why why me

morgan brookes is just a normal girl well at least she thinks she what is she realy...


6. knowing everything

When I woke up I was on a huge comfy bed "what the H E double hockey sticks" I said sleepily and then brandon walked in the room "are you going to tell me whats going to tell me what's going on "I asked "yes"he said  "as I was saying your part of the Maries bloodline their the 1st kind of were wolfs " "what "I said not believing him "are part were wolf your dad was one "Brandon said " but I my dad left  when I was 11 " I said "he left he  figured out you were one " he told me "well how did he know " i  asked "when you were the fastest runner in your class and when you smelled smoke before the fire alarm went off" " now that makes more sense " I said agreeing "make sure you are here on the full moon and you will get mad easyer and run fast ..." then a girl walked in the room and said "so this is the pack leaders little girl" "pack leaders" I looked at Brandon confused "your dad is here and hes the leader of the pack the last one pack the maries soon youll see him soon hell help you train to contral your powers "he told me " wait my dad is here is here and what powers and what time is it my mums got to be worried" I said really fast "yes and you can run at over 100 MPH read minds and you have X-ray vision your mum knows your in training she knows everything" he said oddley slowliy "ok so where am I "I asked "your dads house " my eyes just popped out of my head then the girl said "im Aspen and me and Brandon will be watching you at school 

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