Last Words

Daisy is the most popular girl in school with her long, brownish red hair, and deep blue eyes.
Also, because of her football star boyfriend, Harry Styles.
But, Daisy is keeping a secret from everyone. She has cancer. And to top it all off, Harry is going to a college in the United States, but has to leave early. Will he ever come back?
Will she ever tell Harry about her cancer?Will she tell anyone, risking the chance of not being the one everyone loves?
And, the big question is, will she fight this cancer? Or will the cancer win?


10. Dont Know How

I stare at the text, a blank expression on my face. What? Why would Zayn be in love with me? He barely knows me.

"D-Daisy?" I look down from my phone to see Cassie looking up at me with big eyes and tears were falling out of them.

"What's wrong Cassie?" I put my phone down next to me and lift Cassie's head up, brushing my fingers through her hair.

"I h-had a n-nightmare." She stutters, more tears falling down.

"What was it about?"

"Y-you dying."

I felt tears well up in my eyes, stinging like crazy. I just want to keep her in my arms forever. Never let her go.


"There's nothing you can say that will make me feel better! You know your going to die! We all know that!"

I breath out a long sigh, having tears drop down from my eyes. I wish I could say something to make her feel better. But what? What can I do or say that will make her feel better? Nothing. Nothing at all. Why? Because we all know I will die. I wish that wasn't the truth. But it is.

"Cassie, I know your up set about that. I am too. But you know what you have to do? Live in the moment. Because if you live in the future or the past, you will miss out on so much."

"I know, but... I just don't want to lose you." I sigh a groany, throaty, sigh.

"Cassie, let's just, put on a different movie. What movie would you like to watch." I say, changing the subject.

I pick Cassie up and sit her down next to me. I grab the remote from the side table and turn off this movie, and look over at her.

"What movie?"

"Ummmm... Oh! I know!" She hollers. She jumps off the couch and runs over towards the movie holder, and comes back with the movie 'Hannah Montana' in her hand.

I chuckle quietly. "Well alright."

"Daisy." I slowly open my eyes to see a bright light shining through the window.

"Daisy." I open my eyes fully now to see mom looking down at me.

I sit up and look around. "What time is it?"

"Noon." She says, chuckling. I look over next to me to see Cassie still sleeping like a little angel.

"You have to tell Harry sweetie." My mom says, giving me a look. Not a look that is angry or frustrated, but a look of... Sadness? Guilt, maybe?

"I know mom. I want to, but I don't know how."

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