Copenhagen Zoo *The Writing Games*

This is the story of how a zoo killed a giraffe and 4 lions due to them affecting breeding. Told from a fictional character's point of view. *For the Writing Games*


1. The Zoo

     I can remember going to the Copenhagen Zoo since I was little. I loved seeing all the peculiar, new animals. The monkeys jumping, the giraffes with their long necks. It was all so fascinating. So amazing. It was something that filled me with delight. I had always thought of the zoo as a nice place for animals to live. Until I learned what the place where I had had so many childhood memories was doing.

     It was a late Sunday night and I was casually browsing the internet. I found myself looking at the Zoos website, and there on the one of the webpages was something that caught my eye. There on the webpage it said that the Zoo was killing a young giraffe on the 9th two weeks from now because it would effect the breeding of the giraffes there. I read it again. How could this be true? I read it over and over again, though I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. Could the place I thought to be safe and sweet really be killing a little giraffe? Wasn't there another way?

    I had to get more information. I searched again on the web. And to my surprise, tons of things came up. "Sign Petition to save Marius the giraffe" "Zoo planning to kill 2 year old giraffe". There was many things about it. 

    I was forced to realise it was true. The place I always felt safe and happy around was planning to kill a young giraffe, even though it was perfectly healthy. I have to do something. I can't let the Zoo kill this animal. 

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