Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


5. No Choice

Addison's POV: 

After me and Marley had our little talk about boys We followed Calum back into the garage.

"well, look, who's returned from the dead?" Luke said and came over to Marley

He picked her up playfully and spun her around throwing her on the couch. 

"I'm a Zombie, arrrgghhhhhh" Marley said pretending to be a Zombie

I watched Luke, and Marley weirdly playing Zombie attack . Me, Michael, and Calum just watched laughing.

"Sometimes I worry about them" Calum said to me while laughing

"Same" I said also laughing 

I wonder if this is what it's like to actually have friends. God, I hope these friendships last. I mean none of my other friendships have worked out but, maybe these ones will be different. 

I looked back over at Marley and Luke. They soooo like each other. I totally ship it. Larley. 

Then Ashton walked in with smoothies. YAY! I am so looking forward to the famous Ashton smoothies! 

He handed each of us a smoothie. We each started drinking them. Oh gosh, these are so good! I finished mine so fast! It looks like everyone else did too. 

"Okay" Luke said shrugging. He was sitting on Marley because apparently it was obligated in there little game. I seriously don't understand them.

"We should go to the park" Marley suggested 

Right away Micheal said "OH YEAH SWINGS!" and ran right outside the garage door. 

Since the park was just right around the corner we all decided to walk there. I walked with Marley and Ashton next to me. Luke was of course walking next to Marley, And Michael and Calum walked next to Ashton.  

"So what do you think of today so far. It's been pretty weird right? So many ups and downs right?" Ashton said looking at me. 

"Yeah. I guess it was pretty weird, but everything worked out right?" I said smiling 

"For sure" He said nodding 

"Cough, Lovers, Cough, Cough, Sorry guys I got a cold so" Micheal said 

Ashton shot him a dirty look "Oh snap Ash don't you give me that look" Micheal said snapping his fingers

We spend the rest of the walk laughing at random things. 

"So we'll go get some ice cream, you guys wait here at the swings got it?" Calum said to me and Marley 

Me and Marley both nodded and watched them go on there way. 

Then we took a seat on the swings. We started lightly swinging back and forth, then two boys came up too us. 

"Well Hellooo" One of them said holding out the 'O'  And took a seat next to Marley, the other one sat next too me. 

"uh Hi" Marley said looking at them weird 

"Hi what are you two pretty ladies doing here all alone?" The one next to Marley said staring at both of us weirdly 

Well these guys are too horny for me. 

"Uh Well-" Marley was cut off by Ashton and Luke running up. I think Calum and Michael were still at the ice cream truck. 

"They aren't alone. They are with us." Luke said starring down the guy next to Marley 

Ashton was giving the guy next to me a mean 'Get out of my face' look.  

"Well I think they would much rather hang with us" The guy next to me said eyeing Ashton 

"actually I would much rather hang out with my friends.Now why don't you go find some other girls an see if they wanna 'hang' with you." Marley said and stood up and walked over to Luke. I did the same but instead stood next to Ashton. 

The boys rolled there eyes shrugged and slowly walked away. 

Calum and Michael soon walked back with ice cream and looked confused "Um did we miss something" Calum asked  

"I think it would be safer if we just go  back and watch a movie" Ashton said while he gave each of us our ice cream. 

On our way back Micheal ranted about how he couldn't go on the swings 

Once we got back we decided to watch Insidious. 

I hate Horror movies! When I was little they would always give  me horrible nightmares! I guess that's why they are called HORROR movies. 

We all sat onto the couch, well except Luke and Marley, they were getting cozy on this chair that could fit 2 people. I sat next too Ashton and Calum. Michael sat next to Calum. 

"I think you two should have some privacy, come on Calum, Let's sit on the floor" Michael said

Then Calum and Michael both move too the floor. Ashton then gave them another death glare.

I giggled 

"Chill man, we are just kidding, if you want us to sit up there then we could-" Calum was cut off by Ashton. 

"No it's fine you guy's can sit on the floor" Ashton said 

Michael and Calum laughed a little

I was also laughing "What? This couch isn't big enough for so many people" Ashton said shrugging

I chuckled at what he said. 

I looked over at Marley and Luke. They were in  the small 2 seated chair, or other wise known as a 'love seat'.  They were covered with a blanket. 

"oh are you cold? I have blankets" Ashton said 

I looked over at him "actually kinda" I said nodding 

He grabbed one out of a basket at the end of the couch, then he covered both of us with it. 

