Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


12. Help.

Addison's POV: 

I'm locked in a room that my dad tells me is mine, but it doesn't feel like mine. It feels like a prison not a home. Ashton's house feels like home. I hate feeling trapped. 

"DAD LET ME OUT!" I cried banging on the door with the one arm that didn't hurt. 


I cried and fell to the floor powerless and week. I knew having friends and a life was too good to be true. I knew that soon my dad would find me and take me. I'm never gonna see Ashton or Marley or any of my friends again. 

Just then there was a knock on the door. Part of me wishes it was Ashton but part of me wishes it wasn't because I know what my dad would do to him. 

I herd to the door open. I couldn't hear much from this room. I just herd my dad yell "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I wish I knew who it was. Just then my door slammed open. My dad grabbed my arm tightly and dragged me to the front door where I saw Ashton staring at me with hurt in his eyes. 

"ADDISON!" He said and try to get me but my dad held him back. 

"Ashton you have to go! He's gonna hurt you!" I said crying 

"I'm not going anywhere until I know for a fact your safe!" He said heroic. 

"Aww how sweet." My dad said shaking his head 

"It's too bad that she's right I am gonna hurt you. Right in front of her so she could be even more hurt." My dad said evilly 

"NO DAD PLEASE!" I begged 

"Nope." He said. he Slammed to to the floor and picked Ashton up with his shirt. "PLEASE STOP! NO!" I kept saying. He closed the door. Probably so no one would see him hurt children. He slammed Ashton into the wall 5 times. Each time my heart hurt more and more. "See Addison?! He isn't even strong!" My dad yelled. He slammed him to the floor. 

I ran and kneeled beside Ashton. "Are you okay?!" I asked 

He nodded. "I love you Addison." He said then closed his eyes. 

"NO!" I yelled "NO ASHTON WAKE UP!" I yelled. 

My dad pushed me off of him. "Oh please Addison he is nothing!" he said laughing 

"NO HES NOT NOTHING! DAD I LOVE HIM. I wish I could tell him that" I said crying 

"Watch." My dad said 

I didn't watch. I just herd The sound of hitting and punching. I cried harder every time her was hit. My heart was broken. 

"We have to hide him. you stay here I'll be right back." My dad said. He locked everything before he left. The windows, the door, everything. Then he left. I was alone, and broken. 

My dad managed to ruin my whole life. 

I don't see the point of living right now. The earth doesn't need me anymore. I'm just a waste of space. I'm nothing. Marley will have a great life when Luke finds her. They will be sad about Ashton but they will get over it. They will get over me. They will live there life happy. 

They won't have to worry about my dad as long as they don't come lookign for me but I daught they will. I mean  why would they? 

I'm probably gonna die alone. Marley and Luke will some time get married and have kids and live a great life. 

My life is nothing.  

I sat on the floor of the washed out looking living room. 

The my dad came back in. I was quiet. 

"There now that we have him out of the way let's go to a place your little friends will never find you." He said grabbing me. 

I was still quiet. I didn't fight him anymore because I had nothing to fight him for. My whole world is over. I don't see how things could get any worse. 

*2 hour later* 

I sat on the wooden floor. He took me to an abandon tree house house in the woods. I haven't talked since he hurt Ashton. I can only pray he's not dead. It hurts me so much knowing he's never gonna know that I love him too. 

"What's wrong?" he asked. 

I shook my head. I don't wanna talk to the person who just ruined my life. 

"Answer me when I talk to you!" He yelled 

I shook my head. 

"ADDISON! ANSWER ME!" He yelled close to my face. Then he kicked me in the stomach making me not even able to talk in I wanted to. I put my hands on my stomach in pain. 

"WHAT IS WRONG?" He asked again but yelling this time 

"Everything" I said in a cracked voice. 

"Good, that's what you get for leaving." He said 

He's right. I shouldn't have ever left. I should have stayed where he told me to. I shouldn't have stayed at Ashton's house. If i wouldn't have left the world would have been right. I wouldn't have started loving Ashton, me and Marley wouldn't have been friends. I would have just stayed where I'm so post to in life. Being a waste of space. 

"I don't know why I even keep you. I should just kill you and get it over with like I did with your mom." He said 

"You should." I said agreeing 

"You want to be dead?" He asked 

I nodded "There's no reason for me to be on earth. If you don't kill me I'll kill me" I said nodding "And that's a promise" I said 

"Your retarded. I can't believe I made you." He said shaking his head. 

"I remember when we used to have fun you know. When you, me, and mom was a family." I said looking out the small window. 

"That was ages ago." He said drinking his wine. 

"What ever" I said rolling my eyes. 

I looked out the window. Just then I saw two people walking toward the tree house. Marley, and Luke. My heart leaped with joy. My friends didn't forget about me....But wait..where's Ashton? 

Marley smiled big when she saw me. She waved like a crazy women I laughed a little bit. 

"WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?" My dad yelled. I think they herd him because they went to go hide in a bush. 

I turned and looked at the mad dad in front of me. 

"I was just thinking about..um..the times we used to have." I said 

He punched me in the face. It didn't hurt as bad as his normal punches. 

"That's for being dumb" He said then turned back around. 

My friends can't come and save me. I don't want them to get hurt. 

Just then there was a knock on the tree house's door. Please not be Marley or Luke. 

"That better not be one of your friends." He said walking over to the wooden door. 

He opened the door to Luke. He had a fake mustache on and sun glasses. 

"Hello. I'm a tree house police. Sir, are you playing on living in this tree house?" He asked in a deeper voice. He's a pretty good actor, but there's no way my dad will fall for this. 

"Oh Hello. Yes I am is that a problem?" My dad asked in a nice voice. 

"Yes Sir it is. you see...." I stopped listening when I thought I felt someone tap my shoulder. 

I looked behind me out the window and looked down. I saw Marley there holding on too a secret ladder. How did she know that was there?

"Hurry Luke can't stall him for long!" Marley whispered 

I nodded and climbed out the window and began climbing down the thin ladder. 

"YOUR A FAKE!" I herd my dad yell 

 I climbed as fast as I could. 

Luke fast went down the big ladder that you enter threw. 

Once we reached the floor we ran as fast as we could. 

"I'LL FIND YOU AGAIN ADDISON! IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!" I herd my dad scream behind us. 

We ran out of the forest and into Luke's car. "Thanks for saving me guys." I said out of breath 

As we are driving I grew more and more mad at myself. This is all my fault. 


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