Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


3. Enough

Addison's POV: 

Sometimes I wish was invisible. Then people wouldn't see my ugly face. Then I wouldn't get tormented by Heather and her crew everyday. 

Yesterday Louis told me that I shouldn't be scared of her, and I should stick up for myself. I know he's right but, but I also know I'm never gonna get the guts to actually do it. Sometimes I think about what life would be like if I did stick up for myself. Mom and Dad would probably be in prison where they belong, Heather probably would bug me a whole lot less, and basically my whole life would change for the better. Then reality hits and I remind myself that I can never do that. That's for confident and pretty people. Sadly, I am none of those. 

I starred up at the ceiling in my bed that I have to bend my knees in because it's too small for me. My parents don't care enough to get me a new one. I've had this mattress since I was eight. I pulled the covers that now have holes over my face. I decided to think about the book I was reading. 

The girl had just met the man she loved.

Gosh, I wish that was me, But Different people like me don't find love. 

I looked at my flip phone and realized that It's almost time for school. Great....

So it's Tuesday. At least It's taco Tuesday in the cafeteria today. It seems like Cafeteria food is really the only food I sometimes eat. To be honest, I've been trying too loose weight and the only way to do that is to not eat. I've already lost 11 pounds doing it, so it must be working. So far, I haven't ate in a whole 2 days.

My parents could care less if I ate or not. 

I sat up out of my bed and looked around my room. I got out of bed and grabbed the same jeans I wore yesterday and a plain purple T-Shirt. I brushed my hair with the only brush I have, and put on my flip flops. I guess this is as good as I'm gonna look. I grabbed my dorky glasses from off of my night stand and put them on.

I walked out of my room and found my dad siting on the ground. Probably hung over again. 

"Dad I'm going too school" I said as I walked past him 

"What ever." He mumbled 

I walked down stairs and found my mom laying on the couch, also probably hung over again. 

"Bye mom" I said as I walked out 

"Wait!" She said before I stepped out

"hmm?" I asked before I walked back inside to find my mom with bags under her eyes and her makeup all messed up. She looked horrible. You could tell she was drunk.

"I wanted to tell you that your not very pretty, and not very smart" She said nodding 

"Okay" I said then I ran outside

This isn't the first time she's done this while being drunk. When ever she's drunk she has no filter. She says what ever she's thinking. So, clearly she thinks I'm not pretty or smart which doesn't surprise me.

I walked into my old car and began driving too school. 

I live super close to my school so it didn't take long. I wish I lived farther though so the dive would be longer. I pulled into my school's parking lot. I parked in my normal parking spot which was as always in the back.

And the horror starts now.

I got out and began my long walk to the school. As I walked onto the sidewalk I recognized Lucy and Louis making out next to the door.

I knew he was just like everyone else in his group. Or should I say groups. Louis has 2 main groups he hangs out with. 

One is with Harry, Niall, Heather, and them. The other one is with these boys named Luke, and Ashton I think is their names? 

I guess I thought that Louis was different after he told me to stick up for myself and didn't give me a dirty look after his friends did. It was probably all in my head though. I walked past him and Lucy (still sucking each other's faces). I started walking toward my locker. I hated where my locker is because its right next to the gym. The gym is where the cheerleaders practice. The Cheer team hates me. Heather, Lucy, and all the 'mean girls' are on that team. There's others on that team who I guess aren't mean to me. They just ignore me like the rest of the school. 

I made it to my locker, and quickly opened it and grabbed my books for my next class. I closed it thinking I would get through the day without being bugged but I guess I was wrong because I turned about and found Heather and her group standing in front of me. Great. (Not the sarcasm) 

"So Marry, do you think she's pretty?" Heather asked crossing her arms. 

"Nope! I mean just look at those gross glasses! what is she Harry Potter?" She said laughing 

"That's what everyone else says. I mean just look at her outfit, talk about ew!" she said making a gross face 

"How's daddy? Still hung over? aww poor baby" Heather said 

How does she know about my parents you ask? Well once upon a time, me and Heather were actually friends, But that was years ago. 

"Oh yeah! Heather told me about your parents. Maybe you'll end up just like them when your older. A stupid druggy" This Mean girl Reyli said  

don't cry, don't cry, You should be used to this Addison! Come on! Stand up for yourself! Remember what Louis said! 

I wanted to say what Louis said too, but I couldn't. 

I opened my mouth to speak but no actual words came out. Instead it came out like "I uh, You just, eh I think. I-" 

"What was that Addison? awww how cute! Tina look it's a pathetic little girl trying to stick up for herself" Heather said sweetly 

Tina nodded "It really is Pathetic" she said nodding with a mean smirk  

they made me feel worse about myself. 

"Is that a tear I see?" Reyli asked

"wow so she has no guts" one of the girls said  

Reyli was right I let a tear slip out! I hate it when I cry in public! 

I looked around for a bathroom and soon I found one 

Then One of Reyli blocked  my way 

Reyli was Heather's best friend she was also very popular, and very mean! I think she has a sister but I don't know who she is. 

