Danielle Horan

This story is about a girl whose mother died of cancer while giving birth to her. She lives a normal life until one day when she meets some one she thought she would never meet.


5. Baby Gabe! :)

Toni's POV

I was wrapped in a tight hug by a blonde girl. I awkwardly hugged her back. I was still really confused as to what was happening.

"Perrie, let go of her!" a boy with dark hair and hazel eyes pulled her away from me.

They started whispering to each other. I looked at the brunette named Niall. He slowly made his way over to me. Once he was about a foot away from me I looked into his beautiful blue worn out eyes. Once we made eye contact images started to flow threw my mind.

~Flashback starts~

I was sitting at a restaurant looking into those beautiful, beautiful blue eyes. He looked at me and smirked.

"Babe, you're staring," he says.

I look away and blush. He chuckles and grabs my hand from across the table. I looked up at him.

"Don't look away. I think its cute when you blush," he coo's to me.

That statement only making me blush even more. He leans over the table only to kiss my red cheeks.

"So beautiful," he whispers when he pulls away.

~End of flashback~

I stare into his eyes. He chuckles as a tear rolls down his cheek. He engulfs me into a hug.

"Babe you're staring," he whispers to me.

I feel tears roll down my cheeks as I hug him back. When we pull away he whispers again:

"Still beautiful,"

I look at the others, seeing that they also have tears running down their faces. Then a brunette boy with blue eyes came out of the hospital room. He looked excited until he saw me. He looked at the others in disbelief.

"Toni?" he whispered.

"So? Everyone knows me?" I ask.

Tears also start pouring down from the new boys eyes. I stood their for a minute.

"I should go. I have to go," I say as I quickly run down the hallway.

I ran over to my parents and they looked at me with a worried expressions. I caught my breath quickly.

"Can we go home?" I ask them.

"Sure princess," my dad answers.

We got in the car and drove home. While my father was driving us home my mum's phone rings. She answers. Her expression turns to one of confusion once she knows who it is.

"Niall?" she asks into the phone.

I look out the window and watch the outside world as I ignored the conversation between my mum and person on the phone. Once we got home I ran upstairs to my room. I locked myself in my room and pulled out my phone. I looked through all of my contacts. I had a group of contacts called: Tour Buddies/ Bestest People in the World. It consisted of the following contacts;

The Sassmasta :P

Hazz Machine XD

Super Mature Man c:

Tatts :)

Blue Eyed Beauty <3<3<33333

Mrs. Styles :3

Calder :D

Mrs. Edwards/Malik <3

I smiled at the contacts. I had a feeling that the group of people that I saw today were the ones who belonged to the contacts.

Danielle's POV

Once I got the call from my father, me and Joey gathered the presents for Aunt El and Uncle Lou. I also grabbed some things for the rest of the family. We headed out to my car and made our way to the hospital. When we made it to the hospital, me and Joey gathered all the presents again and walked inside. I walked up to the receptionist.

"We're here for Eleanor Tomlinson," I say sweetly to the lady.

"Room 665 floor 4," she replies sweetly as well.

"Thank you," I say to her as I pull Joey over to the elevator.

Once we got to the room I knocked lightly. The door swung open revealing our tired family. I smiled and held up the presents. Joey and I walked into the room. We handed the presents to everyone. I walked over to Aunt El, who was laying on the bed with her baby boy.

"Can I?" I ask her.

She smiles and hand him to me. I look at my new little cousin. He was so cute and tiny! His little blue eyes looked at me.

"What's his name?" I ask her and Uncle Lou not taking my eyes off the baby.

"His name is Gabriel," Aunt Eleanor says.

"Cute. Just like him," I whisper.

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