Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


2. Louis.

Louis's POV: 

I Woke up too my Aunt playing the piano. 

It's been different waking up too that lately... I'm not used too it. 

Normal 17 year old boys would wake up too there parents saying "Get Up" In a genial voice. 

I used too be like that, but those days are long gone ever since my mom died. When My mom died everything went crazy. I started acting up in school, and my dad went crazy with everything. He stole money from a bank, he took  a lot of drugs, he shot someone, and I don't know if this is true or not, but I herd he raped one of his students when he was a teacher. He's been in rehab for several months. I don't know what went wrong in my family. We all just kinda of fell apart together. I think I was a virgin before my mom died....well that's long gone. Now me and my sisters are living with our mean Aunt. 

I hate my Aunt so much! She doesn't let me do anything but stay in this off pink house and listen too her play piano all day. She won't even let us watch TV, or listen too music, or even sing! I normally wait till she's asleep and sneak out too go too one of Harry's, or Heather's party's. 

The only thing that is keeping me alive is my sisters. 

I Love them more then anything, if anything happened too them I don't know what I would do. 

I am 9 years older then Lottie, she's 9 years old. I am 10 years older then Georgia, she's 7. I am 12 years older then Fizz, she's 5 years old. I am 14 years older then the two twins Daisy, and Phoebe, they are 3 years old.   

I wish my mom hadn't died. When my mom died my family didn't really know what too do. Well me and my dad didn't know what too do. I don't really know if my sisters understood what was going on. I know for a fact the twins didn't. I don't even think they know that had a mom. Mom died when they were 2, so I don't think they remember her...maybe. Fizz doesn't. It brakes my heart when she asks me when moms gonna come back. I think Lottie, and Georgia do though. Lottie asks me too tell stories of mom all the time. Georgia doesn't like talking about it, and I don't blame her.

Sometimes I pretend like she's still with me. Sometimes I pretend she's still sitting on my bed telling me old stories like she used too when I was a kid.

Then Sometimes I forget I even had a mom. 

I stared at the top of the ceiling. I decided I didn't wanna think about the struggles in my family anymore.

I thought about school.

Ugh my head starts too hurt just saying it in my mind. I need to raise my grade up in..well...every class except drama, but that's only because it's the only place I can be creative. My aunt said if I get one bad grade on my report card, then I get my phone taken away for the whole spring break. Spring break is in a couple weeks! 

"Louis?" I herd Lottie say snapping me back into reality 

"Yes?" I asked sitting up 

"You should probably start getting ready for school, we have too leave in 20 minutes" she said wearing her backpack on one shoulder

"Okay, thanks for reminding me love" I said smiling

She smiled back and walking back into her room that she shares with Georgia. Fizz, and the twins also share a room.  My sisters are hopeful that once dad comes back, we will all be able too have our own room. I am not as hopeful as them though. To be honest I don't think dad's coming back. I won't tell them that though. 

I slowly lifted my foot out of my bed and got up too shut the door. I looked around for something too wear. I decided on skinny blue jeans, and a plain white shirt. After I brushed my hair I put a black Bennie on my head.

Then I grabbed my backpack and walked down the hall into the living room. We used too live in a huge 2 story house with a pool, and a awesome back yard. Now we live in a small one story house with one bathroom.

I found all my sisters sitting on the couch waiting for me. I saw my Aunt on the Piano still. 

I grabbed a doughnut and walked over to the piano 

"Aunt Lucy, I'm gonna take myself, and the girls too school okay?" I said 

I could tell she herd me "Um, Aunt Lucy?" I asked 

"Yes, Yes, that's fine. Do you have anything after school I need too know about?" she asked turning around too face me

um no 

"Yes, me and Harry have too study for a history test" I lied 

I do this a lot when I just don't wanna be home 

"alright" she said and turned around too keep playing the piano 

I walked over to the off white couch my sister were sitting in "Come on guys, lets get out of here" I said smiling and took Daisy's and Phoebe's hand. Fizz, Georgia, and Lottie followed. 

I opened the car door for them too get in. and Buckled the twins in there seat belts  

First I gotta take the twins too the baby sitters. I would leave my Aunt too watch them but...I don't trust her that much. 

Then, I have too take the others too there school. They go too the same school.


I finished dropping off my sisters and drove myself to school. Other whys knows as Hell. 

I really like my car. It's a black 2014 Cadillac. The only reason why I have a nice car is because while my dad was going crazy, I was able too talk him into getting me almost anything. 

I parked my car in the front next to Harry's car. I guess we kind of reserved these spots for us, just because we have been parking our cars here since junior year. 

I rolled in right when my girlfriend Lucy Rolled in. She parked right next too me. It's weird that she has the same name as my Aunt though. 

I love spending time with Lucy. Some people call her slutty, and maybe sometimes she is, but the people who call her that don't know her past. If you get too know the real her, she's nothing like that. I think she just acts like that at school because she wants too be cool. I kinda understand that, I mean sometimes I act like a player too be cool. Lucy is also very pretty. She has dark blonde hair and light blue eyes. Not too mention her body! 

I got out off my car and closed the door behind me. The I looked too my left and saw Lucy smiling up at me.

