why why me

morgan brookes is just a normal girl well at least she thinks she what is she realy...


5. ronalds pizza place

when i finished my homework i changed when  lavender tank top with a white vest ripped skinny jeans black vans and i curled my hair.at 7:00 i asked my mum if i can borrow the car she said yes  i got in and texted brandon

to:brandon:im headen there  from:morgon

to:morgan: ok  from:brandon

when i got there its was 7:25 so i grabed the last booth and waited for brandon at 7:30 on the dot brandon walked i called him over here we orderd a pepperoni cheese pizza brandon order a coke and I ordered a sprite "do what do you want to talk about  cause if this is a joke leave then now"i said serusliy but nothing happened he just stayed I was like "ok talk"  "you are part of a acenit bloodline called the Maries blood line "  "ok"said interested "well its a dirrent  blood..."before he finished the word people dressed in all black came in thru the door with shot guns im their hands asking for ME I gave a scared look at Brandons eyes he gave me that follow me look I nodded and he left running and I can run faster than him  what the I thought in my head "get in the car" he pointed to a cattalac I ran up to it and hopped i was tired by then so when Brandon was driving I fell asleep 

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