The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}

Norway's face never changes.
It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why.

Hetalia fanfic, eventual DenNor.
Hetalia does not belong to me.


8. Chapter Eight

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Denmark was going drinking with the Bad Touch Trio. Somewhere along the line, the Italian brothers, Germany, England and Norway had been invited, too, meaning that whatever German town they were drinking in was, effectively, doomed.

When Denmark and Norway arrived, England was already heading towards the beer, France was flirting with the waitresses, and Prussia was on perhaps his fourth beer.

A cloud of dust in the distance announced the arrival of the Italians, billowing out behind two speeding Ferraris. The cars screeched to a halt before the pub, and Romano emerged from the first, swearing at pedestrians as they threw themselves out of the way. Germany staggered from the second, glowering at Italy as he hopped out, laughing something about pasta.

Spain appeared from Romano's car, grinning widely as his emerald eyes sparkled with amusement.

The Spaniard headed into the bar, followed by the Italians, the German and the Nordics.

"Let's get drunk," Spain laughed.

Apparently, England was already halfway there.


It took only half an hour before the police were called. It was Romano's fault, and Prussia's. Romano had said several swear words in the recent ten seconds, regardless to the feelings of the people he was insulting - most of whom were completely blameless. Then Prussia had gone and knocked out the bar keeper with one of the chairs.

Denmark didn't blame him. After all, who denied Prussia more beer?

After that, three people called the police, right before Spain threw tomatoes at them, but it was, by then, too late.

"I say we go and fly away on giant mint bunnies!" England laughed. "And then, lads, we should raid a bank!"

"We should leave," Germany announced, grabbing Italy and his brother. At least the German was still - slightly - sober. Sober enough to realise that they needed to get out of there. Throwing Prussia into the boot and telling Italy to drive, Germany took the passenger seat, apparently not giving a damn about any of those who were left.

Spain was left behind as Romano fled after his brother, continuing to swear at Spain that he should have got into the car faster. France chatted up one of the waitresses, and got himself, England and Prussia a ride.

Leaving Spain, Norway and Denmark to try and figure out what the hell they were meant to do about the nearing sirens.

"Amigos, let us run!" Spain - who was luckily fairly sober - announced, laughing. Denmark was fortunately sober(ish) as well, and deemed the situation worthy of running from.

"C'mon, Norge! It'll be like the Viking days again!"

The Nordics followed Spain as they ran from the pub, the impending screech of the sirens growing louder by the second.

They charged through the streets, and Denmark couldn't help but laugh at the pure joy of it all; the adrenaline pumping through his veins; the Norwegian running beside him as he'd done hundreds of years ago on the Viking raids. With absolutely no clue where they were heading, the trio raced down the street, finding themselves heading into German countryside, the fields on either side of the road lined with tall, gently swaying oceans of wheat and other crop.

Perfect for hiding within.

"Let's go, amigos!" Spain beamed, diving into the field. "The police cars have almost reached us!"

Denmark subconsciously grabbed Norway's wrist as they plunged after the Spaniard, his hand moving without his mind even thinking. All he knew was that he wasn't being separated; he wouldn't be in danger while praying that Norway was still safe. The Norwegian growled irritably, and Denmark shot him an apologetic look.

"Don't want me to get lost and cause you trouble, right?" Denmark reasoned.

"You'd be less trouble for me if you were caught," Norway replied coldly, though didn't pull his wrist away.

Up in front, Spain called back for them to hurry up. By now, the police would be charging through the fields in pursuit. The Nordics increased their pace, with the taller of the pair still laughing and the smaller still not showing a speck of emotion.

They burst into a farmer's yard, and Norway pointed over to an old, crumbling barn. Ivy was stretched up the old stone walls, striving to reach the top of the building.

"In there," Norway said, taking the lead and running into the barn. Spain and Denmark were right behind him. The three of them darted inside, closing the door behind them.

"That was fun," Denmark laughed.

"Si, amigo!" Spain agreed, his emerald eyes sparkling. "More fun than the car chase I had last time with Roma!"

"Shut up," Norway sighed. "Unless you want them to hear us."

There was the sound of people running outside, clearly not even thinking to check the barn. Denmark grinned at Norway, who was, evidently, still slightly annoyed at the whole endeavor.

"See? Fun," Denmark laughed.

"Si," Spain agreed, clapping the Norwegian on the shoulder. "We should do this again, amigos!"

Nodding enthusiastically, Denmark didn't notice the barking until the door burst open and the dog was charging at him, fangs bared with aggression.

And suddenly Norway was standing between Denmark and the dog, and the creature was leaping, ready to tear at Norway's arm, and Denmark was lurching forwards, trying to reach the Norwegian but knowing, already, that the dog would get there first.




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