The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


9. Chapter Nine

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There was a blinding flash of light, a seemingly multicolored explosion of the most glorious colors Denmark had ever seen, radiating from Norway's body. The smaller Nation burned with the light, almost like a spirit Denmark remembered from the tales told in Viking days. Undeniably, Denmark thought, Norway looked amazing, stunning... Even... Beautiful.

Then the light was gone, just as suddenly as that, and the dog slumped to the floor, unconscious. The Norwegian stood there, almost calmly, his shoulders perhaps rising and falling slightly more heavily than usual, straightened himself up, and turned to Denmark.

"Next time, move away quicker," he advised in an almost threatening tone. Oblivious as ever to his friend's undertone, Denmark simply beamed, tackling Norway in a hug.

"That was so cool!" he exclaimed, releasing the smaller nation as the familiar crushing sensation returned to his throat.

Norway glanced around to glare at the dog's owner, raising his hand in a gesture that could have been mocking or threatening. The man didn't need convincing. He fled, barely able to run straight.

"Amigo, that was muy bueno!" Spain put in, his green eyes glowing with awe. Denmark could only nod. The last time he'd seen Norway perform magic... Could it really have been so long?

"That was simply magic. I suggest we leave now," Norway replied.

"Aww, come on!" Denmark protested. "Show us one more magic trick?"

"Magic trick?" Norway repeated. "Magic can be dangerous. Not just little tricks, Denmark. It can kill somebody."

Spain and Denmark shared a disappointed look, but followed Norway through the door nevertheless.

"But you've got great control of it, though, so you won't hurt somebody!" Denmark insisted.

"Si!" Spain agreed hopefully. "You're good at this, si? Or... Could you summon a tomato?"

"Or beer?" Denmark added. Apparently, the Norwegian was going to continue ignoring them, because he silently lead the way back through the field.

"Hey, Norge?" Denmark asked. "You okay? Normally, you would have strangulated me again by now!"

"Are you complaining?" the reply came from the smaller nation in front.

"No!" Denmark said, reconsidered, and changed his mind to, "Well... Yes."

"Amigo, you like being strangled?" Spain asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No!" Denmark said. "But Norway's being weird!" And then, to Norway, "You're being weird!"

Nothing. No reply, no strangulation, no insult or violence...

"Hey, I remember! When you use magic, you get tired, right? But only if you use lots, or you haven't used it for a while and you have to use more energy than normal!" Denmark announced with pride, wondering how he'd managed to remember it, and yet knowing somewhere inside him that, if it was important information that he could use to help Norway, he'd have to at least try to remember.

A pause. And then,

"Yes, if you must know. Now let's just steal a car and get away from the police."

"Right!" Denmark nodded enthusiastically. "Norge, you go back to the village and find us a car, and me and Spain will distract them!"

"Make sure you're on the road so I can see you," Norway ordered. "Or I'll drive off without you."

Spain laughed, and Denmark wondered if the Spaniard realised that Norway wasn't joking.

"Got it, amigo!" Spain replied cheerfully, as the Norwegian dashed towards the village. To Denmark, he asked, "Any ideas? Last time, France had to chat up one of the policewomen and she let us borrow her car. Time before... We were handcuffed, and West had to break us out. The one before that..." Spain trailed off, a momentary shudder passing through him. And then, he was his usual grinning self again. "But you have an idea this time... Si?"

Denmark laughed in reply. "Nope."

Apparently, this answer was good enough, because Spain turned around to look back at their pursuers.

"Come on, amigos! Catch us if you can!" he called. And then, to Denmark, "Let's run before their dogs tear us apart!"

Together, they tore through the field, heading towards the road.

"Amigo, you should come drinking with us more often," Spain told the Dane, his emerald eyes glinting with excitement. "And don't worry about Norway. He'll be fine," the Spaniard added, more comfortingly.

Denmark glanced at the other nation, surprise flickering onto his expression. "You... Realised?"

"Si! It was the way you looked at him when he was leaving. You're obviously worried, but he'll be alright. He has that magic, after all," Spain reminded the Dane.

Denmark opened his mouth to reply, to admit that yes, he was worried, because Norway was tiring slightly, but the second of the police dogs chose the moment to burst free of the field and dash towards the nations.

"Tree!" Spain yelled, pointing at a tree on the other side of the road. Denmark nodded, and they charged at it, still laughing. Giving the Spaniard a boot up the tree, Denmark tried to scramble up after him, but lost his footing on a lower branch. Spain managed to drag him up, somehow, and Denmark finally reached the higher branches.

Now safe - temporarily - the two looked down at the dog.

"That was close," Spain chuckled. His eyes sparkled with amusement. "But about Norway... You like him, si?"

Denmark froze, caught in the sheer abruptness of the statement. His eyes quickly flicked away.

"Yes... He's a good friend," Denmark said, but Spain wasn't falling for it. And the more Denmark thought about it, the more it made sense. That would explain the emotions he felt around the Norwegian...

"Amigo, you know what I mean," Spain insisted, ignoring the barking dog at the base of the tree.

Denmark sighed, a sad smile touching his lips. "Yeah... I guess I do."

As he said the words, he was filled with a rush of emotion. Almost relief, that he was finally admitting it. A joy, at even thinking of Norway... And then the sorrow. Because Norway didn't love him. Norway was his closest friend, yes, but did Norway think that about him?

No. Probably not.

"He doesn't..." Denmark trailed off. Never did he think it would be so difficult to say the words, but Spain understood.

"You never know," Spain smiled. "You can't ever tell anything with him."

Denmark's face gained a certain hopefulness. "Thanks. But I really don't think he does," Denmark said, his voice choked slightly at the end. "Besides, why am I telling you this? I haven't even told Fin or Swe."

Spain laughed. "I hang around with the Nation of Love, and the guy who used to best friends with Hungary. Of course you're telling me."

"Yeah... I didn't really mean to," Denmark admitted, as the policemen exploded from the field. "It just kind of came rushing out. I hadn't even told myself yet."

A red car came crawling up the road, so slowly it almost hurt. Behind the car, ran the woman who had called the police earlier, screaming insults and curses in German. Norway sped up, very nearly running over the police, screeching to a halt beside the tree.

"The roof?" Denmark asked. Spain grinned, nodded, and together, laughing, they threw themselves onto the roof of the car.

"Hold on," Norway called from the open window, putting his foot on the pedal and speeding up. Denmark let a scream escape his mouth, clinging to the front of the car for his very life.

Norway stopped, throwing them onto the bonnet of the car.

"Get in," he said, apparently oblivious to the fact they were quite possibly bruised all over and suffering from whiplash. "Get in, or the dog will rip you to shreds."

Denmark managed to drag himself from the bonnet, clambering into the back of the car. Spain joined him, muttering something about tomatoes. Norway turned the car as soon as the door was shut, heading straight back for the police.

"Wave at that woman who called the police. I stole her car," Norway said, and Denmark laughed giddily.

"Nice one," he managed, grinning and waving at the furious German woman as they sped past.

"Next time you're going for a drink," Denmark told Spain as they sped away, "Make sure you invite us."




Yay! And Denmark loves Norway. What a surprise... :D Too sudden? Meh, I dunno.

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