Copenhagen Zoo *The Writing Games*

This is the story of how a zoo killed a giraffe and 4 lions due to them affecting breeding. Told from a fictional character's point of view. *For the Writing Games*


8. Car ride home

   On the way back, we didn't speak a word. We just sat and thought about the zoos awful ways. We thought about the images stuck in our heads. We thought about how we made no difference on the zoos decision.

    When I got home, I silently walked inside. My parents could tell their was something wrong. "What is it?" They asked. "Nothing," I lied. "What happened?" They asked again. "The zoo.......... It ..... killed...."  I couldn't finish. I was balling out tears. I was crying my heart out for the little giraffe, Marcius, whom he zoo killed. I was crying out of sympathy for the kids who saw what I saw. Who saw the nightmare I saw. I cried and cried and cried.

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