Okay, maybe I like him, but I don't know the last guy I liked was in 6th grade and it didn't work out very well. He ended up embarrassed me in front of the whole school. I guess you could say I don't have much experience with boys. 

"You ready for the movie?" Ashton asked 

Oh yeah....the movie.....I just hate horror movies with a passion!

"Not really. I get really scared" I said honest 

Right away I regretted saying it though because now he probably thinks I'm a baby. He's probably about to give me a dirty look or something.

But instead he just smiled and said "It's okay I'll protect you" in a low manly voice

I laughed.

Then Calum put the movie in and all of us watched it.  

I didn't even look at the movie. I just hid in Ashton's arm. the whole time. Ashton couldn't stop laughing. I love his laugh so much though. 

"Why are you laughing, I'm horrified!" I said 

"I'm laughing because of how stupid this is, this would never happen in real life Add" He said 

I guess he's right, but I'm still scarred "I guess but I'm still scarred" I said digging my face in his arm more

"Aww, it's okay" he said and pulled me in closer

"Aye, chatterboxes, trying to watch a movie here!" Luke said

I wonder if Ashton really does like me. A normal teenage girl would tell, but since I have no experience with this I can't sadly. 

Right in the middle of the movie there was a knock on the door. Thank Lord Jesus I don't have too be scared anymore!

All I herd was the door open and Ashton say "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

Well this is just peachy

Ashton's POV:

How Dare he! How dare he just show up here thinking we would all forgive me just like that! Does  he not remember what he did? Really? 

"LOUIS LEAVE!" I yelled 

"Please let me explain, I need to talk to Addie!" He worried 

"Well she-" I was cut off by Marley

"HOLD IT! Excuse me Mr Vodemort sir, YOU are not allowed to call my Addison Addie. I made up that nickname and only I say who can call her that! oh and if you EVER mess with me or my friends again we are gonna have a problem. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" She said eyeing him 

and this is why she is my best friend. 

"Well what if I just happen to call her Addie then what?" Louis asked being a stupid smart mouth 

"Let's just say things will get ugly" Marley shot back still starring him down 

For a while they just sat there staring at each other meanly. I took a sip of my melted ice cream while they were doing this. They continued until I interrupted. 

"So Louis Clearly you aren't welcomed here, so-" I was interrupted by Addison. Geez people Stop interrupting me! 

"What's going on?" Addison asked 

"Addison, I really need to talk to you, please 5 minutes! just give me 5 minutes!" Louis said with kind eyes 

I could tell he was serious, I could tell he had something really important to say. Part of me said 'Come on you guys used to be best friends, how bad could it be to let him talk to her for just 5 minutes' but the other part told me 'He almost made her kill herself! He is gonna do something horrible or say something horrible like he did last time! Don't let him! 5 minutes is enough time to kill someone!'  

"No, nope, no sorry leave" I said pushing him 

"wait" Add said 

"It's my choice, and I wanna hear what he has to say" She said nodding 

"Are you sure?" Marley asked 

She nodded slowly like she wasn't sure 

"You herd her" Louis said and flied us away 

"wait I'm not going anywhere, I recall you saying stuff about me to so I'm in this as well" Marley said 

He made me walk off though. Louis, Marley, and Addison is now outside alone 

"come on guys lets listen trough the door!" I whispered 

We all piled close to the door to see if we could hear anything. We could. 

Addison's POV: 

I wanna give Louis a chance. I know he said that but I wanna give everyone second chances. I guess it's a blessing and a curse that I do that. I shouldn't being giving my parents so many chances.

"So what do you have to say? Talk so we can be done with this soon" Marley said motioning her hands, well hand, the other hand was still holding the ice cream we got from the park, It's melted but I guess she likes melted ice cream.  

Marley is so awesome she just is so confident and I kinda NV that. 

"Well for starters I would like to say Sorry, about what I said about you guys. I wasn't thinking. I'v been hanging out with Harry way too much" He said passionate 

Marley just looked at him like he was a lying dork. I could tell she didn't believe him at all. 

I don't know if I do or don't yet.