"Hey babe" I said and kissed her cheek 

"Hey" she said still smiling

Her smile is so pretty.

I grabbed her hand and we walked into the school together.

We found Harry, and Heather making out next too the door (like always), I also found some of my friends, and Heather's and Lucy's Friends near the drinking fountain talking.

"Wanna go join Heather, and Harry?" Lucy asked smirking  

I laughed and shook my head "Later" I said and took her to where Our friends were.

"Hey guys" I said

"Hey Lou, what's up man?" Niall asked 

"Nothing" I said shrugging 

"Shouldn't you be over there making out with Lucy?" Zayn said laughing 

I laughed along "Not today" I said in between laughing 

I looked back over at Harry and Heather and I saw Heather stop, say something then walked away with Lucy, and there other friends. Harry slowly made his way too us. The girls all left too do something, so it's just me and the guys. 

"So how was she?" Liam asked 

"Fine" he said smirking 

"Where are they going?" I asked Harry 

he chuckled "You think I know?, She just said she had to take care of something then walked away with her posy" He said shrugging 

"That's weird." Niall said

"Yeah, so Niall did you finally get man enough too ask Lexie Out?" I asked Smirking 

"I think I'm gonna do it at lunch" he said 

"Hey Harry, maybe we should go find the girls?" Zayn asked 

"Alright" said and we all walked the direction the girls went too. 

"I hope it's a cat fight again! those are always funny!" Laim said laughing 

"Yeah I guess" I said 

To be honest I don't agree, but I'v learned too just go along with the group. 

As we walk down the hall I notice people starring at us. Girls giggling, and people pointing, I guess Our group is pretty popular. A lot  of people know us, but we don't really know them. 

We stopped walking when we saw a group of girl surrounding one girl.
Ugh I hate when Heather does this! This isn't the first time we caught Heather trying too scare other students. 

I didn't know the girl she was scaring, but she was so gorgeous. She was different then most girls I see at this school. She looked like she didn't care about what she wore, and I like that quality. Being selfless is better then being selfish. Sometimes I feel like Lucy is a little selfish...but what ever.  

The others gave her a dirty look when they saw Heather talking too her, I didn't though. I probably should have, but I didn't.

"Hey Heather why are you talking too that looser?" Harry said still giving the girl a dirty look 

Heather whipped around, he nasty mean girl face turned into a innocent cute face. "I'm just showing her how too do math" she said smiling 

Hahahahaha Bull Crap! we all know the truth! she was totally being mean too that girl. We all know it!

I wanted too tell her that, but then Heather would turn on me, and if she turns on me, then all my friends turn on me, and I can't have that. I can't go back too having no friends! Not again! so I just stayed quiet. 

Harry smiled and grabbed her hand and pulled her away from that girl. 

"Your so nice" He said smiling at her flirty

Heather smiled back at him "Come on girls" Heather said 

I started too walk away with Harry and everyone, but I couldn't leave that poor girl like that! I remember when that was me. 

"Harry, I'll catch up with you" I said 

Harry nodded and let me go. 

I turned around, just in time too, her books just fell from Heather's signature pushing into locker. 

I ran over there and helped her with her books, then we stood up and I gave her the once I collected. 

"Thank you" she said 

She was pretty stiff when she talked too me, almost like she didn't know how too talk too people. 

"No Problem, It's a good thing I came when I came" I said laughed 

"Yeah I guess" she said still very stiff, and shy 

I thought about what too say...I don't want one of Heather's little spies to see me talking about her....Ehh what everrrr 

"Don't take Heather so seriously, she's just trying too get in your mind. The trick is not to let her in. She acts tougher then she actually is. Next time, Don't be afraid to tell her off Okay?" I said nodding 

She looked up at me, I saw her pretty eyes. Gosh. They are light bue. I wanted to stare into them all day. 

"Okay, I'll remember that next time" She said smiling

Her smile was nice, but I could tell it was fake.

"okay....bye..uh..what's your name?" I asked awkwardly 

"oh, Addison" she said still fake smiling  

"okay, Bye Addison" I said waving

I turned around and started walked back to Harry

God, Addison sure is one of a kind, but we would never work out. We are from different worlds. I'm popular and she's.....not. Don't get me wrong of course I want to hang with her, but If Harry and the guys saw me with her my reputation would go down the drain. Right now my reputation is all I have at school. I can't go back too being a nerd. I just can't. I'm sure Addison has at least one friend at this school. 

She'll be fine without me. At least I hope she'll be. 

Anyways, I can't think about her right now. besides, I have Lucy.

I don't have time too worry about her when I'v got my own problems.

My stupid dad sent me a letter from rehab. I'm thinking about throwing it away. It's not like he's gonna tell me what I want to hear. What I really wanna hear is that my moms alive. That the doctors were wrong. That she some how. some way, she came back too life, and she'll be home in moments to tell me how much she loves me. 

That's not reality though. Reality sucks. 

I also really want someone to relate with but I don't think anyone can do that. I want someone too tell me they know how I feel.

If only......


Author's Note: 

So this is how the chapter will work. It will go back and forth with Addison's and Louis's POV. 

I really hope you like it! 




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