The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


16. Chapter Sixteen

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They set out the morning after. The wind, thankfully, had died down, though the snow seemed even thicker than the night before. Any tracks Iceland had made had been covered up by fresh snow; Norway had already explained that the tracking magic he was using was vague without something holding Iceland's scent. Besides, he was so tired it was difficult to even keep the spell in power.

Denmark helped Norway through the snow, grabbing his friend's arm whenever he fell. The Norwegian was still tired, despite the energy in his eyes as they pushed on through the snow to get to Iceland. 

Seeing Norway shiver again, Denmark reached out and took his hand, grinning. Then again, even the warmth of his hand wasn't enough to make it dawn on him that it was really happening. That Norway had accepted him. Still, the reality had not quite sunk in yet.

"I'm not dreaming, right?" Denmark asked, still unbelieving that he could be holding Norway's hand and his friend - no, boyfriend? - wasn't strangling him yet. Even if he had been shot a look of warning...

"If you'd like me to check for you, then I could strangle you to make sure," Norway offered, his voice betraying nothing. It was both crushing and elevating to hear his usual voice return again. Though it was better to hear him laughing - Denmark still had trouble believing it - he couldn't deny that the emotionless voice proved he was feeling himself again.

"I think I'm good, thanks," Denmark laughed. "You can strangle me when we find Ice."


They found him completely by chance.

It was almost nightfall, and even Norway knew that they needed rest to keep searching. He eventually spotted a small cave, barely distinguishable in it's position in the mountain rock. Denmark helped them both up, and, just as they were about to enter, there came the voice, so faint it was scary,


The Norwegian flew forwards before Denmark could react, reaching Iceland's side before Denmark could even comprehend what was happening.

"Ice! Are you okay? What happened?"

Denmark had never heard Norway so concerned or demanding.

"I'm... I'm okay," Ice managed weakly. Norway grasped his wrist, narrowing his eyes in determination.

"We'll get you back safely," his brother promised him firmly. Denmark joined them, noting how exhausted and cold Iceland looked. His puffin was snuggled in his jacket, with eyes almost as tired as his master's.

"Let's stay here tonight, and we'll get you back tomorrow," Denmark said, offering Iceland a small smile of encouragement. Coughing, Ice simply nodded, accepting Norway's coat as an extra layer of warmth as Denmark sat himself beside Norway. Iceland's eyes slid closed, though a faint smile of relief gifted his face.

Slipping his own coat from his shoulders, Denmark wrapped it around both he and Norway, managing to cover them both as he gently put one arm around Norway's shoulder in an affectionate gesture. With a slight appreciative nod, Norway relaxed slightly, allowing himself to lean against the larger nation.

"Told you he'd be all right, Norge," Denmark said softly, grinning.

"He's freezing, barely awake, his breathing's shallow and exhausted. But yes... I suppose he is all right."

Laughing, Denmark closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Norway's quiet breathing. He still couldn't believe it - he hadn't been ridiculed for his emotion, hadn't been rejected and cast aside. That was one of the best things about Norge - although he didn't talk much, and he'd never hesitate to resort to violence, he was always there. Always ready to listen to Denmark's endless complaining, or laughing, or mindless babbling. And even if he did just ignore most of it, or respond with an insult, it still made Denmark feel... elated. Because there was somebody who would at least put up with him. Most people couldn't, and even those who could still weren't the same.

No - there was only one person Denmark could ever truly love, with all his heart. And that would always be Norge.


It was halfway through the day when the search and rescue party discovered them, the helicopter hovering above them as Finland grinned from the cockpit. Apparently, their Nordic family were helping with the search - as well as Hong Kong, who literally flew down the rope ladder to reach Iceland.

If he hadn't been holding Norway back, Denmark was pretty sure he would have hurt the Asian nation. Trust Norway to be so overprotective...

Finland left Sweden to fly the helicopter solo as they were hoisted up into the helicopter, insisting on suffocating all of them - even Norway - with hugs. To say the least, it was a happy reunion.

"Denmark," Norway said quietly, almost too quietly for the others to hear. "For coming... Takk."

Denmark simply grinned. "Any time, Norge," he promised. "Any time."




Yes. I ship HongIce, too. XD XD Anybody else obsessed with Kong's hair? I seriously love his hair. No clue why... Probably just because it's awesome. :D

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