Danielle Horan

This story is about a girl whose mother died of cancer while giving birth to her. She lives a normal life until one day when she meets some one she thought she would never meet.


7. Joey's Secret ft a Flashback

Dani's P.O.V. 

Once I locked my door, I slowly sat down with my back up against it. Tears started to fall down my cheeks as I held my knees up to my chest. Thoughts were rushing into my mind just like the tears on my face. 

My mother? How could she be my mother? Why wouldn't she come back for me? Or at least for my dad and my uncles and aunts. She's missed fifteen years of my life, that isn't a very good mother. She will only be 'Toni' never, ever, 'Mum'.

A knock on the door interrupted my thinking.

"Dani? It's Joey." the light voice of my best friend said.

Joey's P.O.V.

Once Dani ran up to her room, I wanted to run up there and comfort her. My Mum was holding on to me forcing me not to. I wanted to use my powers to get away and hold Dani, but my stupid mother was holding back not just my arms. 

"Danielle Suzy Horan!" Uncle Niall screamed towards Dani angrily. That will never bring her down here, not my Elle. She doesn't want to talk to any of these people, so she won't.

"Niall it's alright," Toni said, laying a hand on Niall's shoulder.

I pried my deep blue eyes off of Toni and up the stairs where Danielle's room is.

"Zayn, Louis, Harry, Perrie, Eleanor," Toni said. My eyes were still on the stairs.

My Mum let me go and rushed over to Toni and engulfed her in a group hug. 

"And who are these handsome men?" Toni asked. Even though I wasn't looking at her I knew that she was looking at Gabe and I. 

"This is my son Joseph," Mum said as she put an arm around me.

"And this is Gabriel," Eleanor said.

I heard Toni chuckle. Then footsteps towards me. I moved my eyes off of the stairs and at Toni, who was in front of me.

"Hello Joseph," she said kindly to me.

"Hi, Aunt Toni, just call me Joey," I said. Just to put on a show, I smiled and hugged her. I didn't like her much, and I really didn't like calling her 'Aunt Toni'. All I wanted to do was walk upstairs, go into Dani's room, and kiss her a few times, who knows what will happen afterwards. Hopefully in her bed, I don't give a shit if everyone knows. I really like Dani, I don't know if she knows. That's why I refuse to call Niall my uncle. 

Toni hugged me back. When we pulled out of the hug, I gave her a smile and turned to walk up the stairs. I ran up and walked over to in front of Danielle's room. 

I knocked once and spoke in a quiet voice through the white door. 

"Dani? It's Joey."

She automatically unlocked and opened her door. She then grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me in.

"Joey!" she said embracing me in a tight hug, I hugged her back. Her breasts were against my chest and it was making me want to tear off her shirt and fuck her hard. Since I didn't know what she felt towards me, I pulled out of the hug. 

"How's life treating you?" I asked her. She chuckled and led me to her bed, we sat of the front part. 

"I know that I shouldn't have ran off like that. It's just . . . I just . . . I . . ." she started.

I finished for her, "You don't know her".

"Exactly, I don't know anything about her other than what my dad and everyone said. That she was nice. Joey, you're older than me so please tell me what you remember."

"Dani, I'm only four months older than you."

"You're still older." the smile on her face made me wanna do dirty things with her again.

"Fine, I'll try. I remember small things. She never held me. Like, at all. Actually come to think of it, her and Aunt Perrie had a fight one day." I told her.

"Talk, boy." she said.

"It was a month before you born." I recalled. 

~~flashback~~ (no one's P.O.V.)

There was a little boy. Not much older than three months. He was sitting in a high chair, in the medium sized kitchen. A pregnant woman, with dyed blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes was feeding him milk through a white bottle. It was Toni. 

"Oh, Joey, why is your mother so forgetful?" she said to the little boy. He smiled and turned his little dark-haired head towards the door. Were there was loud music playing. The adults were having a little party. 

Another woman stumbled in through the door that Joey was staring at.

"Oh! Toni!" the blonde haired lady said giggling. "Hi little Joey boy!"

"Perrie? Are you drunk?" Toni asked the lady.

"Maybe...maybe not...who knows?" Perrie said still giggling. She staggered over to the fridge, and grabbed another drink. Toni put Joey's bottle on the table in front of him, and pushed herself off of the chair. She slowly walked over to Perrie who was opening the top of the beer in her hands. 

"Perrie, darling, I think that you've had enough." Toni said to Perrie.

"No, I need a little bit more." Perrie said, moving the top onto her lips and chugging it down. Toni grabbed it away from her mouth. 

"Perrie. No more." Toni said moving the beer away from Perrie so that she couldn't grab it.

But that didn't stop her. She reached and reached for it.

"Toni, give it back!" Perrie growled.

"No, Pezza. No more means no more!" Toni replied with the same angry tone.

Perrie had enough. She slapped Toni across the face. 

Toni fell on the ground with her arms around her stomach, protecting her baby bump. Perrie tripped over her and fell to the ground as well. Both of them were unconscious.

Little baby Joey, who had no idea what he had just witnessed, started crying because he wanted more milk.

~end of flashback~

Joey's P.O.V.

Once I was finished with my story, I looked up at Dani. She was staring at me, her mouth was in an 'O' shape.

"Wow." was all she said.

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