"Thanks Reyli, I wasn't done talking to her yet" Heather said smiling

"Can I please pass?" I said in a choked up voice 

"Well too bad, Heather will tell you when you can go! geez Your right about her Heather, she is a freak. Just look at her outfit!" Reyli said smirking evilly

"I just really want to go to class please!" I said looking up so my tear would go back in my eyes 

"Look Idiot, Your stupid and no one is ever going to love you! Even your parents don't love you! are they are probably siting at your ugly house think about how they wish they never had you! awww poor Addison! You don't have friends, you don't have nice cloths, you don't have a good personality, and I think we already established that your not pretty. so you can just go off and-" Heather was interrupted by a confident girl. 

I didn't know who she was though. 

She moved one of the girls out of the way and stood right in front of me saying "Hey leave her alone!" 

"And who are you to tell me who to leave alone?" Reyli shot back 

"Actually, Sis, I have every right to tell you to leave because your all to talk. Why don't you just walk off and make out with you're boyfriend like you do best" She said back

Oh, she must be Reyli's sister! Well I feel bad for her! 

"Maybe you can tell her to leave, But I'm not going anywhere!" Heather said in protest for Reyli 

Reyli smirked at us evilly 

"Oh yes you are." Ashton said and pulled me back   

Oh I didn't even know he was with her. I looked around and realized there where 3 other boys there. 

"just leave the poor girl alone" he said 

Heather was about to say something back but then Harry and his crew came up 

she gave him a fake smile. "Ugh fine, but this isn't the last you will hear off me!" she said and turned around and walked with Harry the other way

The girl who stood up for me looked back at me and smiled. I decided to smile back. 

"Oh thank you so much, No one has ever stood up for me like that!" I said thanking her

I waited for her to say why did I help YOU ew or something about how weird I looked, but too my surprise she didn't do that.

She simply said "Hey It's no problem, I was in that type of situation, I guess, except no one talked to me at all, or notice my existence. My name is Marley" She said and shook my hand

No one has been this nice to me in so long. I didn't really know  what to say 

"My name is Addison" I said smiling

"Hey Marley who's this?" a boy who in that group asked

"Luke, this is Addison, Addison, this is Luke" Marley said pointing at who's who "And this is Ashton, Calum, and Micheal" She said pointing at each of them

"Hi" I said trying to sound cheerful like the girl in my book. 

"Come on Addison, I think We'r gonna be great friends!" Marley said linking arms with me

Ashton linked arms with me on the other side and soon all of us were linking arms. 

This is nice. To have friends. I mean normally Right now I would be in a  bathroom by myself but it's nice to switch it up this time. I like this. Alot. But knowing my luck it probably won't last. 

people where starring. I think it's because normally I don't have friends. 

"People are starring" I whispered to Marley

"Oh, no It's not you. It's probably me" she whispered back 

I gave her a confused look

How could anyone be looked at us because of her? I mean she's perfect! She was pretty, Nice, Funny, just perfect. Unlike me. 

"I'll explain later" she whispered back 

I nodded

wow, I finally have a friend who I can share my thoughts to, who I can talk to,  who I hang out with! Well,I'm getting way over my head. I don't even know if this friendship will last. She will probably ditch me or something like all my other past friends. I think the last time I had a friend was in 6th grade.I had tones of friends but they all ditched me. Ever since then I'v been a loner, an outsider, A retard. I'm sure when she realizes such a nerd I am she well leave me. I have to be ready this time though.

I'm sure these boys with us will follow her. That Luke boy seems to like her, And her and Ashton are like best friends, and the two will just follow. 

"So do you wanna sit with us at lunch?" Ashton asked 

"I guess" I said shrugging 

"Okay, then meet us at the table in the corner outside" He said smiling 

"Sounds like a plan" I said smiling back 

He gave me a friendly good bye hug and left for his first class. 

I Know it's weird but a boy has never given me a hug before . Not even my dad, and if he did I must have been really small because I don't remember it. So I guess Ashton was my first boy hug. I liked it. Alot. 

"Well I guess I'll see you at lunch Addison" Marley said and was about to give me a hug but stopped on her way there 

okay here it comes, she gonna say 'ew why am I friends with you?' she's gonna leave me. I know it. Here it comes. 

but instead of saying what I thought she was gonna say she said "Hey I just thought of something, can I call your Addie instead? It just sounds better, if you don't like it you don't-" she started saying 

"No no I love it! wow no one has ever given me a nickname before!" I said smiling super big 

She laughed "well then I'll see you at lunch Addie" she said after she gave me a light hug 

"Bye" I said

"see ya Add" Luke said  after he turned around to follow Marley 

I waved

Calum and Michael just waved good bye as they ran to class 

Wow. So Add and Addie. Two nicknames in one day! 

I started to make my way to class. 

I better run, the belle is gonna ring in any minute! 

I started speed walking, I didn't realize that we walked so far from my class. 

I walked as fast as I could, pretty soon it turned into running. 

