Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


11. Find her.


"I am...." She stopped like she didn't know if she should tell me. 

"Go on." I said 

"I'm not fine Addie I'm...I'm...I'm not fine. The doctor diagnosed me with Semi-Serve Depression, The worst part is I have to take these pills. The others will find out sooner. They will leave me. Like everyone else does at this point. they all leave me." She said in a sad voice. 

"Marley." I said in a sad voice. "No one will leave you. We all love you dearly. Hun you're all of our best friends. We will be by you every step of the way."

She looked up at me and smiled a genuine smile. 

"You're not alone Marley." I said reminding her again. 

"I know but it just feels like it sometimes." She said 

"I know how you feel Marley. My whole life I felt alone. Sometimes I still feel alone. But I just have to remind myself that I have you, Ashton, Luke, Calum, I have so many people who care about me. Just like you. You have to do the same. Remind yourself that we are all here for you when ever your alone." I said slightly smiling. 

"Thank you Addison. For reminding me I'm not alone" she said 

The Ashton popped his head in. 

"Sorry if you guys were in the middle of something but are you done yet? The doctor said we need to pay to stay if we stay any longer." He said 

"I guess we are done." I said shrugging 

"Okay. And Addie is it okay if you stay with Luke for a little while? I wanna spend some time with my sister." He said smiling at Marley. 

I don't really know Luke that well but okay. "I guess" I said unsure. 

"Okay. Come on Marley lets go" Ashton said  

*1 hour later*

I sat on Luke's couch.  Luke came in and sat on the couch across from me. 

"So" He said trying to start a conversation. 

I nodded awkwardly. I don't think me and Luke have ever even talked alone like this. It's always been in groups. 

"So you and Ashton huh?" He asked smiling 

I shrugged. "I don't know if he even likes me. And there's-"

"Woe woe, Ashton likes you a lot. He for sure likes you. The question is do you like him?" He asked raising one eye brow.

"I don't know. Yes?" I said almost like I was asking him if I should say yes. 

"Don't tell me your starting to like Louis." He said shaking his head

I was quiet. "You are!" He said loudly. 

I shrugged. Just then there was a knock on the door. 

"I'll get it" I said standing up.

I walked to the door and looked out the window next to the door to see who is it. There I saw Louis standing there with his arms crossed. 

I ran to where Luke was. "Luke! Louis is here!" I said in a frantic voice

"What? Why would he be here?" He asked getting up

"Um what do I do?" I asked 

"umm, I don't know, Just stay here." He said 

I sat on the couch awkwardly. Luke answered the door. 

"Hey man what's up?" Luke asked 

"Hey is Addison here?" Louis asked confused 

Luke looked back at me asking if I wanted him to know I was here. I shook my head. I don't wanna talk to him right now. I have a feeling I know what he's gonna say. I want my feelings to be all sort out before I talk to him. 

"No why would she be here?" Luke said laughing. "She lives with Ashton. Did you try going there?"

"yes but a strange looking man answered the door and said he left." He said confused 

"A strange looking man?" Luke asked confused. He and I both know that Ashton's mom isn't seeing anyone. 

"Yeah. well anyways If you find Addison tell her I'm looking for her. I really wanna talk to her." He said about to leave but then I herd foot steps run up. "Ashton what are you doing here?" Louis asked 

"I'm here to ask my friends for help. What are you doing here?" Ashton asked confused and out of breath.  

"I'm looking for Addison I thought she would be here." He said shrugging 

"She is here first of all, and second of all why are you looking for her?" He asked 

"I wanna tell her how much I like her." 

"Well what if I wanna do the same?" Ashton said 

"Look man, I know you like her a lot but I was friends with her first." Louis said 

"What's that so post to mean?!" Ashton said almost yelling. 

"It means that I have a better chance with her." 

This is ridiculous. I am no a prize that they have to fight for. I ran up right when Ashton said "Well what if I think I have better chance with her?" 

"guys! Stop!" I yelled. They both turned and looked at me. 

"This is uncalled for!" I yelled 

"Your right Add. I didn't come so I could fight with this guy. I came because I need help. Marley got told some heavy information today and ran off. I need you guys to help me find her." Ashton said 

"Well then what are we waiting for? We have to find her. Remember what happened last time I couldn't find her!?" Luke said in a frantic voice. 

"But it's raining. how are we gonna do this is the rain?" Louis said 

"We aren't doing anything. Me, Addie, and Luke are doing something you can go away." Ashton said waving him good bye. 

