Last Words

Daisy is the most popular girl in school with her long, brownish red hair, and deep blue eyes.
Also, because of her football star boyfriend, Harry Styles.
But, Daisy is keeping a secret from everyone. She has cancer. And to top it all off, Harry is going to a college in the United States, but has to leave early. Will he ever come back?
Will she ever tell Harry about her cancer?Will she tell anyone, risking the chance of not being the one everyone loves?
And, the big question is, will she fight this cancer? Or will the cancer win?


8. Why Can't I Let You In?

"Mom, can I see you upstairs for a minute?" I ask, giving my dad a shy smile.

"What for?" My mom asked, looking confused.

"Um... I got my period." My face flushes with embarrassment as my dad looks at my mom with a grin, trying not to laugh.

"Well alright then." Mom says, chuckling. I grab her arm and drag her up the stairs and into my room.

"I don't have my period mom, I just-"

"Sweetie. This isn't normal."

"What?" I ask confused.

"You still haven't gotten your period yet! Your 18! I wonder if you will go through puberty late."



"Listen! Dad doesn't know about my cancer!" I whisper-shout, a single tear falling down my face. Moms face goes blank.


"Yeah, he still doesn't know." I say, getting more anxiety by the minute.

"Ok, calm down honey. I will figure out a way to talk to him. Don't be scared sweetie. You know your dad. He loves you so, so, so, so much! He will be right by your side 100%, just like Cassie and I."

I look down at the ground, then back up at my mom, wiping the tears off my cheeks. I probably look like a mess. With my eyeliner and mascara running all down my face. Harry always tells me it's adorable when my make up runs down my face, because apparently I look so cute and fragile.

"Thanks mom." I finally choke out, wrapping my arms around her and squeezing her into a hug.

"Let's go down stairs sweetie." Mom says, taking my hand and giving it a gentle squeeze, just like she always does when she knows I'm up set.

"No way!" I shout, laughing like crazy. It was dinner time, and mom, dad, Cassie, and I were all gathered around the table, laughing like we should be. Mom told dad about my cancer. He took it hard. Really hard. But he told me, he's not going anywhere. He's always gonna be there for me.

"I swear!" My dad yells laughing.

"So, wait. Your cell mate was giving labor?!" Cassie says, almost choking on her food.

My dad chuckles, then nods his head. I look over at mom to see her laughing like crazy. Ever since my dad got put into a hospital, and then he got sent to jail, my mom never really wore a real smile like she is right now. With my cancer, my dad's absence, and Cassie's anorexia, she never got a chance just to smile.

"So, how's school Cass?" Dad asks. Cassie take a sip of her water, then looks back over at my dad.

"It's going great! In Language Arts, we are doing a project on who inspires us! I picked you!" Cassie blushes, pointing to me. I give her a smile, then a quick side hug. Cassie was 11, and just the cutest thing. People were so shocked when they found out how old she is and she's going through such a rough time with an eating disorder.

"Well I can't wait to see that project!" My said, giving both Cassie and I a warming smile. Just as dad was about to say something, the house phone started ringing. I excused myself from the table and went to the counter and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Perfection?" Harry says in a goofy, American accent.

"Since when am I married?" I smirk.

"I thought I was your hubby boo!" Harry shouts in a little kids voice. I giggle. I miss him so much. Just hearing his voice sends goosebumps up and down my spine. I mouth 'Harry' to my mom when she asks who it is. I go outside on my stoop in my backyard and sit down on the swing, kicking my feet back and forth.

"So, how is it over there?" I ask.

"It's actually going good. I met this guy named Louis, who's showing me around. Get this. He's from England too!"

"I can tell by the name!" I chuckle.

He laughs. "So, how is it over there?"

"Good! I've been hanging out with Niall and Diana, and Niall's friend Zayn."

"Oh, I miss my Nialler!"

I giggle. "I miss you Harry."

There's a pause, but then he responds. "I miss you too baby."

I feel tears well up in my eyes. I want to tell him everything. But I don't know what's holding me back. It's like this wall just formed around me, and it's not letting anyone in. But, it let Zayn in.

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