"Okay, next point" Marley said 

"I wanted to tell Addison that I really do wanna hang out with you. I wanted to tell you Addison, that from the moment I met you I thought you were gorgeous, and I guess I just let being 'popular' get too my head ya know?" He told me 

"Actually I don't know, because I'v never been 'popular before" I said shrugging  

"Well, it's honestly a lot of work" He said nodding 

"oh no, oh no no no! If you think just by Calling her gorgeous, and saying a simple 'sorry' will change mine or hers opinion about you then your wrong!" Marley said  

"I hope it will show that I still care alright?" Louis said 

Marley just shook her head like she couldn't care less about him. I would do the same, but I feel sorry for him. He used to be friends with all these guys, until I cam along. I totally ruined his friendships. It's my fault they aren't friends with him. 

I should stop trying too be normal. Because I'm not. 

"Know what Louis? I do believe you" I said nodding 

"WHAT!" Marley said 

she looked incredibly mad. She stormed out probably to go tell the boys. 

"Look add I wanna start over" Louis said 

"Maybe" I said 

I waited for Marley and the guys to interrupt, but they never did. I guess Marley didn't tell them? 

"I really like you" He said leaning in 

um what is he doing, um this this about to be a kiss, wait Ashton, wait, No. 

He was leaning in closer and pretty soon he was about to do it. What do I do? Do I let him? I guess me and Ashton Aren't really official. But, but, I can't. 

"Lou I Can't Soryy I-" I began to say but he cut me off with him kissing me I tried to pull away, but I was ageist the wall so I was pined. Then I herd the door open, a gasp, then foot steps. If that was Ashton my life is over.  

Thankfully Marley saw us and pulled him off of me.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" She yelled

"Addison I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed you I'm sorry I thought-" 

"What so this is all a game too you? You don't even listen to  what the girl wants? What's next are you gonna kiss Marley too? huh? huh?" I asked getting more choked up every word 

"Wait did he make you do that?" Marley asked me 

I innocently nodded 

Marley's face looked so mad "OH MY GOD LOUIS GET OUT!" she yelled  

"Soryy I could stop myself" He said looking down 

"Go" I said pointing away 

"But Addions, I know how you fee-"

"Don't say you get me! because you don't! know one does!" I said louder then I thought I was gonna say it 

"But I-" 

"Go Louis." I said 

his nice face quickly turned into a angry face.

"Know what? FINE! your loss! I tried to be nice, I  tried to make it up too you, but I guess not! Have fun with Ashton!" he said and stormed inside his car.

I Turned over to Marley. He arms were already open for a hug.

Ashton's POV:

So It was quiet out there for a long time, I go to see what's going on, and guess what I see? LOUIS AND ADDISON MAKING OUT RIGHT ON MY PORCH! 


I don't think Addison would do that, but after my dad left I don't really know who I can trust now a days. 

The Guys are all in the living room probably still watching that movie.

Addison's POV:

"Know what Marley?" I said 

she stopped the hug so I could hear me 

"What?" she asked confused

"I should just leave. I could tell I'v caused enough problems here" I thought about it "yep That's what I'm gonna go I'm gonna leave. I'm gonna go back to my abusive parents, I'm gonna go back to no one talking to me, I'm gonna go back to when things were right. I'm gonna leave." I said 

"NO Addison! Wait! don't go!" She said 

But she was too late I already made up my mind. It's time for me to disappear. Go back to being bullied by Heather and her gang. I don't care.

"NO ADDIE YOU CAN'T GO!" Marley said and grabbed my arm 

I looked back at her "WHY MARLEY? don't you get it? everything got worse once I got here" I said serious 

"Addie, your my first real friend who's a girl, Please we can work through this together!Come on! I don't wanna loose you. I Just got you." She said wiping a tear out of her eyes 

I could tell how much she wanted me to stay. I could tell how much she cared from me in her eyes. 

"Okay, I'll stay" I said nodding but still not sure 

"You can stay at my house Add, you don't have to go back to those parents!" Marley said nodding 

"I don't know." I said shrugging 

she looked at my arm and the huge scab. From my dad. She starred at it for a long time, I guess processing everything

"So did your dad do that?" she asked looking back up at me 

I nodded 

I decided to sit on the porch steps, she did the same. 

"Um, the reason I don't wear shorts, if because my legs are all bruised" I said truthfully 

"Oh" she said

I guess she didn't really know what to say at first "Add, this is bad. You can't stay there" Marley said shaking her head. 

"Marley, I don't have a choice" I said  


Author's note:


what do you guys think?    

Sorry if there's any typos I am sorrrryyyy! 

Go read 'Rejects' by pelicanluke If you want a different side of the story! Our story's are linked!


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