"Woe, Woe I wanna help too!" Louis said crossing his arms 

"Well too bad! It's just-"

I interrupted Ashton. "Ashton we need all the help we can get."

"She's right." Luke said nodding 

Ashton turned to look at us and then looked at Louis "Fine you can come." He said unhappy 

"Okay lets go inside where it isn't raining so we can think of a plan" I said turning to go back inside. Everyone followed me.

We all sat on Luke's couch. I stood up in front of everyone. "I think we should divide in groups. there's fore of us, so two of us look somewhere and two of us look somewhere else. 

"I'll be with Addison." Louis and Luke said the same time. 

"um, I think I'll be with Luke." I said sitting back down. I don't want any drama. This is about Marley not my Love life.

Luke stood up. "So me and Addison will look around naiborhood first." He said then sat back down 

Ashton sat up. "I think I should be with Addison because I will want to punch with guy if I spend more time with him." He said. Then sat back down. 

"I feel the same" Louis said 

Luke stood up and walked in front of everyone. 

"Look guys I know both of you like Addie, and I get that. But This is about Marley. If we don't find her who knows what kind of trouble she could be in. I know in someway both of you care about Marley. You guys need to set aside your love for Addison, and work together to find her!" Luke said in a mad tone 

Luke and Louis both nodded. 

"Me and Addison will go in my car and Ashton and Louis you guys can go in Ashton's." 

~2 hours later~ 

*Ashton's POV* 

Me and Louis looked everywhere! We went to the park, we went to all the stores near my house. We asked lots of people if they have seen her and so far no one has. I don't know where else to look. 

"I think we should just give up. We have looked everywhere" Louis said in the passenger seat of my car. 

I'm driving around looking at the side walks to see if she's walking or something. 

"No. She's my sister and I will not rest until I find her." I said 

"Ash we did all we could." Louis said 

"She's still out there some where probably feeling lost, and lonely. Remember what happened last time she felt like that?" 

"What ever I'm tired. Drive me home?" He asked 

"Okay. Your such a quitter. Addison right now I bet is still looking for her. She's not stopping." I said on my way to Louis's house. 

"What ever." He said looking out the window. 

*Addison's POV*

"Is that her?" I pointed to a girl sitting on the side walk. 

"No just a girl that looks like her." Luke said shaking his head. 

"Maybe someone is these houses have seen her?" I asked 

"We could go door to door asking people?" Luke asked 

"Sure why not. It's better then what we are doing right now." 

We parked on the side of the street. We went to the first house. 

Luke knocked. 

A old women answered the door. "Hello sweety what can I do for you?" she asked 

"Have you seen this girl?" I asked holding out a picture of Marley from Luke's phone. 

She starred at the picture for a while. "Well have you?!" Luke asked 

"Yes I think I saw her running down the street that way." She said pointing 

"Thank you so much" I said smiling then turned around. 

"Be careful dears." She said before we left. 

"Should we try another house to see if they saw anything too?" I asked 

"I don't know. Don't we already have the information we need? We know she's in this direction." He said well driving. 

"Yeah but I mean what if she's not the only of who saw Marley?" I asked 

"Your right lets go to this house and see if they saw her." Luke said pulling over next to a cute small house. 

We knocked on the door. A  person I know answered the door. I became in panic mode. 

"ADDISON!" My dad yelled. 

"D-D-D-Dad. What are you doing here?" I asked scared 

"We moved." He said in a creepy voice. 

"Come on Add we have to go!" Luke said pulling my hand away but my dad grabbed onto my other hand. 

"Excuse me Mr, But I would like to see my daughter." My dad said in a nice voice. You wouldn't even know he's abusive when he talks like that. 

"But I'v seen what you'v done. You'll hurt her!" Luke said strongly 

"Hurt her? I'v changed. Why I would to hurt my amazing daughter?" My dad said squeezing my hand harder and harder. 

"Do you promise you won't hurt her?" Luke asked 

"Yes" He said 

"Okay I'll see you later Addison." Luke said and let go 

"LUKE NO DON'T LEAVE ME! HES LYING!" I yelled but it was too late. My dad already closed the door. 

"Your friends are easy to trick." He said laughing. 

"LET ME GO!" I said trying moving away. But it was no use he held my arm. 

"No why would I do that?" He said then he slapped my face leaving me a bright red mark. 

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