Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


10. Hospital.

Addison's POV:

People say that everything happens for a reason. I see no reason for this. I see no point in why this has happened. Why Marley? Marley did everything in life right. I don't know if I'm happy or sad about my mom. My mom has been so mean ever since she started drinking, but when she didn't dink. Back when My dad didn't abuse me, Back when we has a house that didn't smell like wine, Back when my family was closer then ever, Me and my mom had a great relationship. But that's all gone now. All I have is memories now. 

Me,Luke,Ashton,Micheal,Calum, and Louis all sat in the waiting room drowning in our thoughts. None of us know if Marley will be okay. I really hope she is though. She's my first real friend. With out her I would go back to being a no one. Well, I kinda have always been a no one, But with Marley we can be no ones together. 

"I'm gonna go see if we can see her now" Luke said. He's been going back to ask over and over again for the past hour. 

"I hope she's okay" Ashton said with his arm around me.

"So do I" I said nodding 

Shortly after that Luke came back and said "They said we can see her! She's in room 107! Come on guys" 

We all stood up and followed Luke to room 107. One by one we walked into the room full of sadness. On the hospital bed in the middle of the room was a lifeless Marley, and a monitor that beeped. 

"The doctors said she's in a coma. Who knows when she's gonna wake up" Luke said 'or if she's gonna wake up' I thought to myself. Then I shook that thought out of my mind. She'll wake up. She has to wake up. 

We all kinda stood there starring at her lifeless body, thinking. Then Ashton walked to the corner. 

"I can't handle this" He said covering his face crying. 

I walked fast over to him and hugged him. I'm also starting to cry. Luke was on his knees next to Marley holding her hand. Calum and Micheal sat in the chairs next to the bed starring at the floor thinking. 

We stayed like this for a long time. Then soon it was silent. 

Ashton whispered "It's all my fault" 

Luke looked up and looked at him with his messy hair and red eyes. "No Ash It's mine. If I had only protected her. If she gave me a chance to explain" He stopped to wipe the on going tears from his face. "If I had just pushed Reyli away quick enough. If I had followed her she-she would be" He stopped talking because he couldn't continue with all his crying.

Calum got up and sat next to him. He put his hand on his shoulder and Luke and Calum faced each other. Luke then collapsed into His best friend's arms sobbing. 

"I-I-I Don't know what I would do if she didn't wake up. I love her." Luke said 

"I know man it will be okay she will be okay" Calum said patting Luke.

Louis just kinda stood there awkwardly. I don't even know why he's here. It's not like he was close to Marley. In fact for a long time Marley hated him. 

I guess it's his choice though. Is he wants to be here then ok. 

"When do u think she's gonna wake up?" Ashton asked me breaking away from our hug 

"No idea hopefully soon though" I said shrugging 

"So are you okay?" He asked looking at me in the eyes. 

I shrugged. "Why are you asking?" I asked confused 

"Well I know that was your mom that we helped. I can see pain in your eyes. so are you okay?" He asked again but more serious 

I shrugged. "I don't know" 

"Guys! Guys! Somethings happening! I think she's waking up" Micheal said 

We stood up in front of Marley's hospital bed and watched. 

Just then The washed out looking Marley opened her eyes slowly. 

We all berried her with hugs. Except Louis. Louis just kinda stood in the back awkwardly. 

When we were done hugging Louis was gone. "I'll go get the doctor and tell them your awake!" Calum said running out of the room. 

"So how do you feel?" I asked 

"I don't know" She said shrugging. 

"I wish I could have done more to help you, Marley." Luke said stepping closer to the hospital bed 

"I don't wanna talk about that right now." Marley said shaking her head. 
"Excuse me unless one of you are direct family of Marley's, can all of you exit the hospital room? I need to talk to her" This doctor said behind us. 

we nodded and left. Except Ashton. 

Me and everyone else sat back into the waiting room. Just the Reyli rushed threw the hospital doors. 

"Do you nerds know what hospital room my sister is in?" She asked us 

"What makes you think we are gonna tell you?" Calum asked 

"Okay look, I'm trying to make things right with my sister, well half sister. Can u just tell me the room number?" She said 

"Room 107" Micheal blurted out 

"Thanks" she said and walked down the hall to room 107. I don't think Marley will want her in there, but Reyli is direct family they have to let her in. 

"I wonder what they are talking about in there it seems to be taking forever" I said 

"I don't know" Calum said shrugging 

It seemed like forever until we saw Ashton walking back to us. His face red, he looked like he was about to cry. 

He wiped a small tear before talking to us. "The doctor said u guys can go back in how." He said in a shaky voice.  

They walked back in but I stayed behind to talk to Ashton. 

"What's going on?" I asked confused 

He shook his head. "It's not my job to tell you" 

"Well if it's serious then I think I should-" 

He cut me off "She will tell u when she is ready okay? Just know that the doctor had some bad news for her" He said 

I wanted to ask more questions. I wanted to know what the news was, but I also didn't wanna annoy his so I just said "Okay" 

I walked back into Marley's room. She didn't seem like she just got bad news. She was smilling talking away, but then again has taken acting classes when she was young. 

