The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


4. Chapter Four

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After the whole conversation with England had failed, Denmark had sat there, thinking.

Denmark never usually thought much. And if he did, it was a bad thing.

But today, Denmark needed to think, because Norway still hadn't showed that he was happy, Norway still hadn't smiled, and Denmark's resolve had only strengthened.

It came to him in the next conference, in which Greece was calmly sleeping with his cats in the corner, Romano was swearing at Spain, England was informing America that he was butchering the English language, and Germany was currently not here to stop it, supposedly dealing with his more-hungover-than-normal big brother.

"Dude, I am totally not butchering any language. Besides, it's called Americans, because we're way more important!" America was arguing.

"Who put's a 'u' in colour?" England retorted. "Only you bloody Americans would say that."

Denmark threw another sidelong glance at Norway, hoping that maybe, just maybe, this meeting would force even a tiny hint of emotion onto his face.

"Hey, did you know that tomatoes were invented in Korea?"

Romano punched the Korean in the face, and returned to swearing at the Spaniard.

"Angleterre-" France was cut off by England punching his nose, and the two - once again - started fighting violently, for bickering's sake.

Norway glanced at Iceland, who was looking at Hong Kong.

And then, it hit Denmark.

Iceland. Iceland could call Norway 'Big Brother'.

Denmark stood up, telling the Norwegian he just had something to say to America. Norway shrugged, and Denmark started to weave through the crowds of fighting Nations. Resisting the urge to join in the fight between France and England, he made his way to America.

"Hey," Denmark said, and the American looked over at him, grinning.

"Dude, what's up? Come to talk to me about my amazing idea?"

"Um... No. But since you're a hero, could you help me with something? Get Iceland to call Norway 'Big Brother'. You up for it?"

America grinned. "Sure! Since I'm the hero!"

Denmark grinned back. "Great! Let's do it now, right?"

America, apparently forgetting about his speech, nodded eagerly. "So, I say we threaten Iceland until he admits it!" America decided. "Or we could bribe him with candy! Or... Or we could tell him that he could be a hero, too, if he calls Norway his big bro!"

Denmark winced. "Don't hurt him. Norway would actually kill me if you did that."

America laughed like a total maniac. "Hey, don't worry, I'm the hero!"

With that, he marched up to Iceland. "Dude, you're gonna call Norway your big bro, got that?"

Iceland looked at America, and turned away. "No."

"Dude, you're gonna be a hero! I'll give you some candy!"

"No. How come you're bothering me?"

"Because Denmark told me that you should call him that!"

Denmark wasn't known for his intelligence, but when America said that, even he knew he was going to get himself killed later. Before he could input anything into the conversation, America was clenching his fists.

"Dude, if you don't, then I'll have no choice but to hurt you! C'mon, be a hero!"

Iceland flinched as the American raised a fist.

Denmark didn't think. Sure, Iceland was annoying sometimes, and sure, he refused to call Norway 'Big Brother', but they were all like family. Before he knew what was going through his head, he was standing between America and Iceland, eyes narrowed.

"I told you not to touch him. You hurt Icy, and I'll hurt you twice as bad."

"Dude, I didn't mean it!" America said. "I was just acting scary so he'd say it!" There was an honesty in America's eyes, and Denmark relaxed, suddenly aware of Norway and - wait, was that Hong Kong? - behind him.

"Thank you for the effort," Norway said, his voice cold and threatening. "But if he says it because somebody told him to, I won't care."

There was something in Norway's tone that made Denmark flinch. Was that directed at America, or him?

Iceland irritably pushed past Denmark and Hong Kong.

"You don't need to defend me," he said to the three of them, and then, to America, "Leave me alone."

Iceland walked out the conference hall, with Kong chasing after him.

"Thanks for trying," Denmark said quickly to America, before turning around to look at Norway. Still, the Norwegian was emotionless, his eyes betraying no feeling.

Denmark wondered how long it would take for a Nation to die.




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