Last Words

Daisy is the most popular girl in school with her long, brownish red hair, and deep blue eyes.
Also, because of her football star boyfriend, Harry Styles.
But, Daisy is keeping a secret from everyone. She has cancer. And to top it all off, Harry is going to a college in the United States, but has to leave early. Will he ever come back?
Will she ever tell Harry about her cancer?Will she tell anyone, risking the chance of not being the one everyone loves?
And, the big question is, will she fight this cancer? Or will the cancer win?


1. Starry Night

"Stop!" I yell, laughing my head off. I throw my head back and clap my hands together, probably looking like a demented seal.

"I love your laugh." Harry says, leaning in and kissing my forehead. I turn bright red. I hide my face into his t-shirt, him chuckling while rubbing my back.

"Thank you." I say, looking back up into Harry's beautiful, green orbs.

I look out at the sky, sighing. The dark night was lit up by the thousands of stars shooting through the sky. I look back over at Harry, to see him staring at the sky as well. His eyes were lit up by the stars reflecting in his eyes.

I look back up at the sky. I could hear the ocean waves crashing up against the sand on the other side of the hill.

"It's a beautiful view." I say, looking back at Harry. His arm was slung around my waist and my head was resting against his shoulder.

"Not as beautiful as you." He winks.

"You are so cheesy, but I love it." I said, planting my lips on his. I put my one hand behind his neck, and he puts one hand on my cheek. We separate, smiles plastered on both of our faces.

"I'm gonna miss this so much." Harry whispered. I could already feel the tears well up in my eyes. Senior year was almost over with. One more month, and then high school is done with. Harry received a scholar ship for football at a school in the United States not to long ago, and he has to leave to go there in July.

"I am too." I said, a tear trickling down my face. I don't know what I was most up set about. The fact that he's going to college soon, or the fact that the doctors said a couple more months, and then I'm done.

After Harry and I's date, he dropped me off at home. I went straight up to my room, and closed the door.

I was just about to lock it when my little sister barged in.

"Why do you look so sad?" Cassie says, a frown planted on her face. Cassie looks so much like me, in so many ways. Same brownish red hair. Same crystal blue eyes. Same small smile.

"Nothing's wrong." I lie. I hate lying to Cassie. She always has that little disappointment in her eyes when she knows I'm lying. But she never pushes me to tell the truth.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. Just worried for my next appointment with Dr. Abraham." I say. Which was the truth. I was nervous to see the doctor who diagnosed me with cancer. The doctor who said I may die in a couple of months. The doctor who changed my life by just saying,'You will die.'

"I can understand that. Well if you need anything, just let me know. Alright?"

I nod my head. As Cassie walks out, she gave me a small smile. Once she left, I close the door behind her and slide down the door, sighing.

I'm not ready for this. When I was little, I planned out when I would get married, where I would get married, and how many kids I would have.

Now none of that will happen. All because of cancer.

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