Addison is the outsider. She's the girl people never talk to in the halls. people only know her because of the meanest girls in school making fun of her. All she wants is to get threw a day without being made fun of, or beaten by her abusive dad. She has a hard life. Find out what happens when she brings friends and maybe even a boyfriend in her hard life. *This story is linked/connected with another story called 'Rejects'! Her name is Pelicanluke (:*


4. A lot

Ashton's POV: 

Man, Addison sure is one of a kind. I know it sounds crazy because I just met her, and I really like her. So what if she's different! It's her being different that makes her so cool! 

Louis made me so mad when he said that stuff about her and Marley! I mean who is  he to tell me who to be friends with? SO what if they aren't the most popular? Who cares if Addison isn't like everyone else! I know I don't.

I watched Addison run off and I knew I couldn't just let her go. I had to  help her! 

I ran after her and yelled "Addison Wait!" I herd someone's voice behind me. I swear to god if it's Louis, I'm gonna stab a rainbow.

I looked behind me and found Louis trying to catch up! I ran faster so he wouldn't catch up. We both stopped at the girl's bathroom  where she ran into. 

"man, why are you here? Don't you know you'v done enough?" I said pushing him 

"Aye don't get mad at me! You all agreed with me! But I didn't know I was so mean about it! I just want to apologize!" he said pushing me  back

Right after he pushed me back my body was filled with anger! I wanted to punch that little idiot all the way to china, but I knew I couldn't because Addison is in the other room probably crying her eyes out and I need to be there for her. 

I ignored Louis and knocked on the door.

"Addison, are you okay?" I asked It was quiet for a real long time 

"Come on Addison, I'm sorry" Louis said 

"Oh just shut up!" I said to Louis

"Guys please just leave me alone" I herd a choked up voice say from inside the bathroom 

"Addison I really wanna help, please come out. Let me explain" I said 

"Me to" Louis said nodding

"Louis! you have nothing to explain! get out of here! NOW LOU! before things get ugly" I said starring him down. 

"I'm just trying to help Addie" Louis said putting his hands up for defense

"If your 'just trying to help Addie' then why did you say those awful things?" I asked he opened his mouth to answer but I cut him off "Actually don't talk because I don't wanna hear it! Just  turn around and leave! Oh and I'm sure Marley wouldn't like you called her 'Addie' just saying" I said

Thankfully he left

Next time I will for sure punch him!

"Okay he's gone Add please come out" I said

"No I told you just let me be! I know you probably never wanna see me again okay? I get it! I'm different. I know." She said still choked up. 

That's it. Who cares if it's the girl's bathroom! I'm coming in there!

I opened the door and found Addison on the bathroom floor with tears all over her face, and holding scissors about to do it. Cut herself.

Addison's POV:

Okay I'm holding the scissors right now. No one world care if I did it. Maybe I should just go deeper and deeper till I dye. Seems it feels like that's what everyone wants. No one would really miss me. I know for a fact my parents won't. 

Ashton Stormed in. He looked at me with pain in his eyes. Why is he sad? He's not the one about to cut himself. 

"Oh My God Addison!"  He said going on his knees so he's on the floor with me. 
"Let me do it Ashton. Just let me. It would be better for everyone. No one would care" I said holding the scissors high so I would get myself good.     

He grabbed them from my hands 

"Look Addison, I would care! I know how you feel. I was left alone awhile ago before I found the guys. I didn't  know a lot of people. The only person that was my really close friend was Marley but she pushed me away. That was about the same time my dad went crazy. Now he's never home. He's always at the club. I felt exactly how your feeling right now. Different." He said with kind eyes 

He opened his arms for a hug and I leaned in his wide arms. My tears fell onto his jacket.

"I know it's hard, but trust me things will get better." He said during the hug. 

I nodded "Hey" he said braking the hug and wiped my tear with his thumb. 

"Those girls who make fun of you, they are all just jealous because you are clearly prettier then them. They are all probably gonna end up  being strippers, or hookers, because all they have is their body, but you, everything about you is perfect." He said looking straight into my eyes serious but kind 


NO body has ever told me that before. I smiled 

"Oh and did I mention how perfect your smile is? It just lights up the room. You wanna know why people stare at you? It's because they are thinking 'Damn she's hot' " He said nodding

I laughed at what he said. "Just saying the facts" He said still nodding 

"Wow, I just, I can't, It's like-" 

"Your welcome" He said 

I laughed at the fact he knew what I was gonna say   

"Your jackets getting wet" I said almost laughing

"That's okay, I have lots of jackets, know what, if you want you can have this one" he said smiling 

"That would be amazing" I said 

He slowly took his jacket off and helped me put it on. It smelled just like him. Now everywhere I go, I well remember him. I never wanna forget this moment. 

"Thank you Ashton, not just for the jacket, but for everything. Your so awesome" I said wiping the last tear out of my eyes 

"Any time, if you ever need a jacket, or need to feel better you know who to call" He said smiling .He then stood up and helped me up. Once I was up he gave me one last bear hug.

