get. Well not run, maybe speed limp. 

So it's all planned. I'm gonna try and get out tonight. No matter how much my body hurts. I will run, but not to my friends because they probably don't wanna see me after what my dad did. I'll just run. Who knows where.  


It's super late. I think they are asleep. I pulled myself out of bed and slowly limped out of my room. I made it down stairs. I made it too the door. 

My body already burned just from that. My head hurt like crazy.

I slowly turned the door nob and opened the door and walked out. I MADE IT! I'M OUT! 

I smiled proud of myself. I grabbed a strong long branch and used it as a cane to help me walk. 

okay Addison, all you have too do is run! Run to the safest place you can find! just Run!! or at least limp fast. Even if you feel like your about to fall, keep going. Crawl if you have to. just GET AWAY! 

I started limping with the help of my stick, as fast as I could. I made it out of the front yard. I went faster and faster. 

Then my vision was getting bleary again. Just keep running! I kept telling myself. 

Then I fell to the floor. I tried to craw but it was no use. My muscles were too week. 

The last thing I remember was someone saying "ADDISON IS THAT YOU!?" 

Then....I herd ringing......I saw pretty colors.........red....blue...green....then the colors got darker and dark. It turned into black. 

All I could hear was ringing. 

Then I was out. Again.


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