Danielle Horan

This story is about a girl whose mother died of cancer while giving birth to her. She lives a normal life until one day when she meets some one she thought she would never meet.


3. The Truth is Revealed?!

Izabella's POV

Once I answered Liam's call I started to freak out. Joey wasn't supposed to show anyone his powers until he was fully trained. I quickly got Harry, Louis and Eleanor and told them that there was an emergency at the house. They understood and took off towards the car. I followed suit. Once we got to the house I was the first one out of the car and at the steps of the house. I quickly unlocked the door and ran inside. Once I was in the living room I saw Dani and Joey playing. I looked around and spotted Niall and Liam sitting in the other room talking.

"Harry go and talk to the two boys in the other room" I instructed Harry

He walks over to them with Louis in tow. Eleanor sat on the couch and joined Joey and Dani while they were watching Superman Returns. I walked over to Joey, grabbed his arm and pulled him off to the side.

"Joey did you show them?" I asked him

"Yep!" he cheered

"Joseph Edward Styles! You know you are not allowed to do that until you are fully trained." I scolded.

"What?" I heard four people say

"Joey has a talent" Eleanor started "Telekinesis, I think it was"

"Thanks Eleanor" I say sarcastically

"So my son has a power? How" Harry asked

"He inherited it from..... me" I say

Everyone was in shock. Well everyone except Eleanor, and well Dani. But me and Eleanor just giggled at their reactions several minutes later. Joey and Dani stared at each other smiling.

"Okay. Everyone needs to sit down so I can explain everything" I said sternly

~Time Skip~

So after I explained everything about my past and my powers everyone was less surprised about this.

Unknown POV

Its been two years since I've been released from the hospital with amnesia. I was watching the telly with my family when an attractive blonde bloke. He looked familiar I just couldn't put my finger one it. All of the sudden images started to flow into my mind


I was at the beach with five attractive men and three beautiful girls. We were messing around near the water. When I started to get tried I went and sat on our beach towels. The blonde boy came over and wrapped his arms around me.


I quickly regained some composure and looked at my parents. They noticed the look in my eyes.

"What's wrong dear" my mum asked worry all over her face

"I think I just remembered something" I say

I explained my flashback. They wrapped me in a hug crying tears of joy. Later they started showing my pictures of those five attractive boys; But they didn't tell me their names. My eyes went wide as more images went through my mind.


The blonde boy and I were walking to our destination with his arm around my waist and my arm around his. We had walked to a park where a picnic was set up for us. I smiled and kissed him.

"Oh, Niall this is perfect!" I cheered


So his name is Niall. I smiled and looked at my parents.

"His name is Niall!" I cheered

They looked at me with so much joy that they couldn't hold it in anymore. They cried so much tears of joy. I cried with them. I didn't know much of my past and this is a start.

Niall's POV

We were all sitting in the lounge watching a movie when Eleanor got a really bad contraction. Louis soothed her.

"OH MY GOD!" Louis screamed

"What?!" Liam asked frantically


Hello loves! So Cliffhanger! Yay! See what happens next time!

<3 XxLoveBugXx

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