Last Words

Daisy is the most popular girl in school with her long, brownish red hair, and deep blue eyes.
Also, because of her football star boyfriend, Harry Styles.
But, Daisy is keeping a secret from everyone. She has cancer. And to top it all off, Harry is going to a college in the United States, but has to leave early. Will he ever come back?
Will she ever tell Harry about her cancer?Will she tell anyone, risking the chance of not being the one everyone loves?
And, the big question is, will she fight this cancer? Or will the cancer win?


4. I Promise

The day goes by slow. Every time I saw Harry, I wouldn't even look at him.

Finally, it's 8th period. I hate 8th period. English. I am terrible at spelling, reading, writing, anything you could think of that had anything to do with English. Like in 7th grade. We had this spelling bee. And I got the word octopus. I got it wrong.

"Good afternoon class!" Mr. James said, walking into the class room and going straight to his desk. Mr. James was a fairly handsome man. He had blackish hair that was usually spiked up, and he had piercing brown eyes. His jaw was chiseled and his body was nice and buff. Every girl had a crush on him. And I mean every girl.

"Ok, so today-"

"How do you get your hair like that?" Diana says, one of my best friends. She was deeply in love with Mr. James. Which made it funny because her boyfriend Niall would always get jealous of him.

"Um, I don't know." Mr. James chuckled, brushing his large hand through his hair. All the girls eyes were locked on him. Including me.

"As I was saying, today we are going to do Shakespeare. A very famous play writer, who has inspired many teenagers your age."

I thought to myself about Shakespeare. I didn't know why he was a big deal. He wrote plays. Plays that makes no since. Even I can do that.

"I hate Shakespeare." Harry says, making everyone but me laugh. I want to laugh. But I don't want to show him everything is okay between us.

Finally! 8th period is over!

I storm up to my locker and open it up, getting everything I need for the weekend. The weekend Harry leaves.

"Daisy?" I turn around to see Abby, one of the girls who sits at my table. I don't really talk to her as much as I would like.


"Harry and I were talking just now. He says he misses you." My face flushed red, but then I realized. He had to send someone over to talk to me?! He cant talk to me?!

I didn't want to go off on Abby about that, so I took a deep breath and stayed calm.

"Thanks." I say, nodding my head. She gives me a large smile, almost a fake one, and she walks away.

I turn back to my locker and look at all the pictures of me and Harry. Us at the beach. Us at homecoming. Us at an art museum. Us at a football game. We've practically been everywhere with each other.

"I miss those times." I turn around to see Harry standing there, a frown on his face. I just want to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. Kiss him long and passionately. But I just stand there, looking down at my feet and fidgeting with my sleeve.

"Yeah." I say quietly, now looking up at him.

"Daisy, I'm sorry. I really am. But I'm not Joey. I'm gonna still stay in contact with you, and I'm not gonna cheat. I'm in love with you baby."

I didn't care anymore. I just had to. I wrap my arms around his neck and plant my lips on his. He pushes his tongue into my mouth, and I allow him to. I separate us, smiling like a fool.

"I love you Harry. And I'm sorry I was selfish and a bitch. I just love you so much, I can't loose you."

"It's ok babe. I understand. I love you too. I made a mistake two years ago. But that mistake will never happen again. I promise."

I peck is cheek once more, tell him to text me and have a good time at the college, and walk out of the school. Tears stream down my face, but I don't want Harry to see me up set. It will break his heart.

Once I got home, I go into the family room and lay down on the couch.

I turn on the tv and put on Teenage Moms. I would never want to be a mom while in high school. Too much responsibility.

"Daisy?" My mom yells from the front door.


"Dr. Abraham is here!"

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