why why me

morgan brookes is just a normal girl well at least she thinks she what is she realy...


3. school

when got to school ok i need to tell you about mt school oakley high its a day to day popularity contest theres groups such as

1 pops 

2 groupies 

 3 odds

4 dorks 

me and my best friend are in dorks long story...i saw sami-jo(sam) and vivian (viv) they came running "did you see him did you see him"they yelled in usin "see who " i asked looking really confuesd i run off the bus to see them viv started saying"the new hot boy hes got blue eye brown hair storang build and a deep voice '"oooooh were is he" i said on my tippy toes looking for him "oh hes in the popularity contest and hes a..."i got a little higher "pop" i came down looking dissapionted bring the bell rang for class i went to class

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