James potter and the undead

James potter was just a normal boy until something extraordinary happened.With his fathers help he has to overcome challenges. What will happen when his father can not help him anymore. How will he get over his challenge! All I can tell you is his life will never be the same. What if he fails, will he ever be the same again


1. The Awakening

James p.o.v


      As I wake I didn't know where I was. It looked like a graveyard all I could clearly see was fog. Where am I! Am I dead! Far in the distance beneath all the fog I could see a woman. She looked older than my dad. I ran to her as I was running  I saw my dad he was tied up to a tombstone. I tried to  help him but the lady yelled   

                              Stupefy.   I instantly flew and hit the ground. My father  used a spell to untie  himself and he then screamed 


                              Stupefy. Every one flew. My dad ran towards me and took my hand, I realized we apparated.


Seven months before The Awakening.


         Sorry this was such a short chapter. Also. my computers question mark button doesn't work. 

       - Harry_james _potter 

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