Danielle Horan

This story is about a girl whose mother died of cancer while giving birth to her. She lives a normal life until one day when she meets some one she thought she would never meet.


6. My Mum?!

Danielle's POV

~a few days later~

Everyone was sitting in the living room of me and my father's house. Everyone was in deep conversation. And this one question was bugging me for the past few days. No one ever really talked about the subject so it was never brought up. But I need to know. So I asked;

"What was my mother like?"

All conversation stopped instantly. Everyone looked at me. They all had tears in their eyes. It was Uncle Liam who answered me.

"She was the best person we ever met. She always had a smile on her face, even when she was having a bad day," he starts.

"She always found a way to make us smile," Uncle Zayn says.

"She was always positive, she was just like your father before he had lost her," Aunt Izzy says.

"She was that great?" I ask in a small voice.

"Yes, yes she was sweetheart," my dad says as he wraps his arms around me.

We all were silent for a long time. The moment was broken when the door bell rang.

"I'll get it," I say as I getup.

I go over and answer the door. When I opened the door I saw a lady with dyed blonde hair, and brown eyes. She had two older people with her.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Um, I'm Toni," she says "And they are my parents."

She points to the two older people.

"Hi, I'm Danielle," I greet back "Come in."

She does and comes inside. I told her to wait a minute.

"Dani! Who's at the door?" I heard Aunt Perrie call.

"A lady named Toni, and her parents!" I call back.

I hear everyone's footsteps running towards the entrance. When everyone sees Toni and her parents they stop and stare.

"Toni? April? Larry?" Dad asks.

"Hi, Niall," the one named April greets.

"Hello, Son," the older male Larry also greets.

Dad hugs Toni's parents. I can see tears running down April and Larry's cheeks. Toni smiles sweetly at everyone. Uncle Liam and Aunt Izzy runs over to Toni and engulfs her in a hug. Toni giggles and hugs them back.

"Hi, Lili, Iz," Toni greets.

I hear gasps. Dad quickly turns towards Toni and grins. He quickly runs over to her. He hugs her and kisses her passionately.

"Uh, dad?" I ask.

Toni looks at me and smiles. She has a loving look in her brown eyes.

"Hi, Dani," she greets me "You probably don't remember me. But I am your mother."

I look at her like she's crazy. I look at my family for conformation. They all nod their heads. I look back at Toni.

"If you're my mum then, where were you my whole life?!" I slightly yell at her.

"Dani, she didn't know who you were. She had cancer when she was giving birth to you. She almost died. She had amnesia." April tells me.

I just shake my head and stomp off to my room. Once I got there I slammed my door and locked it.

Toni's POV

"Danielle Suzy Horan!" Niall yells.

"Niall it's alright," I say as I put a hand on his shoulder.

I look at everyone else and smile.

"Zayn, Louis, Harry, Perrie, Eleanor," I say and I open my arms wide for them.

They rush over to me and engulf me in a group hug. When we pull out of the hug I look at the other kids.

"And who are these handsome men?" I ask looking at a 16 year old boy and a newborn.

"This is my son Joseph," Izabella says as she puts an arm around the 16 year old.

"And this is Gabriel," Eleanor says.

I chuckle. I walk over to Joseph. I look at him and smile.

"Hello Joseph," I say sweetly to him.

"Hi, Aunt Toni, just call me Joey," he says. He smiles and hugs me.

I hug Joey back. When we pull out of the hug I could see that he was about to cry. I look at baby Gabriel. I look at Eleanor.

"Can I hold him?" I ask. She nods.

I pick up Gabriel. I smile down at him. I hear everyone 'aw' around me. I look up and see everyone looking at me with tears in their eyes. I give them a confused look.

"We never saw you hold a baby," Zayn clarifies.

I giggle and look back down at the baby boy in my arms.


A/N: Hey everyone!!! Sorry on behalf of me and Mack<3s1d. Sorry for not updating in a long long long LONG time. But hope you guys like this update! Like Fav and comment!!!!!!!! :D


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