The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


6. Chapter Six

Alright, Hungary is in this one for Wolfheart, and Spain (Lelacool's awesome requested character) should be in the next chapter or the one after that. :D Thanks to Rebelle MidnightMoon, who pointed out that I had France speaking Spanish in Chapter Four. :D Oops. :D




She looked away swiftly, her green eyes quickly flicking to the menu. Norway looked up at the waitress as she returned with the plates of pasta.

"Thanks," Norway said. "I'm feeling rather..." Norway coughed, and continued in a louder voice, "Hungary."

Denmark grinned at Norway's subtle hint at the Hungarian. He glanced over at her, seeing her look up, clearly alarmed.

"Me too," Denmark agreed, the pointedly adding, "I'm really HUNGARY."

Apparently, Denmark's subtlety wasn't quite so good as Norway's, because everybody else in the café turned, and raised an eyebrow at Denmark's conspicuous emphasis on the word. He grinned sheepishly.

"What? I am!"

The other customers returned to their meals, as the waitress left them to eat their meal. Hungary had clearly taken the hint, because she looked up with feigned surprise.

"Oh! I didn't see you here!" she said.

"Of course not," Norway muttered as she pulled up a chair. "It's not like you go spying on anybody at all. Surprised you don't have your minions with you," he said, too quietly for the other people to hear.

"Taiwan and Japan are not my minions!" Hungary hissed back. "And I'm not spying on you!"

Denmark laughed. "Sure you're not! So why are you spying on us?"

"I'm not!" she said in a hushed tone. "And if I was, then I'd be finding out why you guys are spending so much time together. So... What exactly have you got between you? You hugged yet? Or have you kissed? Or-"

"Shut up," Norway growled, reaching out to grab her wrist and stop her from speaking, but a frying pan materialised from nowhere to counter his hand. Norway didn't so much as wince as his fist collided with the pan, but Hungary simply gave a maniacal laugh.

"In denial? Denmark, you'll tell me, right?"

"We're just friends," he informed Hungary, and she narrowed her eyes. Denmark wondered why he felt that panging sensation in his heart when he told her that. Quickly dismissing it, he added, "Why? Can't live without your Yaoi?"

"No," Hungary stated. "Which is exactly why I'm getting you two together. It would be adorable..." She then went on to elaborate on how 'adorable' Denmark and Norway would be as a couple.

"Hungary," Norway said quietly. "Shut up. We're not going to be a couple, so just stop telling yourself we will be."

She pressed her lips together stubbornly as Denmark recoiled slightly at Norway's words. Evidently, Hungary was bothering Norway, even if the Norwegian showed nothing on his face.

"Hey, Hungary, I'll make you a deal. We'll help you gather information on Sweden and Finland, then you leave us alone. Got that?" he offered. "Finland and Sweden. They're such a cute Yaoi pair," he tempted, grinning as Hungary's eyes widened in amazement.



"We shouldn't be doing this," Norway muttered as they walked towards the Nordic meeting. Japan had equipped their watches with tiny, almost undetectable devices; Norway's to track and keep audio tabs on Finland, while Denmark's was for Sweden.

"No, but it was them or us," Denmark sighed, walking into the meeting room and grinning to the other three Nordics as he and Norway took the two free seats.

Denmark clapped Sweden on the shoulder in greeting, attaching the tracker as he did so. Norway, who generally didn't like contact with others, finally managed to fix the tracker onto Finland at the end, pretending to brush past his arm as he was walking.

"They're doomed," he murmured as they left the meeting, two hours later. Denmark nodded his agreement. Hungary was after them - that was bad news enough.


She only allowed them freedom a fortnight after the first incident with the trackers.They'd spent most of their last two weeks bugging any buildings Sweden or Finland used, and finally, their last mission had arrived.

Accompany Hungary on her spying mission.

From the tracking devices, Japan had managed to figure out that they were going out for dinner to some posh restaurant in Sweden.

They took the helicopter, equipped with all of the yaoi fangirl's equipment she needed. A coat stuffed with cameras and recorders, three phones - just because two might break - and countless other things Denmark didn't even bother to ask about.

They would sit on the adjacent table, dressed in Taiwan's cleverly crafted disguises. Hungary had wanted to give them all something different, something that apparently 'would make them fall head over heels for each other', but Taiwan had pointed out that if they did that, they'd be recognized.

And currently, the best out there was Sweden and Finland.

They walked into the restaurant and got a seat before Finland and Sweden could arrive, with Hungary sitting beside Denmark and Taiwan seated adjacent to Norway. Denmark, who was opposite Norway, flashed him a reassuring grin as the Norwegian glanced at the door.

"They're here," Hungary hissed. "Act natural."

The duo headed towards Hungary's gang, and Denmark tried to act natural. Closer. Closer.

He shut his eyes, trembling slightly. If they found out, it could tear the Nordics apart... They were his friends! Should he really be doing this?

Denmark felt Norway tap his hand. Looking up, he found Norway's eyes.

Unfeeling, expressionless. But they were still Norway's eyes, and somehow, they calmed him.

Grinning, Denmark relaxed slightly as Sweden pass. 

Then Finland tripped over Hungary's bag, and, painfully slowly, turned to look at her.




Alright, it seems that Spain won't be in the next chapter. I'm having too much fun writing Hungary's evil yaoi spying. XD XD XD

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