Last Words

Daisy is the most popular girl in school with her long, brownish red hair, and deep blue eyes.
Also, because of her football star boyfriend, Harry Styles.
But, Daisy is keeping a secret from everyone. She has cancer. And to top it all off, Harry is going to a college in the United States, but has to leave early. Will he ever come back?
Will she ever tell Harry about her cancer?Will she tell anyone, risking the chance of not being the one everyone loves?
And, the big question is, will she fight this cancer? Or will the cancer win?


3. Cheerleaders are sluts

"What do you mean you might not come back?" Now, everyone was looking at us. I step back away from Harry, tears falling down from my eyes.

"Well, once I go this weekend, they want me to stay there. Leave high school early and prepare for college. And I want to be a football player, and well, they told me I could have a football job there."

"So you would rather play football then be with me? The girl you've been with since 8th grade?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that. I mean, I might be away, but we could still date. Long distance." He says, stepping closer to me. I didn't move. I was frozen.

"Are you sure you would want to be with me? Or would you rather be with slutty cheerleaders showing off their asses to you!" I yell, stepping back again. Tears fill his eyes. He knows what I'm talking about.

"Daisy." Harry says, trying to calm me down. Hearing my name roll off of his tongue, makes me get goosebumps. It sounds so right hearing it from him.

"Why don't you tell everyone what you did!"


"Tell them!" I yell.

"Shut the hell up!" Harry screams, striking me across the face. As soon as that happens, everyone gasps, as well as Harry.

"Tell them what you did." I whisper, another tear coming down my cheek.

"Alright, alright! I fucking cheated on her sophomore year with Chloe Steamling, the head cheerleader!"

I know he's pissed. Why wouldn't he be? I'm being a snotty little bitch, making him tell everyone what he put me through. But I didn't care. Not right now at least.

"Yup! I remember that! Me seeing Chloe in your bed half naked!"

"Will you just calm down already?! I'm trying to give us a chance here, and your yelling at me about something that happened two years ago, something that we resolved! So why bring it up now?"

"Because I don't want it happening again." I say, quieter then I expected. Harry's eyes were dark. Way too dark.


Everyone scurries away, trying to get to class. But Harry and I stay frozen in our spots, looking into each other's eyes.

"I got to get to class." I choke, running down the hall. The vision was blurry, and I nearly knocked over anything in front of me. But all that was on my mind was Harry hitting me, and telling me he wants to have a long distance relationship.

He knows what's happened in my past. Freshmen year, Harry and I took a break for 3 months. We decided to see other people. So I met this one guy named Joey, over at the park across from my house. We clicked right away. Sooner or later, he's taking my virginity and we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

A week from the day we got together, he moved to a different part of England. We stayed in contact for two months. Text, phone calls, skype, letters, email. Anything. We did anything to stay in contact. And then I found out, him cheating on me with a cheerleader. A cheerleader who gave herself to him whenever he wanted it. Something I never did.

That's why I hate long distance relationships. And I thought Harry would of thought of that. I always think of love where the boy/girl would do anything for their spouse. Even giving up their dream to be with them. But I guess me and Harry don't have love. We are only high school sweethearts. That's all we will ever be.

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