Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


13. My fault.

Addison's POV:

didn't say anything the whole car ride. I can't believe all this happened because of me. I tried moving my arm while Luke was driving. It didn't work. It just hurt more. 

"Are you okay Addie?" Marley asked 

I nodded. 

I didn't wanna admit to her that this is all my fault. Have you ever wished that you were born into a different family? That's how I'm feeling right now. 

Once we got to the house I tried to stop feeling so sorry for myself. I need to look at the bright side. At least Marley is okay. Hopefully no one gets hurt now. We all walked into the house together. Me and Marley left dirt foot prints where ever we went. We found Louis sitting on the couch. Why is he here? I thought he gave up on finding Marley. 

"You found both of them?!" He asked 

"How did you know Addison was missing?" Marley asked crossing her arms. Well she's sassy today. 

"Well I mean she's covered in dirt and blood so I figured something bad happened to her because her arm does look a little broken." He then made eye contact with me. "What happened Addie?" He asked me. 

"My dad found me." I said shrugging. I then found out how much my arm really does hurt. "Ow" I said under my breath. 

"I'll take her to the hospital to get that looked at." Luke said then he grabbed my other arm that didn't hurt as bad. "Why don't we all go" He said again. He then whispered something in Marley's ear. I don't think it was anything bad. 

"Okay." Marley replied to Luke. She then turned to Louis. "Ya coming?" She asked. He nodded and followed everyone out of the door. On out way out we ran into Calum singing. Marley stopped to talk to him, but I continued following everyone else into Luke's car. 

I waited for Calum and Marley to get in the car. 

"I'm sorry about your dad Add. I wish I was there to help you." Louis said from the front seat of the car. 

"Oh trust me. You don't wish you were there you would have gotton beaten up just like Ash-" I stopped and gasped when I remember what happened to Ashton. 
"What's wrong?" Louis asked 

"Did you just say Ash?" Luke asked from the driver's seat. 

My body went into panic mode. Just then Marley came into the car smiling with Calum. "Hey has anyone seem Ashton?" Marley asked 

"No I haven't since we split up, looking for you." Luke said. 

I began freaking out "oh my god! I remember. How could I be so stupid?" I said hitting myself over and over again. "This is all my fault. How could I not remember? I thought that-" 

Marley stopped me. "Addie, what happened?" she asked clueless. 

"M-My dad! He hit Ashton! Before my dad took me to the tree house, Ashton dropped by. He said he was going House to House looking for Marley and he must not have known it was my dad until he saw me. My dad knew who he was though and he started beating him up! Oh god." I said while shaking and holding back tears. "I mean how could I be so dumb? How could I not remember? I'm so stupid. Everyone at school is right about me. I wish I was smarter. God." I said continuing to hit myself. 

Then Marley stopped me. "Hey, Hey, Addie, It will be okay. We will find him okay? We have to go back to that house and go get Ashton before your dad gets back" Marley said. She began comforting me. I tried holding back the tear. My whole body was shaking. Marley put both her hands on my face. She whispered "It's okay" Softly as she looked into my sad eyes. 

"We have to go now." Luke said stern. 

We all agreed. 

The car ride was quiet. No one really had anything to say. Calum broke the quiet by saying "Well at least Marley and Addison are safe" I guess he was trying to put some light on the situation. but the truth is I see no light. I feel like my life is going in a none ending black tunnle. A tunnel that never ends. A tunnel that has no light at the end of it. 

Once we got to the beaten up house Marley explained a plan. I guess she said she saw Ashton next to the TV threw the window. Everyone has a job but me and Luke. We were instructed to hide somewhere and watch. I guess that's the safest thing though. If he saw me he would probably take me again, and Luke distracted him last time so my dad would probably remember him. 

The people distracting him this time was Louis and Micheal. Calum and Marley are gonna grab Ashton threw the window while my dad is distracted. 

I watched Louis and Micheal walk up to the door from the bushes me and Luke were hiding in. This plan could either work really well, or fail really bad. 

So far so good. Louis and Micheal acting like sports men and talked to my dad about some football thing. That's a good idea because my dad is in love with that sport. I watched my dad give into what they were doing. Just then I saw my dad look suspisouse. Oh no. Marley and Calum better hurry. I then saw him turn around and start yelling. I began freaking out. 

"We have to do something Luke!" I whispered. 

"We can call the police" Luke said. 

"Good idea." I said and dialed 911 into my cell phone. 

"Hello what's your emergency?" The lady on the other end asked 

"Um hi. My friends are getting beaten up by a really bad man. Come quick! The address is 6622 Indigo Lane dr." I said fast 

"Okay we just sent it them they should be there shortly" The lady said 

I hung up. I herd lots of banging from inside. 

"Luke we have to go help them! They are in trouble!" I said frantic. 

"The police should be here soon Addie. If you go in there you will get even more hurt then you already are!" Luke said pulling me back. 