"Hey Marley, are you okay?" I asked walking up to her hospital bed. 

"Yeah" She said. I could tell she was lying though. She had a fake smiling on her face. Something was wrong. 

But instead of calling her out I just said "That's good." Then Marley turned to continue her conversation with Luke. I saw Reyli in the back of the room starring out the small hospital window. 

I walked over to her. "Hey" I said 

She looked behind her and said "hi" 

"Wow no rude comment about my outfit or clothes?" I said surprised

She was silent. Clearly what ever what said effected her as well. She turned back around and continued starring out the window being deep in thought.

Something is wrong. What ever the doctor said effected her. I slowly walked back to Marley's hospital bed. I tried focusing on the conversation with everyone but I became more and more curious. 

Maybe I should just wait till Marley is ready. If she wants to keep what every this is a secret then I stand by her. I'v never even seen Marley so social, she must be trying really hard to not show how sad she is. 

Just then someone knocked on the door. It was a doctor. 

"Is there a girl named Addison in here?" He asked 

I raced my hand. "That would be me sir, is there something wrong?" I asked confused. 

"Come with me" He said 

I followed him out of the hospital room. He led me into a room right next to Marley. 

"This lady says she knows you" The doctor said and opened the door to my beaten up look mother. She sat and looked at me with her scraped face and black eye. 

"Addison!" She said in a worried voice. 

"Do you know this women?" The doctor asked. 

I nodded. "Can you give me a moment alone with her?" I asked. He nodded and left. 

"Oh Addison I missed you so much. I'm so sorry I let him hurt you. If he punched you the same way he did to me then I am the most terrible person ever for letting him do that to you." She said 

"Thousands of times you have said sorry to me about that, but then night after night you and dad get drunk and do the same thing. He gets mad at me for stuff I didn't do, and you take his side and let him hurt me. Mom, I hate that life." I said shaking my head 

"I know and you have to understand that I-" 

I interrupted her "You know I have been made fun at school all my life, day after day. I'v been called Retarded, Stupid, Dumb, You name it, but you know which names stuck in my mind? The names you call me when your drunk. Those are the worst. I get most of them are probably true but it still hurts coming from my mom" I said crossing my arms 

"Ok look I get it, I get that I'm a terrible person when I'm drunk but please I just want another chance. I won't drink any more, and if I see your dad drink again I'll divorce him" She said trying to sound convincing.

"I need time. I'm living with a good friend right now let me live there until I'm ready" I said nodding 

"Okay" She said

I didn't know what to do next. Should I ask why she's so beaten up? Should I just leave? I decided to ask what happened. 

"So, if you don't mind me asking, What happened? Why are you all Bloody?" I asked confused and stepping closer to the hospital bed.

"It was your father. He thought I did something that I didn't do and I didn't have you to pin it on so he took it out on me. Then I ran. I ran all the way to this hospital." She said nodding. 

"Mom that's horrible if I were you I would divorce him right away." I said worried 

"It's complicated Addison. I know it might sound hard to believe,  but I do love him. Well, when he's not drinking. No one understands that I can't just divorce him." She said shaking her head. 

She said no one understands her, but she's wrong. I feel the same way with dad and sometimes her. 

"I love him too and he did so much to me. So did you and I still love you. It's because of all the memories we had before things fell apart. I remember that every time I wanted to leave or call the cops on you two, I would stop and think about our good memories. That reminds me of what we used to be. Is that what you do with dad mom?" I asked 

She had a shocked face. Like she had no idea someone understood her. She was silent for the longest time. I don't think she wanted to admit that I'm right. Then she shrugged. 

"Well I better go. My best friend is also in this place and I have to be there for her" I said and left before she could say another word. 

Do I believe that she's gonna stop drinking. No. I know that she's way too scared to divorce him. I know that she likes drinking more then she thinks. She doesn't wanna believe it but, I know that if she could pick living with me with no drinks and living without me with drinks then she would pick drinks. 

I walked out into the hall way and into Marley's room. 

Marley is still too perky. I don't know what she's hiding from me but I'm determined to find out. I'm done with this fake Marley. I need the real Marley. 

Without thinking I blurted out "Marley what's wrong?"

"What do u mean?" She said confused 

"Don't play dumb with me Marley." I said serious 

"I'm fine" She lied 

"By 'Fine' Do you really mean that your about to cry and need help?" I said knowing I'm right. 

She didn't answer for a little while. Probably trying to think of a lie to tell me. She then asked "Can me and Addie have a moment alone?" 

Everyone nodded and left us. Once they were gone I said "Okay so tell me are you okay?" 
She shook her head. She looked up with the saddest face ever. 

"Addie I'm not better. I-I-I'm.....



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