The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


13. Chapter Thirteen

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"Norge, how far do you think Ice got? We've been walking for ages," Denmark whined, unable to help himself from complaining.

Norway looked how Denmark felt. His eyes were narrowed with the concentration of staying awake, and he looked on the brink of collapse. Denmark suspected he didn't exactly look much better either.

"I'm not stopping until I find him," Norway insisted.

"I know," Denmark managed a grin, despite the desperately freezing cold and fatigue. "That's why I'm helping you."

To this, Norway didn't reply, rather kept pushing onward through the chilling wind and the snow. They would find Norway. They had to - there was no other option. Iceland was family to them both - Denmark wasn't going to leave him out here, either. The Nordics were a family, and Denmark wouldn't let any of them down. And hopefully, they'd find Iceland soon.

"ICE!" Denmark yelled out, his voice snatched up instantly by the wind. They waited. No reply - even if Iceland was close, the wind was drowning out their voices with renowned vehemence. Norway kept walking, his blue eyes unusually alive with determination.

There was a rumbling from above them, completely unexpected and terrifying. No, Denmark prayed desperately, looking up towards the mountain. No. Not this!

The snow tumbled down the mountainside, a fearsome wall of white rushing down towards them.


"Norge, go! You can use magic to teleport yourself away!" Denmark screamed desperately to the smaller Nation. "Go now!"

Norway wasn't going, and the avalanche was getting closer, so terrifying and daunting and overwhelming.

Faint humming radiated from Norway's body as he started the spell, his lips whispering the words as he summoned the magic to his body. At least, Denmark told himself, Norway would be safe.

The avalanche was almost there, and a blinding light exploded from the Norwegian's body. He's safe now, Denmark sighed in relief. He managed to transport himself away.

But when the light faded, Norway was still there, his slim body poised before Denmark with his arms thrust out before him.

And flames were bursting from his palms.

Denmark couldn't speak. The smaller nation's body was glowing with a fierce light, the blue flames projected from his hands in a glorious array of fire. Snow was melted; evaporated into steam before the water could rush down and harm them. The air was filled with wisps of the steam, but still the snow was falling.

Norway's face was twisted in agony as his magic energy drained away, the effects hurting him more than words could express. His lips parted in a scream as the pain became almost too unbearable, and Denmark could only stare in horror as his friend refused to stop the magic.

And then, the terror was over - almost. The snow was gone, vanquished by the blue flames.

"You did it!" Denmark managed, his entire body still trembling with fear. It was over. They were safe... Norway was safe.

The Norwegian staggered backwards, his eyelids sliding shut. No. No! Norway couldn't be suffering because he'd stayed to help him! Denmark rushed forwards, catching the lightweight body of his unconscious friend and screamed his name in desperation.

"Norge! Norge, answer me! Please!" Denmark begged, cradling his body close to him. Too much magic could cause death - unbearable pain and sometimes week-long unconsciousness for nations. The words were tumbling from his mouth, now, words that he couldn't stop.

"I love you," he whispered frantically. "Please, don't black out on me! Norge, wake up!"

The Norwegian didn't move. Denmark pulled his body close to him, aware of the shivering of the smaller nation. He couldn't let him get too cold. It was enough that Norway was like this!

With the tears of worry and fear still brimming in his eyes, Denmark stood, Norway limp in his arms. They'd have to find Icy later - for now, his priority would be to keep his friend warm.

"Don't go to sleep, Norge, I need you," Denmark pleaded the other nation as he struggled through the snow. 


From deep within the realms of unconsciousness, Denmark's voice reached the Norwegian.

"I need you, Norge."




Too far fetched with the flames and all? Meh, tell me what you think and if you see anything that needs changing. Thanks for reading. :D :)

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