Then we both walked out of the bathroom together

He stopped walking and turned to look at me "How about we take a break from school. come on lets go to my house. We can make smoothies, and by the way my smoothies are the best smoothies ever so if you pass this up then you'll never taste the most amazing smoothie in the world but no pressure" He said nodding 

I looked at him like he was crazy and laughed 

"Just saying" He said putting his hands up for defense

"Okay I would like that" I said nodding

Then he led me to his car. I was surprised to see it wasn't a very new car like mine. Maybe he does get me.

He drove me to his house which isn't that far from the school, and got out to open the door for me. 

Ashton's POV:

So I told Addison that I was gonna make her a smoothie. I love making smoothies! Been making them since I was a kid! 

I opened the door for Addison and linked arms with her and we skipped onto my porch. 

I herd a 'Shhh' sound. Marley. Here comes her  signature scares. She's probably inside because my mom probably let her in. Now she gonna pop out and 'scare' us. 

I opened the door. 

Nothing yet... Me and Addison turned on the light to my front room, Nothing  yet... 

We turned the corner and 5,4,3,2,1 

"RAWR!" Marley and the guys all yelled 

Addison screamed and jumped but I just stood there playfully smirking at Marley 

"Dang it I still didn't scare you Ash!" Marley yelled 

"But we got Addison!" Luke said laughing 

We spent about 30 minutes just laughing. After awhile we kinda forgot what it was about... 

"Wait why are we laughing?" Calum asked confused 

Then we all stopped "Calum! You ruined the moment!" Marley said and playfully punched him 

"Sorry I got confused" Calum said putting his hand up in deference

"Oh Marley so, Louis called Addison Addie today" I said waited for her response

"OH HECK NO! Voldemort doesn't have the right to call my best friend Addie!" She said. Then she ranted somemore about how dumb Louis or should I said Voldemort, was. 

after she was we were all kinda quiet. okay awkward moment. 

"So uh are we gonna just keep awkwardly stand in my front room or....?" I asked 

"LET'S GO TO YOUR GARAGE!" Michael said a little too exited though 

We walked into the kitchen where the garage door is and opened the garage door 

I opened the door for everyone and I turned on the light to revile my ping pong table, couch, and our band equipment.

"Hey Addie, can we talk?" Marley asked Addison 

Oh god 

Addison's POV: 

Wow he has a awesome Garage!  It's quite cozy. It looks like one of those cool hang out places you see in movies. 

"Hey Addie, can we talk?" Marley said 

I nodded and me and Marley walked into Ashton's kitchen where the guys couldn't hear us 

Okay now she's gonna say something like 'Okay so we can't be friends' or 'Ew' It's coming, It's coming! 

"Woah, Add why do you always look like that when ever I talk to you?" Marley asked confused 

"Look like what?" I asked 

"Well you look like I'm about to stab you or something" She said 

"Oh I guess I'm just scared you'll leave me like all my other past friends" I said looking down 

"Hey, I would never do that." She said 

I looked back up at her "Really?" I asked "But I'm a nerd and your so cool" I said confused 

She laughed "Cool?" She asked 

"Yeah, I mean you dress cool, your not anti social like me you just seem so perfect" I said shrugging 

"Look Add, if there's anything I'm not is perfect. I have so many flaws If i named them all we'd be here all day. Just know that I'm not any better then you. Actually in some ways we are kinda the same." She said half smiling. I smiled back "that's not why I wanted to talk to you though, I wanted to ask if we are still good ? Like are we still friends?" She asked 

"Of course, why wouldn't we be?" I asked 

"I don't know I guess I was scared Louis was gonna ruin our awesome friendship" She said 

"Well that's never gonna happen. It's weird I just met you yet I feel like we'v been friends forever" I said smiling 

"Yeah" she agreed  

"oh I also wanted to ask you about Ashton" She said smirking 

"What about Ashton?" I asked 

"Oh come on, I know that's his jacket. I can totally tell he likes you" She said and winked

"Really?" I asked in aw 

no guy has never really liked me before

"Yeah, I know you guys just met, so it's gonna take some time, but I think there's some hidden love" She said smirking 

"I do't know we'll see what happens" I said shrugging 

She nodded "Just so you know I ship it Adshton, AW how cute!" she said putting her hands on her mouth 

"Wait what about you and Luke?" I asked raising one eyebrow

"Oh we are just friends" She said nodding 

chuckled "Yeah FOR NOW" I said and winked 

"What do you mean?" she asked

"He so likes you" I said 

"Really?" She asked 

"duh" I said

Then we herd the door open and Calum popped his head out

"are you girls almost done gossiping? Ashton's gonna make smoothies!" Calum yelled 

I was about to say we weren't but before I could Marley said "Yep we are done" I guess she doesn't wanna talk about boys anymore. That, or she just really wants a smoothie, or both. She and I followed Calum back into the garage. 

I guess you could say a lot happened in one day..........   


Author's note: 

Sorry for the shorter chapter guys! I don't know....Do you think this chapter is a little boring? Idk The next chapter will be better I promise ;) I don't know if you have noticed but my story is linked/connected with another story by my amazing friend, pelicanluke! It's Called 'Rejects'. (: So if you wanna know what Marley thinks and her story go check it out (: 

So I made up some ship name with the help of Pelicanluke of course! 

Louis and Addison: Laddison

Ashton and Addison: Adshton  

Marey and Luke: Larley  

Let me know who you want together (; 

I love all of you guyssss! 

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