The creature ive become

Doing 1chapter every week
They might be short but I'm busy sorry x(
She thought it was her imagination wen she saw it at first but after a while she learned she was different she was changing. What if some one saw what would they say? Most of all what would they do to her? Because she didn't know she decided to keep it a secret.


1. paranoia

It was 1:23 am and as usual instead if sleeping Ashley was laying in my bed reading fanfiction and texting my bff trinity. suddenly I heard a thud and looked out my window which was next to my bed and saw something move from the corner of my eye. I stared out my window for a minute but it was to dark that night not even the street lights helped it probably was her imagination.

After a while I felt like something was watching me from out my window. I slowly inched for my window and hesitated to close my curtains that's it I'm just paranoid there was nothing out there. My gut told me otherwise though I peeked out the window and saw a pair of red eyes.i jolted back ripping the curtains closed. "MOM HELP"(okay so I know i'm 14 and all but this was a reasonable).

my mom burst through the door. She looked like she had a heart attack she ran to me."are you okay"? She said with a worried look."there's something outside and it had these big red eyes" I nearly breathed the words my moms look had changed from worried to something else, I couldn't put my finger on it though.

I sat there looking at my mom while she looked out my window. She flinched and slowly turned to look at me with a fear struck face. ¨mom, w-w-what is it¨? I felt my hairs stand on end. ¨that was the most terrifying bunny-.*SLAP*! ¨mom i'm serious¨ i said a little annoyed. I don't know honey, it was probably your imagination but any ways its almost 2:00 go to bed you have school in the morning¨ 

She clicked off the light and closed the door. I was by myself again, all alone in the dark. I was vulnerable and defenseless and whatever was outside knew it...  

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