Then I ran right into someone! 

Please not be Heather, Please not be Reyli, Please please please! 

I looked at who I ran into 


We both were on the floor rubbing our heads.

I quickly got up "Oh my god, I am so sorry I didn't see you!" I said and helped him up 

"It's okay! Don't worry about it" he said smiling at me

"So uh, sorry if I'm being too nosy but, why are you running the opposite way of our class?" I asked 

"Oh uhh, I ummm have so unfinished stuff to do" he said 

"Okay then" I said nodding 

"So why are you late to class missy?" he asked crossing his arms 

I laughed a little "I got held up with some people I met today" I said shrugging 

"Oh who? anyone I know?" he asked winking 

"Probably your pretty popular, It's this girl named, Marley. The guy's names were Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Micheal." I said proudly that I have friends   

He looked worried when I said there names. "What's wrong do you know them?" I asked confused 

"Yeah, uhh they are like my really good friends, except Marley. I didn't know they made friends with her! Did you here what she did?" He asked in a whisper voice 

"No, what's wrong with her?" I asked confused 

Then we herd foot steps in the hall "I have to go see you later Addison" he said and ran off 

That was weird. Why would anyone ever hate Marley? What did she do? 

"Addison Rose! why aren't you in class?" I herd a teacher yell behind me 

I turned around and found the principle standing in front of me. "Oh I had to go to the bathroom, it was an emergency" I said nodding 

"Really?" he said crossing his arms like he didn't believe me 

"Yes! Mr.Left do you really want me to bleed  everywhere in class?" I said crossing my arms 

He looked uncomfortable after I said that "oh okay, well get to class miss Rose. Here I'll write you a late pass" he said and took a yellow paper out and wrote some stuff on it and gave it too me 

"Thanks Mr.Left" I said before I started walking to class 

He waved and turned back around

Wow. I can not believe I just lied to a teacher! I am so proud of myself right now! That's the first time I have ever lied to a teacher and got away with it! 

I held my head up proudly as I walked to class

"Well, I see you'v used the oldest trick in the book, It's too bad I'm a boy and can't use it. God you girls are lucky" I herd someone say behind me 

Well today is just full of people talking to me huh? I thought I would turn around and see Louis standing there, but I saw Ashton. 

"Oh Hello, yeah I guess only girls can get away with it huh?" I said laughing

"Guess so, I mean I guess I could say I was having a boner but that would be pretty hard to fake if you know what I mean" He said shaking his head 

I laughed at that remark 

"Yeah well I'm sorry you were born a boy" I said shrugging 

He laughed

"So um, why aren't you in class?" I asked confused after he was finished laughing  

"Oh I'm meeting a friend to do something, we have some unfinished business" he said shrugging 

"Would that friend by any chance be Louis Tomlinson?" I asked confused 

"Yes, How'd you know?" He with wide eyes 

"Just a hunch" I said shrugging

"Well it was loving running into you mind reader, but I really must go." He said 

He gave me another friendly hug and went on his way

I smiled to myself and walked into my first class 


So it's now lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria and went to the table outside where Ashton told me to go, and found Ashton and Louis yelling at each other. Luke and everyone else was yelling too. Marley wasn't there though. 

I don't think they knew I was there.


"I mean she's not like us, Ashton come on back me up on this" Louis said 

"I'm not gonna back up someone who is wrong, dude she's a really nice girl. Not to mention how pretty she is!" Ashton said with a serious face 

"I KNOW I'M JUST SAYYING THAT WE SHOULDN'T BE SEEN WITH HER! You guys are getting so popular! DO YOU WANT THAT TO JUST GO DOWN THE DRAIN!?" He yelled in question

"Who cares about being popular?" Calum said shrugging 

"I know but, she's just...so...Different I don't think we should hang with her, And Marley? Really? You guys choose the most least popular people to become friends with!" Louis said shaking his head

"DON'T EVEN START WITH ME TOMLINSON!" Luke said looking like he was about to punch him 

"Dude, chill. I'm just saying that, Yeah, Addison is gorgeous, and so is Marley but don't your guys know what Marley did? Don't you know why everyone ignores her?It's for a good reason! and Addison just isn't like us. She acts different and dresses different. She's just different, but in a bad way. ya know?" He said   

I was done listening. Well having friends was fun well it lasted 

"oh I know just what you mean!" I said holing back the tears

They all looked back at me shocked that I was listening 

"H-How much did you hear?" Louis asked 

"I'm done with you people" I herd someone say behind me 


I Didn't even know she was there too. She ran off and I don't blame her. I'm about to do the same. 

"Marley! Wait!" Luke said and ran after her 

"I herd Enough to know that I'm not welcomed" I said choked up,  before I ran away as fast as I could. 

I herd Louis's and Ashton's voice say "Wait Addison!" Behind me 

But I didn't stop running

I ran into the nearest bathroom and cried.     


Author's not:

So I hope you like this longgggg chapter everyone! I'll be updating later today with Ashton's POV of the story! LOve you all! 


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