why why me

morgan brookes is just a normal girl well at least she thinks she what is she realy...


4. brandon rose

right before i walked into Mr.Harrisons classroom i was grabbed by my waist and taken in the  janonters closet before i saw the person i slaped him or her and i slaped that person hard i looked up and saw dreamy blue eye then i relized that was the person that sam and viv were talking about then i said "who are you and what do you want" then he said "im brandon rose and im here to tell you what you are"  "well what am i"i asked i half expected him to say DORK but he dident he just gave me a note and it said met me at ronalds pizza place text me when you get to class at 130-258-1324   "take it serusly " he said man sam and viv were right ha had a deep husky voice. i left to class thank god i wasent late. i texted brandon 

to :brandon:ok im here what was that about?  from:morgan

to: morgan: nothing ill tell you every thing at ronalds pizza place ok  from:brandon

to:brandon: ok   from:morgan

i dident here from him the rest of the day at lunch i dident tell sam or viv about what happend and i felf guilty about it at the end of the day i got on the bus and when i got home and did my home work 

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