The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


15. Chapter Fifteen

Hellooooooooooo................... Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeee....................




He took the box carefully, seemingly oblivious to Denmark's building worry. The fear festered inside him, bubbling frantically as Norway commented on the box, how it was kind of Denmark to wrap it so nicely with his friend's flag in mind.

Norway untied the ribbon, so slowly it was almost painful. The original questioning look - at least Denmark was used to that face - had been set back into the blank, default expression. If anything, it had stopped his misery... For now.

He slid the paper from the present, revealing a small red box with a finely patterned lid. Breathing in, Denmark had to force himself not to close his eyes. This was it - the decisive moment Denmark would have to face it. The moment Norway would reject him, the moment he, Denmark, would ruin their friendship.

Somehow, he refrained himself from snatching it back as Norway removed the lid, his slender fingers dipping inside and pulling out the watch.

The strap was white with a dark blue stripe down it: the colour of the cross on the Norwegian flag.  That, however, wasn't what made Denmark cringe as Norway inspected it. The silver around the face of the watch was engraved with both the lettering Alt for Norge, and was intertwined heather and daisies - the national flowers of both countries. It was something that would mean nothing to an onlooker, but everything to Norway. And if that alone wasn't enough, the blue and white colours of the hand and face had been matched perfectly - certainly not the usual mix of colours Denmark would usually present somebody with.

Then of course there were the silhouettes of each of their countries, the outlines barely noticeable from the rest of the watch face.

Norway turned it over in his hand, seemingly examining it as his eyes caught the message engraved on the back. Denmark screwed his eyes shut as Norway read the message. Jeg elsker deg. 'I love you.'

Denmark wanted to take it back. He wanted to curl up into a ball and never emerge again.

"Norge, I'm so sorry, it was stupid... Just forget about it, okay?" Denmark managed, somehow, to open his eyes as he said it.

And Norway's lips were raising with the hint of a smile.

"Takk, Denmark," Norway said, his voice so different to that deflated tone he'd used just a minute ago. It was soft, gentle, and... grateful.

"You don't hate me?" the Dane exclaimed, his eyes widening with shock.

"No. I don't."

"And you're smiling?"

A pause. And then, a sound so beautiful and strange and silvery that Denmark almost couldn't believe it. Laughter - Norway was laughing.

He never laughed. But now... Unable to help himself, Denmark joined in, his own loud, dominant laughter joining Norway's.

"But I thought that you wouldn't feel the same way!" Denmark grinned. "You're not rejecting me?"


Norway's laughter died down almost as quickly as it had come - short and sweet, Denmark thought. Slipping the watch onto his wrist, the Norwegian relaxed into Denmark's welcoming arms, the warmth so comforting it seemed too good to be true.

"We'll find Ice as soon as you can move about safely, okay?" the larger of the pair asked. Grudgingly, Norway gave a slight nod. However quickly he wanted to find his brother, to do so in his state would be pointless.

But for now, they could simply rest and lie together, Denmark's arms wrapped protectively around the Norwegian.

And for the first time in years, Norway finally had something to smile about.





You probably all saw that one coming. But what do you think? Terrible? Tolerable? Terrific? (Alliteration!!!) Yes, if you hadn't noticed... I'm hyper. XD XD XD It's Den's birthday soon, and Sve's, and I'm in a generally DenNor mood. In other words... THE WORLD IS DOOMED!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD 

Sorry that this one was shorter than usual. :/

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