The creature ive become

Doing 1chapter every week
They might be short but I'm busy sorry x(
She thought it was her imagination wen she saw it at first but after a while she learned she was different she was changing. What if some one saw what would they say? Most of all what would they do to her? Because she didn't know she decided to keep it a secret.


2. still alive

¨beep-beep-beep" I jumped up, nearly knocking my self to the floor. i was alive i was alive i was alive!!!! I felt like screaming i was so happy. I got up stretched,  and skipped around humming my favorite song while changing my clothes. i looked at my clock and realized i was about to be late for school. ¨oh shit¨ i yelped

I leaped to the bathroom reached for my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth and with the tooth brush still in my mouth i began brushing my hair, it was a rats nest. the brush hit the back of my neck i felt rush of pain shoot through me i  pulled up my hair in a high messy bun and looked at the side of my neck...

what i saw nearly threw me in shock... there were two bloody holes in the side of my neck. i had no idea what to do so i just stood there staring at the bloody holes in me. So many questions ran through my head. What's going to happen to me I wondered...

What would people think? More importantly what would Jessie think??? Would she still be my best friend. but that wasn't the question i should have been asking...What was It? did I get bit by a vampires aren't real, are they...???

I knew one thing though, I had to hide it, i have to keep this a avoid all these questions


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