"I don't care those are my friends! I'm not scared of my dad!" I said an ran to the front window. I looked in it and saw Calum and Louis were bending over Ashton's lifeless body trying to help him. Micheal was banging on a door yelling "OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW!" 

I opened the windown and went inside. 

Calum looked up with his face all bloody. "Addie! You can't be here!" Calum yelled

"Where is Marley and my dad?!" I asked frantic. 

"He took her in that room and who knows what they are doing in there." Calum said crying.

"I KNOW WHERE THE KEY IS" I said and ran upstairs. I quickly grabbed the key from under my dad's bathroom towel.  

I ran down and opened the door to a naked Marley all drugged up. My dad putting his pants back on. 

"WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I asked angered. 

"Don't worry she won't remember anything. I gave her the whole bottle of pills. He said putting his shirt back on. 

"YOU RAPED HER!" I yelled and attacked him. I kicked him with all my might. I hit him with the arm that didn't hurt. but it was no use. I didn't even make a dent. 

He grabbed me from my neck and began choking me. "This is what you and all your little frends get. You were stupid enough to come back for your little friend that's most likely dead" He said then spit in my face. He threw me on the floor. Everything began looking blurry. I saw someone climb on his back while punching him. 

Just then he was thrown on the ground next to me. It was Micheal. 


I woke up in a hospital room. This is all my fault. Because of me Marley is gonna be scared for life. If she never met me this would have never happened. If everyone in this group never met me this wouldn't be happening. I saw Calum sitting in the chair next to me. 

"How long have I been here?" I asked 

"3 days you were blacked out." He said nodding. 

"Did I miss anything? Is Marley okay? Is Ashton okay? and Micheal? And luke? And what about you?" I asked in a still alittle freaked out voice. 

"I'm fine. Marley is hanging in there. Ashton was almost dead, but they saved him. Micheal is still blacked out." He updated me. 

I shook me head. "I'm sorry all this is happening to you guys. It's all my fault" I said holding back the tears. 

"Hey, it's not your fault. It's your dad's." He said with sad eyes. 

I nodded. I guess he's right. 

"Can I talk to Marley?" I asked. She always seemed to make me feel better. I also wanna say sorry to her about what my dad did to her.

"She can't she's busy." Calum said shrugging.  

"What do you mean? Where is she?" I asked confused. 
"It's a long story. A lot happened in the 3 days while you were gone." Calum said shaking his head. 

"Like what?" I asked confused. I rubbed my head because of my huge head ache. 

"Marley's in her hospital room talking to her foster family." Calum said 

"Foster family?" I asked confused. 

He nodded. "And the doctor told me to tell you that your getting one too" 

"What?!" I said 

"Addie, your dad is in jail, and your mom is in a coma in the hospital. There's no one here to take care of you, and the government knows that." He said rubbing my shoulder to calm me down. 

"Wait my moms in a coma?" I asked confused. 

He nodded "Do you remember when you saw her in the hospital?" he asked. 

I nodded. "Well that later that day your dad went over to that hospital and....umm...made her in be in a coma." He said said.

I was speechless. "Do you wanna be left alone?" Calum asked 

I didn't answer. "Okay" He said then left. 

I didn't talk for the rest of the day. I just starred at the wall thinking about how messed up my life is. I can't go to a foster family. Family...more like random people. This shouldn't be the government's choice it should be mine. I wanna keep staying with Ashton. I refuse to go to that foster family. Wait Ashton....is he okay? 

The day is over now it's already night time. I'm thinking about running away from this hospital tomorrow morning. That way I they won't make me go to that Foster family. All day doctors have been checking in on me. Talking to me in sad voices trying to make me talk. It didn't work though. 

"Addison someone wants to see you" The doctor said. 

I just continued starring at the wall. someone walked in. I didn't care enough to see who it was. "She hasn't talked all day. Maybe you could get her to speak" The doctor said and left the room. 

I didn't look to see who it was.

"Hello Addie." That voice. I'v missed that voice. I looked over and saw a beaten up Ashton. 

"I know you haven't talked since you herd the news about your mom, I get it. I know what your going threw." He said moving closer to my hospital bed. 

Iv'e only herd people tell me "I know what your going threw" About 100 times. They don't know. They aren't me. 

I rolled my eyes and went back to starring at the wall. "Please don't ignore me like you do everyone else Addie." He said then moved so he was in my view. 

"You don't know me Ashton. You don't know what I'm going threw. You may think you do. But you don't. You don't know how I feel. Can you read minds? I don't think so. Please leave. I'm happy your okay, but I don't wanna see anyone right now." I said. I then turned around so I couldn't see him. 

I then herd the sound of his footsteps start to walk out the door. Then they stopped. "I hope you feel better soon Addie. I miss you so much." He said then left shutting the door behind him. 

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